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This is how I remember it

Yesterday, Britt and I met with Heather from “Confessions of a Coal Miner’s Granddaughter” and her husband during lunch. This is exactly how I remember it. Click for a larger version.


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40 Replies to “This is how I remember it”

  1. Avitable

    Amanda, I used to love Alf!

    BPR, not in Florida. It’s allowed.

    Mary, so, that’s what sarcasm sounds like, is it? Everything in my drawing is completely to scale.

    Dave, I’ll tell you – it was warm and stinky, not unlike the inside of a tauntaun.

    Britt, you say fuck as every third word – who are you kidding?

    Boy Blunder, yeah, I saw that. Pretty funny.

    RW, I know!

    Trish, I think that was a steak, not a pile of poo.

  2. ADW

    So I am thinking that they reactions may be reversed when we finally meet.

    Or there will be a major tear in the fabric of time and demons and hellspawn will erupt, FINALLY promoting an Angel reunion.

  3. hellohahanarf

    avi and britt behaved exactly how one should behave at cracker barrel. eat as much as possible and offend the other diners. perfect.

    did heather and mr. heather say anything?

    (is that a shoe under the diet coke?)

    whooo! fuck yeah!

  4. Avitable

    Peggy, yeah, I thought that was a nice touch.

    ADW, I’m all up for it if it means more Angel. And nudity.

    Hello, they did indeed talk – they’re very nice and funny and awesome.

    Amanda, it was easier to shovel the food directly in my mouth.

    Nina, she doesn’t appreciate the cleavage I provide.

    Shelli, it’s all in the details.

    TMP, I’d already eaten it.

    Mom, from your lips to God’s ear.

    Britt, don’t be a hater.

  5. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Aw, damn! I’m laughing so hard I’m snorting. Mr. Heather is reading over my shoulder as I type. Avi, can I get you to send me that as an 8×10, suitable for framing? Let’s see, at last count, we think you consumed at least four if not five Diet Cokes (if you got ’em, swill ’em!), Britt was ever the lady, and we had a great time meeting you both! Mr. Heather (Dubya lover that he is) enjoyed the conversation immensely (he was the one worried that you two were the psycho serial killers). Me? I knew you both had to be fun.

    We’ll have to do this again when we’re within 10 miles of one another!

  6. Avitable

    Hilly, we’ll make your head explode!

    Poppy, they were out of hot dogs.

    NYCWD, they were out of hot dogs.

    Amy, thanks!

    Robin, I wish – any Coca Cola employees among my readers?

    Crys, that made me hard!

    Preposterous, thankfuckingyou!

    Mr. Fabulous, oh, they know you’re a freak!

    Joefish, wow, a comment – from Joe?? Is the world coming to an end?

    CMG, it was actually 8 Diet Cokes, but thanks for playing. 😀 We had a great time, too. You can click on the image for a huge version that would look good framed above your bed. Will you email me the photo you took of us?

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