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Big Turk

This week, I received a package from one of my favorite Canadian bloggers, Gwen from “Kill the body and the head will die“. In her enclosed letter, she said that she thought I might enjoy this different type of Turkish Delight. Crazy Canadian!










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56 Replies to “Big Turk”

  1. Gwen

    Yay! It got there okay! And I’m the favourite! (You forgot to mention that I sent you other, far more awesome chocolate to make up for the Big Turk. Because I’m a fucking sweetheart.) How was the curly wurly by the way?

  2. Peggy

    You need to hire an assistant to taste this shit for your first. :cock:

    How is that smiley a cock? Does your cock look like that because none that I’ve seen do. I’m a little scared now.

    Don’t answer that.

  3. hellohahanarf

    hey, my little canadian gnome showed up here! (yay, jester, for setting my ass straight!!) guillermo keeps me from drinking alone on my back porch. now he can keep me company on your blog.

    damn, i have issues.

  4. Avitable

    Amanda, I know!

    Michael, yum?

    Aargh, mmm mmm blargh.

    Beth, exactly.

    Mary, well, it ain’t me!

    Gwen, that’s true. You did send other candy. The Curly Wurly was okay. The Creamy Fudge was my favorite, probably.

    Peggy, only when I put sunglasses on it.

    DaDuck, is Swedish food actually edible?

    Gwen, maybe we should make that a regular feature.

    Robin, it’s from 1845, too.

    Mr. Fabulous, clearly, I’m the favored one.

    NYCWD, no it just hides it until one shattering moment.

    Hello, I like your new avatar.

    Trish, yeah, this could be a good feature!

    Britt, no they’re not. Except the one I got you.

    Luaren, apparently, it is a code name. For crappy food!

    Lisa, not just jelly. Thick, unpalatable jelly!

    TMP, I took one for the team.

  5. Avitable

    CMG, I’ll still try it, especially if it’s coated in chocolate.

    Hello, you should know better than to drink anything while reading my blog and the subsequent comments.

    Absurdist, exactly!

    Robin, like church bake-offs and stuff.

    Amy, me too!

    Poppy, I did? How?

    Jay, kurds or turds?

    Kris, well, my balls look 37, but that’s mainly because of the wrinkles. Yeah, I’m fucking 30.

    Lynda, no, it’s this jelly-like substance that tastes like old playdoh.

  6. Melanie

    Ha! Rarely do I laugh out loud at people’s posts, but you got me, Adam. I had to share it with a coworker even.
    I’ve never tried Turkish Delight… I don’t think I’d ever seen it before. I had this mental picture of some kind of whipped foam-type candy, and now I must adjust my thinking. Never will I try this stuff. It even looks like ass.

  7. jasmine

    Seriously? You guys don’t have Big Turks in the US&A? They’re so good – and low fat – and they make you giggle as you’re eating them cus they look like chocolate covered curvy logs.

  8. Sybil Law

    I am seriously going to have to send you some Graeter’s ice cream. The price, though, is outrageous! Hmm… how would you send some ice cream through the mail, thereby skipping the actual company’s methods? Does that make sense?
    You would love it. Do you have a favorite flavor?
    Oh – and there’s a reason the turkish aren’t internationally known for their cuisine. Ha -maybe it should be called “toches” or “tuckus” delight.

  9. MyWeeWorld

    So really the moral of the story seems to be that you’ll put anything in your mouth.

    Also, a question about the smilies – why isn’t the one that’s going down on the other swallowing? What a wuss.

  10. Avitable

    Poppy, except for your brain.

    Mel, that’s how I pictured it too!

    Jasmine, maybe in the states up there so far North that they might as well be Canada, but not here.

    Sybil, I’m a fan of chocolate. And I have no idea about properly shipping ice cream.

    Bobgirrl, even the wonders of bacon couldn’t fix this one.

    MyWeeWorld, pretty much.

    Sourpuss, pixie sticks are good!

    Poppy, yeah, those candy sticks that you would lick, then put into the packets of sugar and suck the sugar off.

  11. Poppy

    I assure you, I know how to google. I just like it better when people tell me stuff sometimes. And, … I also liked pointing out how obscene that candy sounds. Not that the US has a better name for it (dip sticks, n’est-ce pas?)

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