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I haven’t quite gotten my webcam working yet, so I can’t do my Saturday vlog.

Instead, I’ll give you a chance to see genius at action, with my goddess friend Crystal.

I’m embedding this without her permission, but her message needs to be heard.

If that won’t play, go visit her site and be prepared to spend hours watching her awesome vlogs.

I’ll have another Lazy Sunday tomorrow, and stay tuned for Monday’s blog which will have some very important information!!

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12 Replies to “Crystal”

  1. Tracy Lynn

    I am always a bit nervous at the prospect of learning anything you feel is ‘important’ for me to know, as that category has sometimes included things that have made me want to poke my eyes out with a sharp stick, and then bleach my brain in an effort to mitigate the horror.

    Here’s hoping you don’t disappoint. Bastard.

  2. HoosierGirl5

    Oh, she’s good. She’s VERY good. I want her on MY team!

    Lord, Avitable! I think she could take you.

    I would love to see her and Britt together. No male on the planet would be safe (and probably some women, too)

    Great clip.

  3. HoosierGirl5

    Britt, I thought I was the only person up reading blogs this early, on Saturday morning for God’s sake! I have to go teach Saturday school…what’s your excuse? :banghead:

    Anyway, Avitable, I just watched 4 of her video posts and she is hilarious in every one. I worry about what she’s teaching her child, however….ha, ha. 😛

    Thanks for the link!

  4. Avitable

    Tracy, I never disappoint. I always educate.

    Beth, I agree with John. And you should watch more of her videos – she’s awesome.

    HG5, she’s kick-ass, isn’t she?

    Britt, let’s convince her to come visit.

    Peggy, that’s why I posted it. To enlighten the world.

    Fab, and your penis?

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