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Two consecutive Thanksgiving dinners on two consecutive days. I can barely think. My brain is full of turkey. Have a happy Saturday, and don’t forget to email me at my first name at my last name dot com with the subject line “Santa is Coming” if you would like a Christmas card this year!

Tomorrow will be another Lazy Sunday with a twist, so don’t miss it!

And since today is usually a video post, I’m pulling out the old “50 Things I’ve Done” video that Britt and I did seven months ago:

(and here’s the one she did).

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14 Replies to “Full”

  1. Avitable

    Gecko, here you go:

    Sybil, my brain was too full of turkey.

    Britt, what happened to our plan of doing one video a month? I mean, videos we can post for free – not the ones we’re going to sell to the adult market.

    Bec, yeah, all of my writers are demanding more money, even though I pay them in jizz cookies.

    Hilly, yes, she is. Her video is pretty awesome.

    TrishK, *sob* It’s just not the same here without you!

    Preposterous, that’s why it’s so cheap!

  2. Poppy

    Do you even eat turkey? Have you been lying to me this whole time that you’re a picky eater? siiiiigh.

    And, yes to more Britt and Adam videos, please. Crying out loud, I thought that’s why Britt moved to FL.

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