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AvitaWeek 2008: Two for the price of one

In this penultimate day of AvitaWeek 2008 (my weeks end on Sunday, okay, fuckers?), I’m doing my typical Saturday vlog, with a twist!

Today is my actual birthday (my 31st, NOT my 40th), and so, first, here’s a video done by the captivating genius word wrangler Crystal:

Here’s the direct link for that one.

And, secondly, here’s my video. Today’s not just my birthday, after all. It’s also the birthday of my elder and superior in many ways, AmyD! If you haven’t already, head over to Amy’s and tell her happy birthday. Amy, this is for you:

Here’s that direct link.

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54 Replies to “AvitaWeek 2008: Two for the price of one”

  1. Amy

    Oooo, that darn Crystal let the cat out of the bag!!!! And now everyone knows that you, Adam Avitable, are actually 8 years older than I am. And, wow, let me tell you, for 40 – you look GOOOOOOOOD baybeeee!!!

    (searching frantically for devil smiley – why is there no devil smiley?!?!?!?!)


    Thanks you guys! That is in my YouTube favorites along with Britt’s Marilyn Monroe performance from last year!! You guys are so awesome!

  2. Sybil Law

    Happy Birthday!!
    First we have Crystal’s hilarious video, and then your surprisingly normal, sweet one with Britt!
    You are turning into an old softie!
    Oh shit I don’t even want to know what you’re going to do with that statement!
    Anyway, Happy Birthday and I hope you have a great day!

  3. MsBatman

    Happy Birthday Adam. Thanks for the comment on my blog today. I will frame that and hang it on my wall forever. I’ve been bless with a comment from the Great Avitable, on his birthday no less.

    Thanks for the advice. I might need some advice and answers to some questions in regards to getting my own domain. Hope you don’t mind?????

  4. hellohahanarf

    hope your birthday was spectacular. sorry i missed it. in honor of your day i lost my cell phone and purchased a wireless card (no more pooching the internet from the neighbors, plus a fast connection…wahoo!!)

    anyhow, i am so very glad you were born. my days wouldn’t be the same without you. and i promise a real present when i get back from mexico. unless you want naked photos. coz i have those readily available for ya…


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