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Couple of vids

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24 Replies to “Couple of vids”

  1. Poppy

    It’s unfortunate that Jon is just kidding.

    Ooh, a new smiley. I wonder what that is… :2girls:

    (I’m wondering who would have been first to tell me if I didn’t admit that I totally know what that is. :puke: )

  2. Sybil Law

    Poppy found a new smiley! Ewwww.
    That first video made me laugh – that is just too funny.
    I’ve seen the kid already so it wasn’t the same the second time around. But that video – funny.
    I admit I was scared to click on them, too.
    I have to use the new smiley, too…

  3. Avitable

    Michael, I’ll have to check his site out.

    Angel, I only teach babies to fear me.

    Robin, but clearly he’s the devil.

    Golfwidow, yeah, the rapper was my favorite.

    Robin, they’re not looking at your eyes.

    Wayne, I just pretend I’m blind.

    Trish, well, if it’s a Youtube video, you know it’s safe for everyone.

    Mr. Fabulous, what a tough job you have!

    Poppy, it’s ice cream!

    Sybil Law, remember – youtube = okay.

    Tug, sex with a laughing baby is pretty good, too.

    Sarcastica, are you going to drop out of college and have babies now?

    Preposterous, or else you get out the whip?

    Britt, that’s what a rap from you would sound like.

    Summer, that only happens once every two months.

    TMP, discipline and frequent beatings.

    Boy Blunder, you’re hitting on the baby? Ew!

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