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Pinching off a vlog

In addition to the massive excess of video that made up last week’s vlog, there was a twenty minute period where I was on the phone, Britt was nosy with things on my desk, and we did absolutely nothing.

So here is that 20 minutes, in under 4 minutes, set to music that sums each of us up perfectly:

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27 Replies to “Pinching off a vlog”

  1. Avitable

    Amy, fitting, isn’t it?

    Hello, I’ve already helped you make your Saturday perfect. I’m good like that.

    MyWeeWorld, yeah, it’s my anthem.

    Amanda, doesn’t everyone?

    Brandi, just to highlight the assholishness.

    Dan, when my allergies are bothering me, it waters constantly.

    Peggy, yeah, if this is what one of my friends thinks of the stuff in my office, I’d hate to see what an enemy thought.

    Squeaky Wheel, well, I actually cut out his rant about 3/4 of the way through, so you still haven’t.

    Britt, so’s your face.

    Metalmom, she’s a valley girl, what can I say?

  2. Tracy Lynn

    That was lovely, although I admit to some surprise that you let Britt have pliers so close to your balls, admitting the fact that there is no distance large enough to protect your balls if Britt wants them.

  3. Avitable

    Poppy, :xmas3:

    Dee, she tried to get me to do it, too.

    Robin, royalties are pretty cheap, though.

    CMG, Britt’s valley girl tendencies really come out in high speed.

    Preposterous, well, maybe at it’s decentest. It’s not exactly our best work.

    Zom, yeah, the timing worked out almost perfectly for that, and it wasn’t even on purpose.

    Turnbaby, it’s my anthem. And yours, I’m sure.

    Bec, it’s all about the music.

    Tracy, yeah, but I was in defensive nipple-tweaking range if necessary.

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