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This was a very good birthday. Much better than last year’s.

We had a whopper of a cake,




some mean yet delicious fudge,


some fun and games,


and lots of presents!


Thank you Beth for the awesome Hawaiian touristy stuff. (Yes, that’s a coconut turned into a football with a sunset painted on it and it’s a bank!)


Thank you, The Absurdist for the Nintendo Wii Charging Station, which I desperately needed!

Thank you to my parents for dinner and the first season of SNL on DVD.

Thank you, ADW, for the new Stephen King book. Can I call you when I scare myself silly at night reading?

Thank you, Heather, aka Coalminer’s Granddaughter, for the Ghost Hunters book! I love that you’re a fan of the show, too! You should read this book – it has some awesome stories in it.

Thank you, AmyD, for the delicious cookies from Deluscious Cookies. I’ve been thinking about those since I left Los Angeles.

Thank you to my Amy for the iPhone. Now I can try to be as cool as Britt!

Thank you, Poppy, for the book and movie that I might eventually see in May sometime!

Thank you, Clown, for the fudge. It likes me plenty.

Thank you, Britt, for the Lego Star Wars Wii Game! Now I have something to do while you’re working!

Thank you to Alyssa for the gourmet brownies. I think I have diabetes now!

Thank you to everyone who sent a card, an e-card, an email, an IM, made a video or posted a post about my awesomosity. Thank you if you sent a gift and I haven’t gotten it yet. My ego is now the size of Texas and, in fact, the political candidates are fighting over the electoral votes it gets now. So it looks like my plan to write my own name in as a candidate might have a chance!

I don’t deserve the love, but I will accept it shamelessly.

Update: Here is a picture of the awesome cookies that AmyD sent:


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43 Replies to “Aftermath”

  1. Mr. Fabulous

    As if you could ever be as cool as Britt…

    That is the same kind of cake I got Mrs. Fab for her birthday. It’s awesome, it’s like 50% frosting.

    According to UPS your gift should be there today, Britt’s on Thursday.

  2. miss britt

    you forgot to mention:

    I took you to lunch and a movie
    I took those awesome fucking pictures of the cake and fudge
    I picked up the food and cake
    I won game night for your team

    In short, your birthday would have sucked without ME!!

    You’re welcome.

  3. The Absurdist

    The hamburger cake is awesome!

    I am like you. I could sit down and eat a whole damned cake. I never understood people who say, “oh, give me a piece from the middle. I don’t like much icing”.

    What are they? On crack???

  4. Lisa

    I love the fudge. I thought you were going to wait until the iPhone had GPS before you got one. Oh, it was a present so I guess that’s acceptable. Don’t you just love it?

    What kind of cake was the whopper???

  5. Wayne

    I can attest to how cool the Nintendo remote ChargeStation is. I picked one up about 2 weeks into my Wii ownership period and realized it was the only way to not go broke from battery changing. We have four remotes and use the ChargeStation for two of them, because it’s rare we use all four.

    Wow. iPhone, huh? I guess that kind of overshadows the rest… [whistles]

  6. Avitable

    Amanda, it’s fun for the whole family!

    NYCWD, if it was made my way it would have been 10 times bigger!

    Jay, yeah, it tasted damn good too.

    Nina, 13. I plan on wearing the socks on my penis, though.

    RMB, move somewhere civilised then!

    Fabulous, just got it – thanks! That’s awesome!

    Poppy, too late!

    RW, I’ll have to start a month early next year.

    ADW, okay, but you asked for it.

    Robin, I have been fucking close for three days now.

    Britt, you didn’t win game night. I did. You’re a bad guesser. But yes, you were a huge help in making sure that my birthday was awesome.

    Trish, did you toast me while fondling your husband?

    Hilly, I ate that cake for breakfast. Jealous?

    Just Me, that is true – I also got a hot boob picture!

    Metalmom, no jizz this time.

    Hello, brownies make you giggle? These were pot-free, though.

    Absurdist, I love icing. Especially generic grocery store birthday cake icing.

    Kellie, makes me want some insulin.

    Christie, thanks!

    TMP, well, it’s almost gone now.

    Em, yeah, I thought so too.

    BPR, so I should quickly change out the picture with one of a naked woman having lesbian sex?

    CMG, thank you again for the gift.

    Amy, mine says “Avitaphone”, so yes.

    Beth, you can die a happy woman now. And I always share all of my nuts with Britt.

    Lisa, the new firmware update was good enough for me to get it even though it’s not exactly GPS.

    Grant, are you blogging again? I thought you stopped.

    Liquid, next time.

    Wayne, I know what you mean. I’ve gone through hundreds of batteries.

    Sybil, since it’s a burger I know I can eat it for dinner.

    Turnbaby, of course. πŸ™‚

  7. Avitable

    Poppy, awww, don’t cry. I enjoyed every taste!

    TrishK, yeah, I’ll get on that for BPR.

    Liquid, crazy mofo.

    Kylah, supermarket cake is the best though!

    Gwen, no, YOU’RE it!

    MyWeeWorld, it’s okay. You can do it anytime you want. I’ll sit here and hold my breath!

    Clown, no, Clown is a bad guesser.

    Cat, it was a good time.

    Stephanie, I’d smear some on my crotch for you, but it’s all gone.

    DB, no use? She might be good at cleaning bathrooms.

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