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Yesterday’s triumph

Yesterday, shopping at Border’s, I saw a ray of light come through the ceiling and alight on an endcap in the DVD section. Angels sang, and I walked in a hypnotic trance, grabbed the holy relic, and ran to the nearest checkout.

Gaze upon the glory of The Gilmore Girls full series DVD set:



It’s the very definition of awesomeness. Awesomosity. Awesomtastic. I should just invent more words to describe it.

And my wife doesn’t even appreciate it! She just rolls her eyes at me.

Hi, my name is Adam Avitable and I’m a Gilmorephile.

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61 Replies to “Yesterday’s triumph”

  1. Dee

    :clap: Look how pretty it is! That is just a beautiful sight to behold.

    I have them all bar season 7 which doesn’t seem to be out here for some reason…

    Bloody hell, that skipping booby emoticon looks very painful

  2. borysSNORC β„’

    Sheesh… no one’s giving you a break on this one! Personally, I think it’s only gay if you’ve got the full Sex and the City Beauty Boxset too!!!
    PS – The Gilmore Girls??? Isn’t that a show about some neurotic melodramatic chicks that talk too fast? 😐

  3. Avitable

    Amanda, I never bought the seasons, so I’m glad I did. It’s still worth it, though – there is a glossary that goes through all of the obscure references used throughout the whole series, too.

    Mary, I don’t like that phrase, and just because I love Gilmore Girls and ABBA and talk on the phone for hours doesn’t mean anything. Now please excuse me while I go ogle some penises.

    BPR, this IS hairy gorilla Avitable!

    CMG, it’s all true.

    Dee, you should just get this whole set. It’s worth every penny.

    Angel, eye rolling? At my awesomosity?

    Usedtobeme, it’s two hot chicks talking at breakneck speed about movies and television and using sarcasm and snappy humor.

    NYCWD, have you ever watched it?

    DaDuck, you should buy it! It’s only money.

    Todd, you know you love it.

    Borys, well, I didn’t like Sex and City enough to buy the series. It was a good show, though.

    Britt, only if you watch Gilmore with me and declare your undying love for it.

    Metalmom, well, umm, yes. And I’m okay with it.

    AnnieB, it’s an adult show for adults who are adults!

    Fab, don’t lose your crown yet, dancing queen.

    HG5, I wish there were paper dolls!

    Hello, it’s a brilliant show.

    Robin, I hated Jess!

    TMP, I lost that a long time ago.

    RW, it’s very smartly written.

    Jay, I’m only 30!

    Crystal, thank you.

    Trish, you don’t know? It was a brilliant show on the WB about a mother and her daughter that she had when she was 15.

  4. Amy

    Ooooo, pretty. Kate would kill for that! LOL Except she already has all the seasons on DVD and spent much of her entire summer vacation watching the entire series – twice!

    Oh shit… I just realized, you might have more in common with my 12 year old.

  5. AnnieB

    Now, now don’t have a temper tantrun. Since its target audience is predominantly young women I can see the appeal for you. Plus you’re a sucker for anything Gilmore.

    P. S. Just jerking you around. I love it and just got the box too!

  6. HoosierGirl5

    Oh, I see now….I thought I saw paper dolls. Don’t let them pick on you….everyone makes fun of me for my obsession with collecting “Monk”, “Will and Grace” and “Numbers”.

    Besides, you don’t have kids. You should get to have fun with YOUR money. :sex023: Spend it foolishly and tell me all about it.


  7. hellohahanarf

    those new smilies are too big…they are distracting. i don’t mind boobs, just hate that the images are overwhelmingly large.
    how do i get slick for smilies to actually work and keep them hidden? if i click it and they go away, next time i show up they are back. rrrrrrrrrrrr.

    anyhow, i was going to say that i can’t make too much fun of you for the gilmore girls because recently i found the “action figure” of david bowie as the goblin king in the labyrinth. found and purchased. yet i have not removed him from the box because the whole thing makes me happy. (i even named my dog ludo after that movie…love!)
    so there. i’m a geek, too.

  8. Dave2

    After the first three seasons, I think the show kind of lost its way, but I still feel it was one of the best-written series to air. I think showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino has a new series in the works, so here’s hoping…

  9. Wayne

    Now if they would just make a Happy Gilmore Girls DVD collection w/Adam Sandler, then we’d be able to talk.

    And you know what, until I read this blog post, I had always had “Golden Girls” in my head whenever someone said “Gilmore Girls.” I didn’t know they were different!

    My name is Wayne Hall and I’m a gilmoron.

  10. Avitable

    Robin, I’ll give you this. Jess was good when he came back in the sixth season.

    Amy, yeah, but she doesn’t have the cool carrying case!

    AnnieB, you did? Sweet.

    Sybil Law, I’ve got the first season sitting here to be watched.

    HG5, Monk is pretty awesome, too.

    Hello, I got rid of the smilies, just for you.

    Dawn, fruitcakes are tasty.

    Poppy, I cannot understand how you can’t love Gilmore Girls.

    Christie, k erm?

    Gwen, no, I had to pay for the assfucking.

    Turnbaby, and I sip cocoa and giggle.

    Amanda, Logan turned out pretty good.

    CherylS, yeah, I know!

    Bossy, it’s an addiction I don’t want the cure for!

    TMP, damn straight.

    Dave, yeah, the first three were definitely the snappiest. And her new show looks horrible, which makes me sad.

    Wayne, Happy Gilmore Girls would be the best show/movie ever.

    Angel, everybody thought they were too distracting.

    Cat, exactly!

  11. Bec

    I don’t think this one has jumped the Atlantic… I only know it as the show that beat Veronica Mars on or whatever it was called. I think one of them was on an episode of Studio 60 – that makes it cool in my eyes.

  12. DaDuck

    ooh I want to buy it and should have bought it when I was over there (As they don’t have THAT boxset here). But the airlines lost our luggage, there was a problem with the rental car, had to pay for the hotel with cash so we were short in total 1000 dollars that could have gone to my dvd boxset addiction:( I will have to wait until my parents come to visit and have them bring it to me for my birthday)

    Still totally jealous of you and your ultmate gilmoreness. I have to have to sooth my tears with my cool ass Charmed boxset.

  13. Avitable

    Kylah, just tell your mom that there’s this 30-year old guy you know who also bought it.

    Turnbaby, yeah, I am keeping it limited to normal smilies for the time being.

    DaDuck, I also have the Seinfeld one, too!

  14. Robin

    I can admit, he was a dick. He was immature and couldn’t handle a relationship with Rory. I give you that, completely. But she never had chemistry with any other guy on the show like she did with Jess. I had hoped towards the end he would have grown up and they would have been amazing together. Too bad the real couple broke up, fucked that up.

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