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Vlog Oldies

Today I decided to go to the vault of the 35 whole vlogs I’ve done and bring out a classic. Here is a video post of Britt and I in July before she moved down here. We share 10 things that we have learned about the other.

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17 Replies to “Vlog Oldies”

  1. The Absurdist

    Although i would never expect a man to know what indigo is, now that you do know, NEVER EVER EVER wear black and blue together.

    Just like guys try to wear black and brown together. Or my friend Steve who wears BRIGHT ORANGE with muted tan. WTF?

    I actually created a color wheel and a document on how to dress himself!

  2. Jay

    The writer’s strike finally affects your blog. You had to do reruns today huh? LOL

    That video is a classic.

    I found myself wishing it was like one of those webcam sites set up at the beach. You know the one where I can control the camera from my computer. I really wanted the camera to tilt down. And to the LEFT! 😉

  3. hellohahanarf

    my german shepherd LOVES when you and britt laugh. he presses his nose to the screen and tilts his head. then sort of howls along.

    what is up with all of the nakedness? i will be fully clothed while in orlando next week. at least when any cameras are around. or if i am sober.

    which reminds me! britt, adam pushing booze is a good thing. i like bailey’s in my coffee or even vodka in the morning. please do not ever make him think it is wrong, k?

  4. Avitable

    Sybil, don’t you wish you could just pan down?

    Bobgirrl, she’s from Iowa and drives like a crackhead. Don’t listen to her.

    Britt, no, you just look like you got a bit of sun. And you looked fine from the shoulders down!

    Poppy, yeah, it is a classic one.

    Grant, ladies don’t fart. She’s no lady.

    Em, only on days that end in “y”.

    Absurdist, that’s why I just wear black and black.

    Jay, don’t lie. I know you wanted to move it to the right. That’s ok.

    Turnbaby, adorable like a baby rattlesnake.

    Rachel, we do work well together.

    TrishK, it wasn’t sweeps week.

    Stephanie, Britt’s. Mine are covered in a layer of dense hair so you can’t even tell how big they are. And go to and sign up with an account using the same email address you use to post comments.

    MyWeeWorld, see above.

    Hello, you’ll totally be naked. Who are you kidding?

    Karl, Altamonte Springs, specifically. We should definitely get together some weekend.

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