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Special Guest Star

Today, we have a very special guest star!

Here is the direct link.

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38 Replies to “Special Guest Star”

  1. Miss Britt

    Is she sitting BEHIND you? You didn’t make her squeeze into the little spot beside you??

    I’m impressed at how awesome Amy looks on Camera. If this whole lawyer thing doesn’t work out, maybe she should look into that extra gig.

  2. Miss Britt

    OK – both of those comments sound like slams at Amy.

    I am not SURPRISED at how she looks on Camera as she is stunning in real life. But I look like shit on Camera so I am impressed.

    I am however totally pissed and slamming at her for the Dirty Sanchez thing. I’m plotting some revenge over that crap.

  3. turnbaby

    LOLOL 12 year old girl!!!

    Man does she have your number!

    Nice to meet you Amy-you are awesome–from one lawyer to another “I don’t bullshit …I lie”
    has got to be the Best. Line. Ever.

    Y’all are so cute together.

  4. hellohahanarf

    hi, amy!

    (i love that mrs. avi switched up your “original” idea and went for 8. although being married to you i am certain she could have done 38 and not had to hesitate)

  5. Tracy Lynn

    I am really good at guessing who does the voices on any animated show, plus I am a whiz at the B movie actor thing.

    Arcane pop knowledge can, indeed, SAVE YOUR LIFE. I’m just sayin’.

    And head to toe hair? Not a surprise, and yet, still disconcerting.

  6. Jay

    Dude … I really didn’t think Amy existed. I thought she was probably imaginary and you just had a pillow that drew a face and some boobs on that you would sit next to you on the couch while you watched The Gilmore Girls (on at 10 am CST and again at 4PM CST on ABC Family, not that I would know these things) and talked to her about the show.

    Now that we’ve all seen her I have to say that you seriously married over your head. Good job.

  7. Avitable

    Amanda, she says okay.

    Beth, she is awesome, isn’t she?

    Poppy, it’s true, too.

    Dave, GHB and hypnosis.

    Liquid, don’t know what you’re talking about. Have I told you about this cool band named Ladytron?

    Britt, definitely crazy.

    Absurdist, I like it shorter. The baldness is less noticeable.

    CMG, well, I am part gorilla.

    Metalmom, yeah, I went there.

    Summer, there are absolutely NO annoying or strange things about Amy. She’s perfect.

    Turnbaby, it’s all true about her, too.

    Hello, she could have done 100, I’m sure.

    Tracy, thank you! Arcane pop knowledge is definitely worth its weight in gold.

    Jay, oh, I know how lucky I am.

    Peggy, I know!

    HG5, what did you think she’d look like.

    Sybil Law, yes I am.

    Fogspinner, I might do that. If she’s willing.

    Poppy, yeah, she’s a loon.

    Amy, no, she wanted to be on camera!

  8. HoosierGirl5

    What did you think she would look like?

    Well, for one thing she looks older than you do, which surprises me…..and she seems like the smart/serious type which doesn’t usually go with the smart/funny type (you).

    But clearly you are crazy about her, and she obviously tolerate loves you, too.


  9. Mr. Fabulous

    You guys are so cute.

    And we love Amy to an insane degree.

    And I can’t help but think, cupcake, that by the time you are my age, you are going to have my hairline at the rate the troops seem to be retreating up there…

    Oh, and it’s a total plus you don’t know anything about Zeppelin. They suck.

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