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Oh baby

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31 Replies to “Oh baby”

  1. turnbaby

    Dude you SOOOOOOO owe ME now for making me see even ONE second of this hideous thing–Um right no–I didn’t notice—DUH-

    I am utterly skeeved out and commenting with it blocked out–skin crawling-worse than the dolphin thing worse than four chicks fingerpainting—um wait well maybe not worse than the 10 seconds I saw of that but URRRGGHHH

  2. Poppy

    Awwwwww, you pimped my blog! That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for me!

    I am disturbed that Creature thinks I sound just like Sarah Silverman. That’s a lot of pressure to be very funny.

    Please never again do the :tongue1: as yourself or as a baby. You know I can’t handle that shit. kthx.


  3. Kylah

    The baby wasn’t that scary. From the comments I thought the baby was going to be really scary. I always read the comments before I watch something on your site because I don’t trust you not to put up videos of extremely disturbing things. No offense, but you don’t have a good track record when it comes to that stuff.

  4. Wayne

    Wow, I am officially impressed and depressed. This is totally something I’d do if I were to do a vlog someday, and here you go stealing the idea and doing a good job with it.

    I think you should raffle off the honor for being in your intro theme song background graphic. Just let people pay to be drawn in as you drive by.

    You could also let people use MyCokeRewards to by their way in. I’m just sayin’

  5. Avitable

    Amanda, I’ve read it by now. It was very good, although the ending was a bit hackneyed.

    Zom, yeah, it even creeped me out.

    Turnbaby, did you stay until the end?

    CMG, thanks, and you’ve got one coming up soon, old lady!

    Britt, I ate the last piece of fudge yesterday.

    Karen, yeah, I watched that Matt Damon video about four or five times.

    Poppy, I don’t think you sound like Sarah Silverman.

    Metalmom, yeah, I liked the soundtrack for Juno until I found out how hideously ugly Kimya Dawson is. Now I don’t like it anymore.

    Mr. Fabulous, it’s hilarious, isn’t it? Sarah Silverman is a genius.

    Jay, I’m a babbbbeeeeeee!

    Turnbaby, I love how Damon really gets into it, too.

    Trish, the pointed teeth are usually not so obvious when they’re in my mouth.

    NYCWD, thanks!

    Steph, try a Clorox Wipe. Just don’t use it on your butt.

    Shelli, did you send a present? Really, or are you just fucking with me?

    Sybil, laugh, then shudder violently.

    BPR, you should have stayed to the end, it was awesome.

    MyWeeWorld, you know you liked it.

    Topncal, thanks!

    Jeff, even for me? I don’t know – I’ve done some weird shit.

    Nina, okay, I’ll be your Valentine.

    Beth, yes. And I get to suckle at Jennifer Garner’s boob every day!

    Amy, yup – that’s why I chose it.

    Dave, I’ll get on that.

    Kylah, I always tell people when it’s disturbing.

    Amanda, I was out of commission all day yesterday and today. I’m barely managing to sit here and type this today. Yet I sacrifice myself just for you. In conclusion, lick my nutsack! :tongue1:

    Wayne, I should do that – I don’t know how hard it would be to insert new people in there, though. Hmm…

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