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Advice to Blog365

In reading blogs recently, I’ve come across a group of bloggers who are joining Blog365, a community of people who are committed to blogging every day of the week for a year. And just like during NaNoBloPoMoWriSoHo, some people will make it and some won’t. However, as someone who already blogs every day, it’s easy and completely possible to blog 365 days a year. Here are some tips:

  1. Come up with a theme for one or two days of the week, so that you don’t have to think of something every single day. For example, NYCWD does his Sunday Smorgashbord. Dave does Bullet Sundays, Fab does his radio show post, I do lazy Sundays and a vlog every Saturday, etc. Come up with your own theme. If you decide that every Wednesday, you’re going to show a picture of your breasts, that’s a good way to keep posting without losing steam!
  2. Learn to draw. As Dave and I both know, some days you can just put up a piece of art and it’s worth more words than anything you could possibly type. Of course, his pictures are worth a thousand words. Mine are usually worth about 14.
  3. Don’t expect to get tons of comments for every post. If you’re posting for yourself, great. If you’re posting for comments, that’s cool, too, but realize that some days are slower than others, especially Saturdays and Sundays.
  4. Plan ahead! This is an easy thing to do, especially if you have WordPress or another platform other than Blogger. Do you have a great idea for a post? Rather than post it the same day as an existing post, why not write it and set it for a date in the future? Even if it’s just a concept, you can start it as a draft to be finished later.
  5. Take photos of everything! By photographing any occasion, whether it’s getting the mail, putting on your pants, pooping, or masturbating to donkey porn, you can always have a photo essay ready to post. And if you can use Photoshop to add funny captions or to add panache to your photos, even better!
  6. Brevity can be the soul of wit. You don’t always have to have a lot to say. Sometimes just a pithy remark or simple joke can be a sufficient post.
  7. Use tactics to gain blog fodder. You can ask your readers to ask you questions. You can do a contest, or a poll. You can search other blogs for ideas or topics. You can look for movies to review, or pick a recent TV show that you like. Did you buy something that you think is awesome? Talk about it!
  8. If all else fails, just put words to paper. I’ve found, that when I’m having a hard time thinking of something to talk about, using bullets to talk about anything is much easier than writing a paragraph or two. Taking a pretend audience and giving them advice is also a good way to fill up a post on a day when you have absolutely nothing else to talk about.

So that’s my list. Does anyone else have any additional advice for those who want to blog every day? Do any of you have other things on which you would like my advice, since I am an educated, wise soul? Anyone want to send me boob pictures?

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61 Replies to “Advice to Blog365”

  1. Tori

    I fully intend on flickr-blogging from my phone some days… it may not be the most interesting, or entertaining, but it will keep my head in the game!

    Thanks for the advice… hmmm Titty Tuesdays does have a nice ring to it…

  2. Y2k Survivor

    hmmmm Avi sezzz “Taking a pretend audience and giving them advice is also a good way to fill up a post on a day when you have absolutely nothing else to talk about.” Should we now assume you were shooting blanks for a while today?

  3. Angel

    Thanks for the advice. I was thinking of doing something like “Half Naked Thursday” or “Works for Me Wednesday” but I am still undecided.

    Where did the smilies that I love so much go?

  4. Mr. Fabulous

    Great advice. I do a sculpey post every Saturday, too, so now I only have to think of five stupid things a week.

    I would recommend training yourself to write down ideas when they come to you, no matter where you are. I use the notepad in my phone. Don’t trust you’re going to remember them later.

  5. Topncal

    At your request of Boob shots. A picture of my man boobies will be in the mail shortly.

    I have a couple more pieces of advice to add. Try working with other bloggers for ideas. You can join a blog carnival or work together to create cross site traffic. Kinda like puntabulous does with his guest debates.

    Also if you have a different idea try it. It might catch on. Remember it is your blog and you can do whatever you want with it.

    Lastly don’t get hung up on what the alpha bloggers think you should do. There is no right or wrong way to blog. Just do what feels right to you.

  6. RW

    Yeah I have some advice. Don’t do it. Post when you have something to say and when you’ve got nothin’ spend the day with your family instead. It will do you a lot of good. That is all.

  7. The Absurdist

    Hey, if you want to defer the post to a later date, do you just modify the time stamp? How does that work? I notice that a lot of your stuff seems to be scheduled for publication as they appear to come out right around the first of the day eastern.

  8. Avitable

    Britt, one of those was a draft that I originally scheduled for today. FYI, Ms. Dogfucker.

    Amanda, you can try them out on me and I can make sure they’re of the quality needed for a good blog post.

    Tori, Flickr blogging is a good thing to do, too.

    Y2K, you are correct, sir!

    BPR, I have that happen to me sometimes. Usually it actually gets into my brain. Then I’m fucked.

    Angel, the smilies were annoying too many people, so I decided to limit it to normal smilies. I think Half Naked Thursday would be good, but Fully Naked Friday might be better.

    Dan, I’m a fount of wisdom.

    Geeky, do so at your own risk!

    Fab, yeah, that’s true – forgot about the Sculpey Saturday.

    Topncal, sweet, moobs!

    RW, or, you could try to motivate yourself to have something to say every day. Everybody has at least one thing of value to say each day. You cantankerous so-and-so.

    Absurdist, in WordPress, you just edit the date to whenever you want it to be published. I usually set my posts to be published at midnight each day.

  9. Dave2

    Stealing blog entries from other bloggers seems to be a growing trend. Simply find a blogger who blogs in the first person about their life, select a few of their best entries, then copy them in their entirety to your own blog (don’t forget to hotlink to the images!). It’s blogging magic!

  10. Robin

    I must say, that is great advice and I do a lot of that. I’ve learned quickly that friday, saturday and sunday posts are often not even seen so I try to post the best stuff between Monday and Thursday.

  11. Lisa

    I’m not one to follow the herd but I signed up for the 365 thing…I don’t know why.

    Maybe I was stoned or something.

    I think that I shall have Titty Tuesdays and put the girls on display.

    Then I’ll add Fat Ass Fridays and put my ass on display.

    Then I only have five other days to contend with.

    See, your advice works.

  12. Avitable

    Topncal, yeah, I forgot to mention that.

    Absurdist, happy to help!

    Dave, that’s what I do 360 days a year, actually.

    RW, ha!

    Robin, oh, that’s the best stuff? 😛

    Poppy, I only have hilarious conversations.

    Lisa, Vagina Sunday?

  13. Wayne

    Funny thing is I was thinking about making a very similar post like this – more along the lines of “things I’ve noticed about successful blogs” and it goes right there into “how to not suck at blogging”

    In addition to having a theme, I find having “series” works well too, and helps remind me of things to post. I just look at my category list and see “A few of my favorite things” and I can easily come up with – BAM! another favorite thing!

    And I’m a big fan of the “draft” concept. I always have 10-15 posts started that just need a little work or some more thought. I stay away from the editing of a timestamp for drafts though, for obvious reasons.

  14. hellohahanarf

    i’ll send boob photos if you send cock shots.
    or ball pictures.

    all of your wonderful ideas and jester’s pushing have me thisclose to starting a blog.


  15. Nina

    Only other thing I can think of is, um, don’t expect to have hilariously funny or brilliant posts every day. Sometimes just showing up and saying “wanna see some boobs?” is enough. (I think).

  16. Amy

    HOLY FUCK. I don’t know why anyone else isn’t seeing this, especially Britt. But, I’m a little worried.

    WHERE IS ADAM AVITABLE? Hmmm? Which one of you took him?

    1. He wrote a semi-serious post offering advice that was, uh, reasonable.

    2. He removed a bunch of the bouncing boobies smilies.

    ADAM is GONE people… don’t you get it???

    Someone… round up the posse – we have a missing blogger!!!!!!

  17. hellohahanarf

    it’s ok, amy. he wasn’t feeling well and britt was gone for too long. i’m certain now that she is back he’ll get back to the avi we all know and love.

  18. Amy

    My bad, Brittini, except, I never would have expected what you claimed to be “the perfect crime” to include a bogus post that was completely out of character!!!!

    I just expected better from you, that’s all.

    But ummm… yeah, we were on the phone all night last night and you had your hands full with the phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other I know this because it’s the only time you breathe on the phone all “hoooo haaaaa aahhhhh” so it would have been impossible for you to do anything to uh, anyone.

  19. coalminersgd

    Dude… are you shitting me? Blog365? Wait. It’s leap year this year. Does that mean it’s actually Blog366, or do these bloggers get February 29th off?

    Dang. I don’t know if I could hang with that. See, if I don’t commit to something like Blog365, I’ll probably manage to post everyday. If I did commit to it, I’d probably blog 7 times for all of 2008.

    I suck. You rule. Yin-Yang. Light and Dark. Matter and anti-matter. Between the two of us, the blog-verse is balanced.

  20. Girl, Dislocated

    I’m with RW on this one. Google’s generous estimate is that I post 1.4 times a week. Even if time wasn’t a limiting factor, I would maybe post twice a week at most. I imagine sporadic posting might be annoying to readers, but that’s just how I roll. And hey, there’s always feed readers! Besides, the less time I spend posting, the more time I have to read and comment.

    That said, kudos to everyone who pulls it off!

  21. Avitable

    Lynda, yeah, that’s a good point, too.

    Robin, ha!

    Wayne, good points.

    Hello, here you go.

    NYCWD, cereal and boobies don’t mix?

    Jay, yeah, those will fill up space, too.

    Lisa, you seem like anything other than a pussywillow!

    Nina, yup. Another good point.

    Amy, it was only semi-serious. Speaking of semis, I’ve got one in my pants right now. Wanna see?

    Poppy, I’d have a much louder nervous breakdown!

    RW, it was Britt.

    CMG, they’re taking February 29th off, I believe. And which one of us is the jedi and which is the sith?

    Turnbaby, what’s stuck there? The comments? I’d never take it down. It’s actually me posting. Britt’s much funnier than this if she were to do a fake post.

    Girl, Dislocated, I guess I’m just more willing to sacrifice my time and sanity for my readers.

    Preposterous Ponderings, they’re not rules. Just guidelines for people who might want to try consciously posting every day of the week for a year.

  22. hellohahanarf

    see how you are?!?!? had me all excited. and for what? nothing. nothing!

    if that is how you want to play i could email you photos of my boobs (also known as friends who are not the smartest of people). but i won’t waste your time.

    here, look at this:


  23. Sybil Law

    Good tips! Only, I’d much prefer to be a decent writer as opposed to a better blogger. What’re some tips for that?
    Anyway, you do seem like you’re going through some sort of “change”. A more mellow Avitable?!
    Oh crap now I feel I’ve jinxed it.
    I will be scared to see your next disgusting post. Please – no dolphins or girls and cups!!!
    Oh and thanks so much for removing those humongous torpedos that masqueraded as boobs. Ugh.

    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

  24. Poppy

    I thought of another suggestion, maybe?

    Guest posters. That probably doesn’t validate the 365 thing, but for blogging in general guest posts can revive one’s creative juices and link up bloggers who would otherwise never meet.

  25. hellohahanarf

    seeing as how you were my hero tonight i should probably say that i want to bask in your gorillaness, but i just can’t.

    feel free to send the good stuff, though!

    (and thanks again for your help…you rock)

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