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Turkey Day

I hope everyone has an excellent Thanksgiving.

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33 Replies to “Turkey Day”

  1. Sarcastica

    Happy turkey day big guy! Don’t eat too much, its very possible for gorillas to turn into turkeys. I saw it on the Discovery channel once.

    OH! Did you enter the Spikes Turkey Bowl thing they had? If not, you should enter next year.

  2. Avitable

    CP, gobble, gobble? Now I’m hard.

    Amanda, thanks.

    Victoria, it’s one of the fake previews from Grindhouse, by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

    Girl, Dislocated, no, you too!

    Brandi, I did. How was yours?

    Dan, yeah, that’s the part I wince at every time.

    Britt, I’d say more of a gutter slut.

    Turnbaby, what’s Thanksgiving without some murder?

    Robin, exactly!

    Angel, you too.

    Golfwidow, makes perfect movie sense, doesn’t it?

    Amanda, a lot of people never saw it and some never even heard of it!

    ADW, do you like the giblets?

    BPR, it’s better to watch it without little eyes prying.

    Michael, looks like a winner, doesn’t it?

    Wayne, don’t remind me about that video!

    Amy, did you even watch it?

    HG, anytime.

    Sarcastica, gorillas can turn into turkeys? Shit.

    Bec, same to you.

    Poppy, you saw Grindhouse, right?

    NYCWD, Eli Roth really should make it, shouldn’t he?

    Fab, by your cock, I did.

    Geek, same here.

    BPR, it’s from “Grindhouse”. Google it.

    Sybil, I’d rather make it ache than hurt. Oops.

    Gecko, I live on the Internet.

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