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As you know, as of Monday, my new favorite blogger was Amanda.

But then Wednesday came. And with it came a package of some of the most delicious cookies I’ve ever eaten. Moist, crumbly, chocolatey – all a gorilla could ask for.

So, it’s decided.

My new favorite blogger is still Amanda. But my new favorite blogger’s spouse is Mrs. Fabulous! As you’ll see, Mr. Fabulous added his own special ingredient, but I’m going to give all of my love and adoration to Mrs. Fabulous for all of her effort. Thanks Mrs. Fab!







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29 Replies to “Fabulous!”

  1. Y2K Survivor

    Adam dude, thanks for the Email wishing a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope your holiday was full of fun, family and friends. Unfortunately, I am beginning to suspect from the posted pics you might not have had the full all-out feast many of us enjoy.

    I know the Holidays can be a time of stress and depression. But Dude… did you REALLY feel you had to eat Britt’s jizz cookie? Sure, sure I know there are many other cookies in the box and the local mall probably has huge freakin cookies, but where is a girl like Brit supposed to find jizz just ready made for her enjoyment?? I mean really, don’t you feel just a little bad about your actions?

    And Adam! If Britt can get past the tears and the heartache that she feels so she can ask you for a jizz cookie, I DO NOT want you to pout or whine. You go make her the jizziest cookie you can possibly make. In fact, ask if she can hang around long enough for you to try to make her two. I mean, it is the least you could do after swiping her jizz cookie and bragging about it on the Internet.

    Now be prepared. She WILL complain it is not Fabulous jizz. And to be fair, she is correct. Just hang your head and apologize and tell her you tried to replace it with the best jizz you could get. In time she will forgive you and probably love you all the more for being honest and taking the responsibility to set things right.

  2. Mr. Fabulous

    First of all, I made up the word “jizztastic” last week and put it in a post that is still in draft form, so once again you have stolen my thunder.

    Secondly, while Mrs. Fab is delighted that you enjoy the cookies, she can’t help noticing that, because the acronym plug-in you have can only do one word at a time, that when you hover over “Mrs. Fabulous” it calls her the “biggest whore in the world”. That concerns her.

    Thirdly, since you ate the jizz cookie, please let Britt know that the next time I am down there she will have to consume my spunk in the more traditional fashion.

  3. The Absurdist

    I hate to tell you this, but jizz does NOT taste sweet and salty.

    It tastes like salt and clorox. Think about the sacrifice that us women are making. Would you like to drink clorox with salt? Diluted, yes. And trust me; this is from blowing MANY, MANY, MANY men. Only one guy didn’t taste like that. He tasted like pizza. I don’t know what was worse.

  4. Amy

    I’ve always wondered… is it REALLY love if someone supplies you with sugar, carbs, cholesterol, fat, and assorted other nasties that taste so wonderful?

    And, now I know… yes, yes it is. Twuuuu wuv, actually.

  5. Sybil Law

    Way to get jizzy with it!
    I really did just write that. *shudder*
    Anyway, they look great! I can’t believe with all that jizz Mr. Fab doesn’t have any kids!
    He doesn’t have kids, does he? Please tell me he doesn’t!

  6. Avitable

    Amanda, looks like I owe you some cookies now.

    Peggy, if it’s not, it should be.

    Bobgirll, are you a little person?

    BPR, you have to ask for those by special request.

    Tori, indeed.

    Sheila, yup –

    Y2K, luckily, I have a collection of Fab’s jizz that I keep in the freezer.

    Turnbaby, I’ll just switch it out with some of mine.

    Fab, I’m all about stealing your thunder! I’m sorry about the acronmyn function – the fact that it only takes one word at a time makes it difficult. Just tell her that she’s the wife to the biggest whore in the world. And I’ll let Britt knows. She’s a spunk junkie, too.

    DB, indeed it is.

    NYCWD, a cracker with chocolate chips?

    Absurdist, no, the sweet part was the chocolate chip underneath.

    RW, don’t stop the enablers!

    Heather, just think of my jizz instead.

    Robin, you like jizz shakes better, don’t lie.

    Britt, that’s not what you said when your mouth was full.

    Hello, hmm. I can help with that.

    Gecko, I was savoring.

    Amy, duuuhhhh! 😀 Now, when are you sending me some?

    Sybil Law, “jizzy with it” – good one!

    Sarcastica, want one?

    Bec, where’s teleportation when we need it?

    TrishK, that’s what you get for going somewhere for the holidays!

    Preposterous, do you like jizz cookies that much?

    Boy Blunder, that’s not a real word!

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