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AvitaWeek 2008: A Message From Mother Avitable

I’m not supposed to be here today.

Avitable asked his mom to write a post for him for his birthday. I think he was hoping he could capture some of the same magic I had on my birthday when my mom did a video post for me. Unfortunately, his mom was not up to the challenge (Which is not at all to insinuate that my mom loves me more than his mom loves him. Not at all.).

In an effort to soothe his poor wittel feelings, I agreed to step in as Avitable’s mom for the day, because that’s just the kind of friend I am.

I was trying to think what Avitable’s mother might have said if she had been able to be here today. I wonder if she would have shared with us all the details of that magical day when she became a mom (like my mom did), remembering fondly the day the Avitable Legend really began.

Probably not.

Most likely, she would have used this day to lament all of the things she did wrong as a mother. Trust me, that’s what we breeders do. And with a son like Adam, there’s no doubt she has a long list of things that keep her up at night – wondering if she somehow could have done things differently, if it would have mattered.

Of course, I can’t presume to speak officially for Mrs. Avitable, but I think it’s safe to assume that she’d say…

I wish I had made his father hide the Hustlers better. All that nudity probably isn’t good for a boy.

I should have been firmer when I found that silicone anus in his closet when he was 10. I figured it was a stage. The priest said it was probably nothing.

Speaking of which, I should have known better than to leave him alone with that guy.

I wonder if it would have made a difference if I had spent some time teaching him about the four food groups. I always assumed when he grew up he would naturally start eating grown up food.

I probably should have had a talk with him about those comics too. When he said he wasn’t going to prom because there was a “convention” in town, that was probably a sign I shouldn’t have ignored.

Although to be fair, it was just such a relief he wasn’t trying to get special permission to take that Girl Scout again. God that was embarrassing. How do you explain to your friends that your 17 year old son is petitioning the school to be able to take a 12 year old girl to a dance?

And to think, I was so relieved to see him taking an interest in girls for once.

That joke about dressing him up in my clothes and telling him he was “mommy’s little princess” really backfired.

He was my princess though. So cute too, in my hats and pearls. With the feathers and the jewels, you could almost forget he was covered in hair. God I remember how shocked I was to see so much hair on such a young boy.

*sigh* Yeah, I probably should have protected him from the pornography. And maybe I should have suppressed my disappointment that he wasn’t a girl and nurtured the masculine side of him a little more. But he was my baby, hair and flamboyance and all.

And truth be told, he really still is.

Yeah, I think that’s what she would have said.

Happy Birthday Avitable! And remember to join me as I co-host Mr. Fab’s Big One Year Anniversary Show this weekend! (Sunday, 7pm EST, check local listings for details.)

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52 Replies to “AvitaWeek 2008: A Message From Mother Avitable”

  1. jester

    What you’re really trying to say is that Mother Avitable was too busy with her annual self-flagellating in an effort to absolve herself from the sins of bringing the obvious anti-christ in the world.

    Or she’s stone cold drunk.

    Either way, thanks for stepping in. If I have a complaint about Avitable teasing bullying molesting my kid at school should I talk to you Britt?

    Happy Birthday Fucker.

  2. Amy


    Happy Birthday, Nutsack!!!! Mucho love to ya!

    And… for my birthday this year, I would prefer that you did not razz me for being a year older than you. Instead, be grateful, had we both been born on the same day… well, the world might have just cracked in half, the universe even!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!! :hug:

  3. Just Me


    ANd thanks…(read britts comments as to why)


  4. Sarcastica

    I guess I’m safe now that I’m 18 lmfao.

    Happy Birthday Adam! Have a great one. Stay away from the school yard though! Distract yourself with bacon cheeseburgers (omg. I totally want a cheesburger now. Great).

  5. Karl

    Happy birthday to the only guy whose testicle I’ve seen in adulthood. Oh wait, I saw my dad’s accidentally when he was in the hospital 8 years ago. I’m still trying to forget it, as I am yours.

  6. Avitable

    Jester, she usually has to go to the Vatican every year on my birthday to ask for yet another year of forgiveness from the Pope.

    Amanda, maybe I should have asked her earlier than last night at 7.

    Jay, good to know we’re two peas in a pod there.

    Amy, happy birthday to you, too!

    Dee, Topncal, Peggy, Allyson, ADW, Cheri, thanks!

    Fab, it was uncanny.

    RW, you’ll never believe that I’m from this planet, will you?

    Poppy, she’s a whore like that.

    Hilly, I know! Now only if she’d let me suckle . . .

    Just Me, I will be looking for your email with great anticipation.

    Jeff, I’ll wait about 5-6 years first.

    Sarcastica, ha! You just think you’re safe.

    Trish, those pictures have been destroyed.

    TMP, maybe that’s why my mother couldn’t do it. There is a character limit for posts in WordPress.

    Sybil, my princess outfit is in storage.

    Metalmom, that’s why my balls are tingling.

    Dawn, yeah, it’s actually tomorrow, but for blog purposes, it’s today!

    Karl, awww, I’m special!

    Robin, yeah, I’ll have to work on that. When’s your big day again?

  7. Nina

    Happy Birthday, darling. Have a cookie. *airkiss*

    (Since tomorrow is your real birthday I am going to try to send people to you tomorrow, since you sent about three billion people to me on my birthday. Don’t get too excited. I have fewer readers than you do and you already know them all).

  8. y not i

    Does this mean AvitaWeek is FINALLY over? Damn, I NEVER thought we’d get to the end of it. All the ego stroking and self-love….so different from the other 51 weeks of the year ๐Ÿ˜›

    Seriously, though, Happy Birthday.

  9. Avitable

    J, she’s especially entertaining on a stripper pole with nipple tassles.

    Poppy, if the shoe fits . . .

    Tana, awesome! Amateur porn is all I like. I hate professional shit.

    Crystal, mutual co-worshippers sounds better than minion.

    RW, nanoo.

    Nina, thank you. I’m still waiting for my socks!

    Karen, 13!

    Y Not I, it’s not over until Sunday. My weeks end on Sunday.

    TMP, I thought so.

    DB, is that a real word? And our birthdays are tomorrow, but we’re celebrating early for blogwhorishness.

    CMG, awww, thanks!

  10. Y2K Survivor

    I wonder if Avitable’s actual Mom would have addressed the traumatic potty training years of his early to mid teens…. it might help us gain an understanding of why his carpet had those pee yellow stains we saw when he took pictures of his socks. ….just thinking.

    Oh yeah… HAPPY Birthday!

  11. Avitable

    DaisyJo, thanks!

    Lisa, I did enjoy it – it rocked.

    Tana, I saw that and considered banning you forever but reconsidered because I am benevolent.

    Steph, if only I would be that lucky. You look like you’re in your twenties!

    Jen, thanks! And feel free to call me fucker anytime.

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