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I sat down at my computer to get some work done. I loaded iTunes and set it to the party shuffle.
The music started, and I started working. It’s just background music to me that helps me concentrate on my work.
I wrote quickly, pounding my keyboard.
I was focusing on my work, and not even listening to the music playing in the background. I barely registered that it had just changed songs.

All of a sudden, startling myself, without any warning, I began singing loudly:
“Close your eyes.
Give me your hand.
Do you feel my heart beating?
Do you understand?
Do you feel the same?
Am I only dreeeeeeeaming?
Or is this burning (BURNING)
An eternal flaaaaaaame?”

Eternal Flame was our wedding song, and every time it’s on the radio or we would hear it in any way, we would start singing it to each other, so apparently that’s why I unconsciously broke into song when it was playing in the background.

That doesn’t explain why I did the same thing later when I heard “Asshole”, by Denis Leary, though.

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28 Replies to “Bangles”

  1. CP

    “Asshole” was my wedding song with Husband number two, so I completely understand. I can’t believe you have such a sweet wedding song! I think you may be a touch human after all. But shhhhhhh. I won’t tell.

  2. NYCWD

    The fact I just vomited a little into my mouth has everything to do with the fact that when you mentioned “asshole” I thought about the cup video… not your obviously overt mushiness.

    Big sap.

  3. Girl, Dislocated

    Now that’s just not natural. Guys are supposed to barely remember their anniversaries, let alone remember their wedding song. Your wife must have implanted some kind of computer chip in your brain while you were passed out/drunk at some point. And there’s no telling what else could be on it.

  4. HoosierGirl5

    Very sweet. Your wife has done a good job training you. Could I please order up one just like you? (Well, not just like you…you know how I feel about the “mothafucka” stuff….but the rest would be okay…)

    Anyway, happy Monday!


  5. Miss Britt

    I am totally missing the “sweetness” of this post everyone is talking about.

    You were married like two days ago. Eternal Flame was your wedding song? Really? I could see if you were married at the PEAK of that song’s popularity. But, really? Eternal flame?

    I guess if Amy didn’t take that as a sign of your, um, well… you know… she can’t pretend to act surprised later.

  6. Avitable

    BPR, well, it wasn’t supposed to make people go “awwwwww”.

    Michael, you’re just bad with names, aren’t you? It’s “Denis”, and it’s “Jane”.

    CP, doesn’t everyone have a nice wedding song?

    Dave, oy.

    NYCWD, either way, I’m happy with the vomiting.

    Girl, Dislocated, I always remember that stuff. In fact, my wife forgot our anniversary last year and I’m the one who remembered it!

    HG5, I’m not sure if you’d want another one of me, even without the motherfucker part. I’m high-maintenance.

    Britt, we picked a song that actually meant something to us, not something that was the popular song at the time and everyone was having it at their wedding. And you’re just a fucker anyways.

  7. Geeky Tai-Tai

    You’ll never guess what our after the wedding (we were very, very poor) party song was, so I’ll just spill my guts now… “Brick House” by the Commodores! HA! Yeah, we loved that song and still do and I love to dance to it, but the hubby doesn’t dance. So, I kinda just do a lap dance sorta kinda.

    You know I love that song Asshole and the video with our friend, Billy. Did you ever check it out? Gawd, he was a cute kid!

  8. Amy

    Our wedding song was, “The Way You Look Tonight” from Father of the Bride, the Steve Tyrell version not the Sinatra version (although, I do love that version too).

    Then we played it as part of our birthing CD when I was in labor with Maggie.

    And, wow, your mushy post just made me get all mushy.


  9. cat

    In grade school my sister and I had a “Song Memorization Club” (so we weren’t very creative…. although we also had a spy club… ) anyway, this was one of the songs we had to memorize and sing… I still remember all the words to this day! Love that song : )

  10. Avitable

    Wayne, I didn’t want to burn my ball hair off.

    Geeky, my wife loves Brick House. And you’ve mentioned your friend in that video before – that is funny.

    Metalmom, fitting.

    Amanda, it was late at night and I was alone with my penis.

    Amy, birthing CD? Weirdo.

    Karen, you’ve never heard of that song? How is that possible?

    Poppy, I’m anti-awwww.

    Summer, I don’t have a romantic side!

    Robin, hell no. Just a sap.

    Nina, well, that’s appropriate since I’m still touching myself.

    Brandi, thanks. I wish I was further along, though.

    Sarcastica, you’re one to talk, you big ol’ sappy romantic.

    Craig, exactly!

    Mocha, I had no idea you read my blog! And it was all subconscious sentimentality.

    Sybil, what’s wrong with Air Supply?

    Cat, spy club sounds awesome!

    Spunk, alone in the dark, too.

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