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Faith in humanity . . . lost

Before I get to the real reason for my post, here’s an interesting ad I noticed when I was checking my Gmail last week. Click for a legible version:


Okay, now onto the horror.

2girls1cup – everybody knows what it is now. I first talked about it here. If you missed it, go check it out.

This seemed (to me) to be the height (or depth, however you want to look at it) of human depravity. It can’t really get worse than that, can it?

Oh yes.

Yes, it can.

Thanks to two separate bloggers who brought this to my attention. I’ll keep your anonymity to protect you from the guilt of passing this on. It’s been out for more than a month, but hopefully none of you have been exposed to the horrors of . . . 4girlsfingerpaint.

In case you’re on the fence about watching it, here’s a video of someone’s reaction:


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60 Replies to “Faith in humanity . . . lost”

  1. Clown

    So that reaction video is pretty close to how I think we looked while watching it.

    Same = Blocking view with hands, turning away, and laughing.

    Different = Far more gagging on our end, and we couldn’t make it to the end.

    Does that make them manlier than us?

  2. the_boy_blunder

    i saw it for first 4 seconds, and i was having cereal, guess what happened next?
    Nothing, i closed the link, as i didn’t want my meal spoiled. Not falling for any of your videos ever again, after the fiasco called 2girls1cup!!

  3. Functionally ReTodded

    pity too, as the first second makes it look so promising.

    I think the same questions apply to art films like this:

    How much did the girls get paid?
    Who thought of it?
    How low does one’s self esteem have to be to do this stuff?
    What are you looking for when you find this stuff (dolphin masturbating, snake fucking, etc)?

  4. Avitable

    Amanda, c’monnnnnn, it’ll be fun!

    Tori, and here I thought you were a brave one.

    Clown, yes. They are definitely manlier than us for making it through the whole video.

    Beth, give it a shot. It won’t hurt for long.

    Peggy, the ones who aren’t pussies do.

    Dee, what if I told you that this one will make your 2girls1cup nightmares go away?

    Boy blunder, sigh. No sense of adventure.

    Fab, I think a reaction video of you watching this one would be awesome. I’m still surprised you had no comment on Saturday’s video post where I stole your idea.

    Todd, it does start off promising, doesn’t it?

    Britt, how about the first part of my post, fucker?

    BPR, did you let your boys watch it too? Are they slinging poop now?

  5. Miss Britt

    1. I am saddened. Some how my life has gotten to a point where part of my job description includes being forced to watch this shit before I’m allowed to start my day.

    2. Oh. Dear. God. Good think I didn’t pack a lunch. I won’t be able to eat for days.

  6. Avitable

    BPR, lazy bastards!

    NYCWD, I’d think that with your exposure to nastiness all day long, you’d have an adamantium stomach.

    Britt, I told you that you could help me wash my back instead.

    Poppy, have one of your work minions watch it for you!

    Heather, HAHAHAHAHA! Haven’t you learned? Did you ever see 2girls1cup? Go check that one out.

  7. The Absurdist

    How in the FUCK can people eat shit? What kind of drugs do you have to be on to not care when you do something like that? I mean, I know that some women in porn and men take drugs just to get through what they have to do so that it doesn’t affect them, but jesus christ. If I can only get off watching women sit around and eat shit, (and I only made it ten seconds in, BTW), then there is something horribly wrong with my dick. I mean, if I were a guy.

  8. Hilly

    so I tried to
    watch it and
    the same thing happened that happened with 2girls1cup….I saw the first few seconds and then closed the window as soon as snack time began….ew.

  9. hellohahanarf

    you can’t make me watch it, you can’t make me watch it. :woohoo:

    i didn’t watch 2 girls & 1 cup, i ain’t watching this either. blech.

    now, on to other important stuff. why does google think you need shemales?

  10. MyWeeWorld

    Oh my gosh, we watched that at my party this weekend. It’s gross. I laughed my ass off tho – mostly so I wouldn’t cry.

    We also saw one where the girl put poo in her junk and then shot it back out. That was sick, dude. We did finally come to our senses and turn off the computer.

  11. Summer

    Ok, I confess, I did watch it for about 15-20 seconds and my question is what do those girls eat to get their poo like that? Please go back to posting vids of you and Amy. So much nicer to look at.

  12. Avitable

    Trish, I still think you should try it.

    TMP, that is true.

    Jay, exactly! Thank you Al Gore!

    Metalmom, c’mon. Don’t be a pussy.

    Jeff, yes, I know what you mean.

    Robin, I watched most of it. With my hands over my eyes.

    Absurdist, I don’t know how people do that.

    Hilly, you didn’t get to the fingerpainting?

    Hello, I’m not sure. Did you look up at the top right to see what I was searching for in my screenshot?

    MyWeeWorld, yeah, sounds like your computer was being used for nefarious purposes.

    Amy, c’monnnnnnn. At least get Mike to watch it.

    Summer, I have to alternate between shock and awww.

    Bossy, yup! Of the double dog type.

    Tug, you can watch it. I have faith.

    Britt, your honor, at this point, is unrecoverable.

    Tug, try the top right of the image.

    Hello, you’re such a good friend!

  13. hellohahanarf

    oh my fuck! i just saw the “britt naked” thing. ha!

    adam put that there to get the concerned christian rebecca what’sher/hisface all riled up. no worries.

    but wait, that wasn’t defending you. woops. sorry.

  14. turnbaby

    Well the reactions were funnier if you sorta knew where the really awful parts were so I had to research.

    But I gotta say EWWWWWW! I’ve seen a lot of nasty stuff in my life but come on… and the ‘correct’ reaction video could have been done much batter. Just sayin;-)

    And now resisting the urge to google ….*giggling*

  15. Avitable

    Hello, I don’t think it had any correlation to the shemale ad, but who knows?

    Karen, c’mon. KG’s not here to watch it yet!

    Tug, her early years as Britt Tastic.

    Britt, only the one saying “Woo Fuck Yeah!”

    Turnbaby, why don’t you film your own reaction video and let us see it? 😀

  16. MyWeeWorld

    This is how dumb we are – we called one of the other coaches and left him a message that he had to watch it – kind of like this, “Hey go to 2girls1finger.com and watch this thing. There’s more at the bottom. Ok, bye.” Well, it turns out the person handling the phone and who shall remain nameless is a dumbass, and he actually called one of the female coaches by mistake because she lives with the male coach and he had their numbers mixed up. Oh, she was pissed at us today! She watched the whole thing. She also saw 2 girls and a cup (by accident, whatever) and won’t eat soft serve anymore. But yeah, she thinks we’re all sick and I think she’s lost all respect for me. Oh fucking well!

  17. Sybil Law

    I got through about 5 seconds. I just don’t get it!!!! FUUUUUUCK!
    OH MY GOD!
    That’s the 3rd strike, Avitable! No more links from your blog will be clicked!
    Damn, that was disgusting!

  18. Tracy Lynn

    There is not enough brain bleach in the world to cause me to click that link. Fucking bastard. And if you are looking for she males,you should look in Seattle, because you can’t swing a cat in my neighborhood without hitting half a dozen “tall girls” or “short guys”, as they say. Britt’s too short to be a tall girl, dude. :clap:

  19. Avitable

    MyWeeWorld, respect is overrated anyway.

    Bec, are you going to throw up in someone else’s mouth or other orifice?

    Beth, at least you’re not a pussy like some of these people!

    Sybil, you know you love it.

    HG5, you should give it a try.

    Tracy, c’mon, dude. Don’t be a pussy in your old age.

    Turnbaby, I don’t know why your gravatar doesn’t work. Are you using the same email address? Maybe if you register on my site, it will recognize it. And I got rid of the walking ass and other flashy smilies.

    Preposterous, I’m sure the one tasting it could tell you where they went before that.

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