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My lungs

Getting sick is fun! I especially love being congested!

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36 Replies to “My lungs”

  1. RW

    I’d pray for your recovery soon but I’m afraid God would have a heart attack and die. And then the whole Judeo/Christian metaphor would come deconstructed. And it would be all your fault. So, for the sake of the rest of the world, please stay sick k?

  2. Avitable

    Poppy, cookies and Diet Coke are cure-alls.

    Amanda, especially since I have to cook Christmas dinner in five days!

    BPR, I tried to tell them, “Dude, I’m a ninja, too”, but they just kept kicking and slicing.

    Dave, you were sick before you got here, weren’t you? Are you Patient Zero?????

    Fabulous, it’s warmer in there anyway.

    HG5, I’m not coughing as much as my wife was. She had it even worse.

    RW, pray to Buddha instead.

    Todd, very true. Unless we floss.

    Britt, maybe if you’d stop trying to make out with me every day you wouldn’t get sick.

    Peggy, it’s her maternal instinct kicking in.

  3. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    OK, you’re going to hate me, but you seem like the kind of guy who’s into self-torture, so you might enjoy it.

    Snort hydrogen peroxide. That will get rid of the nose/head stuff. Yeah, you’re head will explode and you’ll launch yourself through the roof while trying to deal with the pain, But in the end, the endorphine rush will be AMAZING! And? It really does clear up your snot.

    Now, for the congestion in your chest? Yeah, I still stand behind my “add rum or Crown to your Diet Coke” or even some Jack. You won’t remember a thing… 🙂

  4. hellohahanarf

    i’ve never heard of snorting hydrogen peroxide. although my mom was a huge pusher of that nettie pot thingy where you pretty much pour salt water up the nose to flush out the sinus cavity. since you are a florida baby, can’t you jump in the ocean? that is a natural salt water up the nose flush!

    for a sore throat i’m all about organic apple cider vinegar. it is some natural antibiotic or something. most folks say make a cup of hot water, add honey and the organic acv, then sip. but i hate the flavor and find that if i take a tablespoon of the stuff and pour it onto my tonsils, letting it sit as long as i can handle it. then swallow. instant relief from a sore throat.

    i’m so done rambling. you stopped reading back when i said my mom used to pour salt water up her nose anyhow…

  5. Sybil Law

    I was going to suggest that saltwater thing up the nose, too. My mom swears by it but in all my years I’ve never actually done it.
    Are you really cooking Christmas dinner?!
    Anyway, that really sucks. I could break an arm and whine less than if I just have a cold.
    I hope you feel better soon! I won’t be offended if you take a day off.
    (I don’t know why but I thought you had just a nice, normal happy face smilie.)

  6. Nina

    AWW.. Feel better soon. Maybe some nice person other than me will send you more cookies. (I haven’t forgotten my promises of sweaters and cookies. I have been busy. I’ll get to all these things eventually).

  7. MyWeeWorld

    Good then, I can stop blaming my coach for the fact that I have the flu and a bonus sinus infection and blame you instead. Fucker.

    And yes, cookies or ice cream will fix anything, but diet coke is gross. Not as gross as diet pepsi tho.

  8. Tug

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, I got my Christmas card today – YAY! Thankssomuch.

    UPS, with my MOTHER’S GIFT, however…well they can suck my dick. If I had one.

    Why did my daughter think that would sound better coming from a man?


  9. Avitable

    ADW, I think that Youtube would catch fire if I did a drunk naked vlog.

    CMG, ok, Heather, I love you and all, but you’re fucking crazy.

    Britt, you’re not a giver. You’re a receiver!

    Hello, I just drink lots of Diet Coke. It’s a cureall.

    Clown, definitely from you.

    Lisa, I draw vaginas in my spare time.

    DB, why?

    Robin, yeah, it numbs the pain.

    TMP, well, anal sex is okay. Just not oral sex.

    Crys, thanks.

    Golfwidow, wow, that sounds atrocious!

    Sybil, I am really cooking Christmas dinner. I do every year.

    Amy, I mentioned it in my post like two or three days ago.

    Hilly, the party in my pants is just laying around coughing right now.

    Nina, I will wait patiently by the mailbox.

    Julianne, don’t bring the black plague down here!

    RaeJane, yeah, I’ve taken lots of vitamins recently.

    Clown, HAHAHAHA!

    WeeWorld, I left my germs all over your blog. And Diet Coke is awesome!

    Wayne, ninjas did rock, before they went totally insane and flipped out on my lungs!

    Tug, glad you got the card!

    Peggy, I’ve got Mucinex here if it gets worse.

    Gwen, yes. But you’d be lying, wouldn’t you?

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