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As some of you who pay attention to the entertainment world know, the WGA declared a strike yesterday. This strike will continue until they can resolve the compensation issue of new media, which I think means streaming video content and other content that is viewed, downloaded, or purchased through the Internet. Currently, the writers (aka the people who actually create the content, since great acting and directing with bad writing is just as bad as great writing with bad acting and directing) get 0% of any income from this type of content.

Whether you support the strike or not (and I definitely do support the writers on this), there is a very pressing concern. The strike will delay the production and creation of new shows for the season, which means that instead of getting a full 24 episodes of The Office, for example, depending on when the strike ends, they may only produce 15 or 20 episodes.

In most situations, this isn’t such a big deal. They can reshuffle episodes or cut storylines if necessary. It will suck, but it will be survivable.

But what about Scrubs? This is the last season. They haven’t finished shooting all of their episodes. Scrubs isn’t coming back next year. They haven’t written the series finale yet. If the strike lasts long enough, one of my favorite television shows could possibly end without any resolution.

That, people, is unacceptable. And horrifying!

So, I’d like all those people who have been praying for aborted babies and for fallen soldiers in Iraq and for the war to end and for gays to become straight and for their kids to turn out normal and for a winning lottery ticket to just take a day or two off on that stuff and focus on the strike instead.

I need my fucking Scrubs finale, people.

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47 Replies to “Struck”

  1. Girl, Dislocated

    Since I don’t do television, I probably would have gone on with my day as usual if you hadn’t mentioned The Office. I do not want a truncated DVD at the end of the season! :pissed: Can’t they go on strike, like, later? Or cancel the strike as a public service?

  2. Aunt Robin

    Oh, m’gosh! Will this impact NASA TV’s coverage of the shuttle landing on Wednesday? I mean, how long can 7 crew members linger in orbit waiting for writers to script the commentator?

    This is a catastrophe!

  3. Robin

    This is VERY important to me and I’ve always stood behind writers above everything because I know they are where it all really begins. It’s scary though because this may mean more reality shows…

  4. Y2K Survivor

    I thought Kelso was on That 70s Show??

    I suspect JD will feel his whole life suddenly makes sense and they do a montage of all of his past love interests as Willie Nelson guest appears and sings “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before.” But just as things seem perfect there is a medical emergency, a terrorist attack has released a deadly virus that mutates all blow job hookers into mindless killing (sucking) zombies. Turk and JD are the first to go and only that crabby doctor dude and the old man who looks like the principal on Welcome Back Kotter survive, due to an unexplained shortage of little blue pills. This leads to next years spin-off sensation that will be placed in a Wednesday night power block following the Bionic Woman.

    But it’s just a guess

  5. Memphis Steve

    I am still upset that Scrubs is ending. As a Southern Baptist I am qualified to meet your prayer request needs. I tried to pray for the TV shows, as well as for Sarah Chalke to come sit on my face, but God said “stop praying for TV shows, you lazy ass, and focus on the important stuff.” So, there you have it. I did the best I could. Maybe you need a Catholic? They have those beads and stuff and apparently get their prayers answered by wearing God down with massive repetition.

  6. Amy

    ROTFLMAO @ Britt and Steve. Jeeeeeezus.

    Uh, you know, I do love Scrubs and I would love to be all supportive, but I just want to know where MY support was when I was flipping out over Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars and you appeared completely ambivalent? Hmmmm???

  7. Tug

    I just want to know why late night was the first to go. I understand having help & all, but shouldn’t Leno & Letterman & the others be able to write a MONOLOGUE? And a couple of interview questions?

    Or is it just the thought…


  8. Avitable

    NYCWD, I haven’t thought that far ahead.

    Dave, exactly. What is more important than TV, huh?

    Girl, Dislocated, see? It even affects non-TV watchers, even if that is a blasphemy.

    Dan, I think a Scrubs episode with House would be awesome. But Dr. Cox is the original House.

    Robin, isn’t the whole shuttle thing fictional and staged anyway?

    Britt, you are a fucker.

    RW, I need details, man!

    Wayne, I think they have their place and utility.

    Hello, but how will I ever know? I’ll show you my balls if you tell me.

    Mike, yeah, but that at least had an ending. And we all knew it was doomed anyways.

    Y not I, oh, I have, but there’s too much nudity.

    Robin, reality is also scripted, so they have writers for that, too.

    Poppy, yeah, but it deserved a full final run.

    Amanda, he’s mine, not yours.

    DB, it takes that long?

    Y not I, you might be right on the money.

    Steve, TV shows are the important stuff!

    Britt, oh, I know you can.

    TMP, any prayer is good.

    Amy, Gilmore was ending as planned. And it sucked about Veronica, but it was also on the chopping block for so long I grew numb.

    Mr. Fabulous, you’re dead to me.

    Steve, see above re: Mr. Fabulous.

    Brandi, I hope so.

    Amanda, exactly!

    Y not I, we all would.

    Tug, SNL is stopped right now, too, which annoys me.

  9. Memphis Steve

    I used to work with a 50-year-old black guy from Oakland California who would rant about how black people and white people shouldn’t date, and then he’d come to work and talk all about how hot Veronica Mars is and shit. I’d ask him, since Halle Berry is half black and half white, would you refuse to do her, or just half of her?

  10. SleepyNita

    Scrubs? I never knew anyone who actually watched Scrubs (likely because most people I know are vidiots, they can’t even work their TiVo). I thought Scrubs was like Becker, just on the air to fill space. :angel:

    Seriously, did you ever know anyone who said “I gotta get my ass home and watch Becker?” No. Didn’t think so.


  11. Kylah

    Oh my god. I’ve been following the strike, but I hadn’t thought about Scrubs. I’ve been watching this show since I was ten, and if the ending gets messed up I may just swear off TV, I still have open wounds from the loss of Veronica Mars without a real ending.

  12. Avitable

    Memphis Steve, Veronica transcends race.

    Robin, just talking about how people think that the entire space program is a hoax.

    BPR, yes. A very, very bad one.

    TMP, awesome. I can feel a change coming already!

    SleepyNita, it’s most definitely not like Becker. It’s one of the smarter shows on television, created by the guy behind Spin City. Becker, however, is a piece of shit.

    Kylah, you’ve been watching Scrubs since you were ten? How old are you?

    Erika, you don’t watch TV? But it’s nectar from the gods!

    Sybil Law, thank you!

    Jared, well, Wolverine and Thomas Crown Affair 2 have been in production for a long time before the strike was even on the radar. The others, though – ugh.

    Boy Blunder, all good things must come to an end.

    Nina, the best writing is on television now.

    Girl Dislocated, don’t bring other people to the dark side!

  13. nudememphis

    Hey, hey, what’s with all the Becker-bigotry? That show was funny, when the reruns came on at 11 pm and there was nothing else to do.

    Scrubs is awesome. I can’t believe they’re ending it. When I’m old one day I’ll be telling people horror stories about how I lived to see the end of Seinfeld and Friends and Scrubs and then there was nothing on TV, so the world turned to the internet. And my blog. Yes, that’s it, that’s the ticket. The world will be forced to turn to MY BLOG!!!! BWA HA HA HA!!!!

  14. nudememphis

    Now that I’m hearing all these stories about Veronica Mars ending without an ending I’m tempted to watch it. I’m sure the reruns are around somewhere. Alternatively, I could just call my old black friend and ask him to repeat what he told me about every single episode while we were at work and I wasn’t listening to him.

  15. Avitable

    NudeMemphis, I’m sorry, but Becker wasn’t funny. Ted Danson hasn’t been worth anything since Cheers. And you should watch Veronica Mars.

    Kylah, I think growing up watching Scrubs is probably the healthiest thing a kid could do.

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