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Happy Nude Year


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38 Replies to “Happy Nude Year”

  1. CP

    You fuckihg rock the house, Avi! You and your hot sexy wife. The two of you rock and I wish we could have spent New Years together but I am forever gratefyul foir Halloween cause that shit was the bomb. Yes it was. You have all these new pictures of titty flopping and it is making me sick watcying them going up and down while I type. I wanted to be the first person to comment on your post but soeone beat me too it. I threw up, Avi. I really don’t feel so good. But I am having a great time! Did I mention that I love you and Amy> I hope I did because I do. Oh, and Jigsaw too. She’s one hot bitch. I hope you have the best new years ever. Do me a favor and lick Britt on the cheek from me…cause I can’t get to her page right now. Too drunk. I only got to yours because it is near the top of my blogroll. Plus, I knwe you wouldn’t mind if drunk blogged into your comments. WEll, maybe you do mind…see? This is me not giving a shit. But I love you so much and I am so glad we are friends! Love the attention whore….CP.

  2. Amy

    OH good GOD… what the hell are THOSE? OMG… is that someone getting a blow job? Wait… is that a ONE LEGGED MAN getting a blow job?

    OMG… that poor woman… her boobs are going to be at her ankles when she is done…

    Geezus… what was your post about?

  3. Amber


    So either a) You have a sexual diaper fetish that we’ve yet to learn about, b) your wife is one lucky woman because that thing is hung! Or c) that’s just a funny ass drawing.

    In any case, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Looking forward to reading all about your debauchery and mischief making, mixed with the sarcastic humor that is Avitable in the upcoming year. πŸ™‚

    PS: I LOVED your 100 Things!

  4. Janna

    Everytime I visit here, I always sit mesmerized by all the smilies for a few minutes, during which I forget everything I wanted to say.
    I’m sure it was something really witty and special, though.

  5. Avitable

    Nina, well, it’s a baby, so of course it’s a baby bottle!

    CP, when you’re drunk, you should do naked videos that you send to me, not drunk comments. And I lick Britt on the cheek regularly.

    Iddly, I don’t know why you didn’t get your card yet! The liquid is at an angle because the baby is holding the bottle at an angle.

    HG5, for trying? What?

    Lisa, yeah she did.

    RW, yup. They’re crunchy.

    Absurdist, it was actually a reduction.

    Robin, he’s circumcised. I just don’t draw the details.

    Cap, they’re there!

    Britt, why do you hate me?

    Hilly, that’s my saying, too.

    Turnbaby, you too!

    Bec, they’re soothing.

    Trish, isn’t it?

    OCB, you too!

    Summer, well, it’s a self portrait.

    Y2K, thanks!

    Robin, I have to wrap it around my neck.

    Metalmom, that hurts just looking at it.

    Amy, I think he has two legs, but they’re just together.

    CMG, too much what? Penisosity?

    MyWeeWorld, nekkid’s my favorite, too.

    Michael, they’re called cock pushups.

    Amanda, I have to wrap it around my neck. If I get an erection, I strangle myself, though.

    Amber, let’s go with C. Happy new year!

    Janna, I’ll laugh and pretend it was awesome.

    Girl, Dislocated, you too!

    Fabulous, it’s like watching a trainwreck!

    Hello, so you’re going to be all nude, all the time, too?

  6. Poppy

    HNY, Avi :heartbeat:

    I was going to drunk text you, B, Mel, Sour, and K/Sarkasmo a happy new year message but I realized none of you are in my phone properly and when I’m drunk I can’t figure out that shit. Sigh. πŸ˜›

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