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On Friday, a friend bought a large deep fryer.

On Saturday, we got together, bought a huge variety of different foods, and had Fryday!

As I consumed more fried food in one sitting than most people eat in a year, I could hear my heart sobbing and begging for mercy. So I just chewed louder to drown out its voice.

The hour and a half I spent in my throne room afterwards was totally worth it. As was the night of sleeping sitting up in a chair to avoid acid reflux.

We’re doing it again next weekend.

Go behind the link for photos (thanks to liquid):





















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84 Replies to “Fryday”

  1. Trukindog

    I live in Mesa AZ. but when I drove truck long haul I would get White Castle cheese burgers buy the dozen’s evey chance I got.
    I can get them here frozen but their just not as good as fresh , I gotta get some now and try the deep fry I’ll bet thats sooooooo gooooood .

  2. Amy

    OMG. Please tell me you are taking aspirin daily!!! I don’t know whether to be jealous or repulsed and truthfully, since PMS is such a bitch I’m afraid that I’m just jealous and really pissed!

  3. Avitable

    Hilly, we’ll never be able to top Krispy Kreme.

    Karl, anytime you’re up here, let me know!

    Amanda, I’ll let my heart know.

    Trukindog, use pancake batter for them.

    Kirsten, Pepcid AC – we need the strong stuff.

    Y2K, I think that was only you!

    Amy, aspirin? For what?

    Jay, yes, actually. We had a few people go into cardiac arrest and got good use out of it. Twinkies were there, but we were too full to do them.

    Wayne, I’ve tried fried Twinkies before and they weren’t awesome. We’re going to try them next week, though.

    Karen, bring something to fry.

    Dan, well, I wasn’t wearing any underwear and I did fuck a sheep, too.

    Beth, they were very good. Not as good as some of the crazier stuff, though.

    Peggy, fan of the fried, are you?

    Topncal, it was actually pretty good. Not amazing, but not bad.

    Iddly, yeah, gives me heartburn remembering it too.

    Mr. Fabulous, 12.

    TrishK, a friar among fryers. I like it.

  4. tana

    I overheard a cell phone conversation yesterday at the drag strip where the girl was describing a cheeseburger with 2 Krispy Kreme doughnuts as buns and then deep fried.

    I felt ill just looking at all that stuff.

  5. Wayne

    Avi, There’s a place here in Austin called Plucker’s and they have awesome fried pickles and fried twinkies. Really. I never would have even THOUGHT of trying something like that but a friend urged me.

    That person is now my best friend and is the top person on my will.

  6. Avitable

    Robyn, um, clearly anyone who suicides by deep fryer would go to heaven.

    Kapgar, I did it Saturday, and woke up Sunday feeling awesome!

    Metalmom, that’s one way to put it.

    ADW, we didn’t get around to it. We’re saving them for next time.

    Britt, they’re no good two days later.

    Summer, I’m not even sure how you deep fry ice cream.

    Absurdist, yup – I ate everything and multiples of the cheeseburgers. So goooood.

    Tana, I’ve heard about that cheeseburger. I need to try that.

    NYCWD, I had to roll home.

    Wayne, I think everything tasted better deep fried.

    Clown, I’ll deep fry your soul!

    TMP, I agree completely! (Look two comments up)

    Grant, alcohol is bad for you! Pass the Oreos.

    Janelle, your poor children.

  7. Nina

    You and me. Simpatico. I woke up this morning knowing I should eat plain yogurt and wheat germ. What was I thinking about?

    I was thinking about that moment in Million Dollar Baby when Hillary Swank says “get me a deep fryer and some oreos..”

    Yeah so you didn’t invite me to your Fryday, and I am fine with that, seeing as you’d have put the socks I am making you straight into the deep fryer, from what I can see.

    By the way, what size shoes do you wear?

  8. Maman

    Call me crazy, but after exploration of the candied boobs are there no deep fat fried tatas? Or is it your deep respect for women that prevents you from eating fried, candied representations of their knockers?

  9. Sybil Law

    I love fried food. I just like the normal fried foods, I guess. I do not need to know what fried pb &j tastes like! Or most of the stuff on your list. Did you guys change the oil, or use different batter for different stuff? I have so many questions… Why not pickles? Oooh – what about a deep fried banana placed on ice cream with some hot sauce?
    I need a deep fryer.

  10. Allyson

    Fried Ice Cream… you nead to deep freeze the ice cream already scooped, and breaded (any plain bread crumbs will work). then drop in deep fryer for like a split second… or so.

    and since I shared that secret with you, I think I should be invited to the next fryday. It’s only a two hour drive for me, totally worth it.

  11. Mari

    Down the street from me is a little stand that sells deep fried bacon-wrapped hot dogs. With ALL the fixin’s. They’re pretty popular, especially in the summer when the bars have just closed.
    Just an idea. You know, in case you run outta shit to dump in there.

  12. Mike

    I highly suspect the other sock is not intact, only positioned so the holes face the floor. I have the exact same pair.

    I’m ignoring the food frying fantasy as I just gained 25 pounds just looking at the pictures.

  13. Avitable

    Hello, indeed it was!

    L, it’s do “the Avitable”, not “an Avitable”. And it’s copyrighted.

    CMG, it was. You should have come down for Fryday.

    Nina, you didn’t get the invite? And I’m a size 13 shoe.

    Maman, I should have tried that – didn’t even occur to me!

    DB, nausea? We fried everything that wasn’t nailed down.

    Golfwidow, we improved upon a classic.

    Sybil, the fried PB&J tasted like a melty peanut butter sandwich with some raspberry flavoring. We kept the same oil for the whole night and used mainly pancake batter.

    Peggy, I did orgasm. Twice.

    Allyson, I’ll have to try that. Do you want to drive two hours just for fried awesomeness?

    Shelli, that’s nothing compared with actually eating it!

    Robin, pickles I’ve heard off. But eggs? Ew.

    Mari, you just gave me a total woody.

    Mike, shhhh – you had to ruin it!

    Jordie, I wish I had a candy ball too!

  14. Mrs RW

    Your smart, beautiful, witty employee (whose name rhymes with schmitt) should rethink her plan to (allegedly) off her boss. All she needs to do is buy you your own fryer. Talk about a foolproof plan!

  15. Trukindog


    My eye’s are bleeding .

    But I guess I have a pretty strong stomach cause I just ate dinner and watched the whole thing and did’nt get sick , I am however mentally FREAKED OUT :violent029:

    The vidio’s of people watching it are funny as hell though .

  16. Stephanie

    For the love of God would you please buy some news fuckin’ socks??!?!

    or you could just dip that funky one in pancake batter and deep fry it…maybe it would cover the holes. Then Jigsaw could gnaw on your foot.


  17. Avitable

    Mrs. RW, I know. You’d think she’d know that.

    Trukindog, now you should Google 4girlsfingerpaint.

    Melissa, and a gutload.

    Turnbaby, I hate pickles. I’ll have to try Peeps, though.

    HG, if he doesn’t have a blog, there’s no profile.

    Stephanie, I almost deep fried my sock that night.

    Honeybell, I carry my own defibrillator.

    Trukindog, hmmm.

    Stephanie, I’ve had something like that before. It’s not as good as it sounds.

  18. Mrs RW

    Forgot to mention that I’ve had deep-fried twinkies and they were great. Serve sprinkled with powder sugar,strawberries and whipped cream…mmmm! You’d think they’d be overly sweet but somehow they’re not. Must be the miracle of the fryer: fat beats sweet like scissors beat paper.

  19. LylaLou

    This makes me crave jalapeno poppers. And chicken fingers covered in american cheese and dipped in sour cream. I forgot how wonderful it is to have a deep fry in the house. No wonder I lost so much weight when I moved out of my parents house.

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