24 thoughts on “Distraction”

  1. I was kind of pissed off that my eight year old son finished part one faster than me.

    There was one in part two that held him up just long enough that I had a faster time there.

    (it was the glass star making maze thingy)

  2. Vlog Saturdays.
    Lazy Sundays.
    and now

    “Post my times and scores to games Tuesdays”

    So I imagine next Tuesday we’ll get to see how long it took you to beat Super Mario Galaxy and how many stars you ended up with?

  3. I’ll have to add this to my to do list.

    I got to find this stupid thing called a job.

    Unemployed in 2008, Yehaaaaa!
    Of course if it wasn’t for all my free time, I never would have found this place.


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