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The importance of voting

No, I’m not talking about the primaries.

I’m talking about the Bloggies!

I’m going to trade in all of this goodwill I have and urge you – nay, demand that you go vote for two well-deserving bloggers.

First, we have Sarcastica. She’s 18, she’s hot, and she knows it. She’s also one of the most adult bloggers I know. Some of her readers could learn a lesson in maturity from her blog and they’re decades older than she is. She’s very smart with a razor wit, but she also has a huge heart. She works with the developmentally disabled because she wants to help them integrate with society, and she really is that altruistic.

She has been nominated for “Best Teen Weblog” and she needs your vote.

Secondly, we have Puntabulous. He’s consistently one of the most creative bloggers I read, and although he doesn’t reply to comments (which is one of my blogging pet peeves), he writes very funny geeky stuff. His hetero crush on Natalie Portman, accompanied by photos of him with a life-sized cardboard standup of the actress as Amidala, makes for constant hilarity.

He has been nominated for “Best GLBT Weblog” and he needs your vote.

Voting only takes a few minutes. Just go to the site, scroll down, vote on any other categories as you desire, and then just make sure to select Sarcastica and Puntabulous. Put your email address in, confirm the email you receive in response, and voila! You’re done.

If you’re looking for other suggestions of who to vote for, all I can say is that you should vote for anyone but Dooce. I mean, seriously, fuck her. She doesn’t even allow comments most of the time. No comments = not a blog. It’s just a promotional website at this point.


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61 Replies to “The importance of voting”

  1. Nina

    Thank you for being anti-dooce.

    I will definitely vote for sarcastica since I know her (in the monitor sense) and for the other guy – since you said so.

    Thank you for reminding me that it’s about the comments. \\\

  2. Topncal

    Two good choices. I didn’t know about the teen bloger. Craig at Puntabelous is awesome.

    And why the hell do some people (not the fine readers of this site) still like Dooce. Her blog was lame when she got fired from her job. That is the only of note about her blog.

    Now I am not a great blogger but come on she doesn’t deserve another bloggie

  3. hellohahanarf

    voted for sarcastica coz you gave one hell of a compliment to her. gonna go read her now.

    voted for puntabulous coz his debate with britt slayed me. same with jester’s debate. when are you gonna give in and go email to email with him?

  4. Jay

    Okay, so I’ve never read either of these blogs, but I feel like I should be. We all love really smart chicks and we all love people who love Natalie Portman.

    I also don’t know who Dooce is, but I don’t think I like her.

    I trust your advice Adam.

    I don’t know why reading that last sentence bothers me so much. πŸ˜‰

  5. Sarah is Ok

    I love your stance on comments–and it wasn’t what I expected from a site that’s kinda scary when you first stop by–the Hilter, bold mention of pussies, the knee socks, etc. I’m not anti-dooce I guess, but I don’t get it. No comments, Ok posts, big ads. I thought I was missing something, but here you and your commenters have cleared it up.

  6. Avitable

    Amanda, ummm….send me pictures of your boobs.

    BPR, you and the damn lolcats.

    Mary, no, I’m really not.

    Nina, comments make the blog world go ’round!

    Aburdist, you’re a doll.

    Topncal, no, she really doesn’t.

    Craig, good luck with the awards.

    Fabulous, I wish you would stop lighting my cockles on fire though.

    NYCWD, reminds me of those York commercials.

    Britt, why would you do such a thing? Such a fucker!

    Geeky, thanks!

    Hello, what is there to enjoy that other bloggers don’t say better and actually allow people to comment on too? I may do a debate with Craig soon.

    Metalmom, deuce/Dooce – they’re about the same thing.

    TMP, grazie.

    Grant, do they have a Hottest Gorilla Blogger category?

    Jay, just give in to the dark side and allow me to lead you on the path of Avitable.

    Sarcastica, now you have tons of pressure to be an awesome blogger.

    Sybil, you don’t want to know.

    Poppy, why does Dooce bother you so much?

    Crystal, thanks, love!

    Sarah is OK, oh, you know you loved those knee socks.

    Stephanie, I thought it was her video?

    Amy, at least you’re a good friend. Unlike some certain RAPpers I know.

    Ajooja, nicely done!

  7. Sybil Law

    Aw, you’ve pleased Poppy!
    Now I will take both yours and Poppy’s advice, and accept that I don’t want to know, but I have to admit my curiosity is piqued. I am like a cat with the curiosity thing. One day it will get me killed.

  8. Avitable

    Poppy, definitely Frank.

    Amy, we can get a lot of mileage out of this!

    Gramps, my dislike comes from a few things. First, she got famous for getting fired. The only reason she’s famous is because she was one of the first bloggers out there that had this happen in a public fashion. Secondly, she’s not funny. There are thousands of small bloggers that write much better every day. Finally, she doesn’t allow comments most of the time. That means, in my opinion, she doesn’t have a fucking blog. She has a series of small, boring articles on the web. Oh, and her photography sucks.

  9. Amy

    That is probably the clearest explanation for not liking Dooce that I have ever read.

    I hope she doesn’t get nominated for one of those RAP awards or something. She doesn’t deserve it!


  10. hellohahanarf

    you guys make it seem like i am a total douche for reading heather’s posts. and i jsut can’t get why. i read books, newspapers and magazines, yet i can’t comment on them. newspapers and magazines have (tons of) advertisements.

    sure, other bloggers say things in a different way or take photos with different settings, but i can’t understand the hate.

    (i’m being serious here…i can understand not reading someone’s posts or not buying their books, but i don’t understand the hate.)

  11. Avitable

    Amy, she’d have to be ridiculously awesome.

    Bec, glad to see you came around.

    Hello, it’s not the ads. It’s that she calls herself a blog. Blogs have evolved to have interaction between the readers and the writers. They’ve become a constantly evolving creature that allows a variety of ways for people to communicate with each other, share ideas, and comment on goings-on. Dooce is not a blog. It’s a fucking brand name for a self-perpetuating circle jerk that says fuck you to its readers.

  12. hellohahanarf

    interaction between the reader and the writer via comments is not what makes a blog. it is what makes me love a blog more than another blog, but not what defines a web log. do i dislike dooce rarely opening up comments? certainly. does it take away from my interest on her point of view on her husband’s clogs in the dishwasher? nope.

    a blog that i love ( is written by a woman who never comments on comments. doesn’t make her any less of a wonderful writer. hell, britt’s mom doesn’t comment on comments and i adore her writings. won’t stop reading because she doesn’t comment back.

    sleepy nita mentions self promotion of a book. you know damn well any one of us would announce loud and clear that our book was being published. mel o drama (hi, mel! love you!) is talking about it right now. as well she should! it is exciting and is a huge part of her life. why slam heather for it?

    this is coming out like i am a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of dooce and i really am not. but i find it difficult to sit here and read the hate without stepping up a bit to say that it is cool not to read her, but kinda sucks to hate her for being successful.

    we (meaning any of us) may do something just as good or better as dooce, doesn’t mean we get the recognition for it. god bless america, life ain’t fair.

    just sounds like so many folks are jealous of her. while i don’t think you are, it simply sounds that way.

  13. Avitable

    SleepyNita, the fact that her blog is 90% about her obligations to write books about her blog just drives me crazy.

    Hello, not responding to comments is understandable. It’s a pet peeve of mine, but lots of bloggers that I like don’t have the time or desire to reply to every comment they get. That’s no big deal.

    Dooce made herself a brand based solely on the fact that she got fired for her blog. Blogs were relatively new back then, and she was just the first to have that happen publicly. There are thousands of bloggers who write better, write funnier posts, care about their readers, and have more online personality than her, but she gets accolades because she was first. And not first at accomplishing something, but the first to be a dumbass.

    She’s like the Paris Hilton of the blogosphere.

  14. hellohahanarf

    agreed, being raved about for being first doesn’t make someone the best. i just don’t think it makes them the paris hilton of blogosphere.

    again, god bless america…we can agree to disagree.


  15. Avitable

    Well, it’s not the being first that makes her the Paris Hilton. It’s that she is famous for getting fired because she blogged about her work. And she’s capitalized that into a mediocre success, but everyone nominates her for awards like she’s the most amazing thing out there.

    (Fab, that makes you the Lindsay Lohan, btw.)

  16. BOSSY

    Not replying to comments is your Pet Peeve? Fer chrissake, you should have told Bossy ages ago. Of course replying to comments requires a whole lot of time… Bossy already blogs 24 hours a day, does she really have to blog for all 36?

  17. Avitable

    Britt, you don’t think my arguments are bullshit. You just don’t see the reason for the hate.

    Bossy, well, yes. All 36 hours a day, eight days a week!

    DanjerusKurves, yes I have replied to your comments. But if you don’t subscribe to comments, you won’t know that!

    Hello, I still love Fab and that’s what happened to him!

  18. hellohahanarf

    p.s. to britt: thanks for the support, britt. i was feeling like the sesame street song “one of these things is not like the other.”

    p.s. to bossy: bossy makes becky giggle. loven you for that!

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