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First, let’s talk about Coke Rewards. Every 12-pack and 20-pack and 24-pack of cans of Coca-Cola brand soda and every individual bottle of soda has a Coke Rewards number on it, making it worth anywhere from 3 points to 20.

You may have collected a few, but let’s face it. You’re not going to really do anything with them, are you?

Why not pass them on to me? I’ve been collecting them since the program started and my goal is to get as many as humanly possible. I go through 5-10 cases of Diet Coke myself a week, but that’s not enough!

There are a few bloggers who are my favorites in the whole world because they share them constantly – thanks to the gorgeous, funny, irrepressible AnnieB, Mr. Fabulous, and the most prolific, Wayne! So, if you want to be like the cool people, get your Coke Rewards points and email them to me at my first name at my last name dot com. I’m on good terms with the Big Guy, so I know that there is a special place in heaven for people who give me Rewards points.

Secondly, I’d like to help out my meal ticket good friend Wayne. He is obsessed with those horrible, horrible LOLcats, and one of his favorite LOLcat sites, ICHC (I Can Has Cheezburger?) is having a contest for poker-themed user-generated LOLcat pics. The winner gets to go to Vegas.

You can check out all of his entries on his blog, or just click on the one I chose as my favorite out of his and go vote for it. Just give him 5 cheeseburgers for this one, and if he gets enough votes, he’s off to Vegas. I have it on good authority that if Wayne wins, he plans on bringing back hookers and shrimp cocktail for everyone who voted for him.

crazy, funny pix
More on the online Poker Cats Contest

Thirdly, I created an iPhone wallpaper for those of you who are cool enough to have iPhones but not cool enough to have awesome wallpaper:


Finally, does anyone have any more food suggestions if we do another Fryday this weekend? So far, we’ve done eggrolls, chicken, pizza, PB&J, grilled cheese, Oreos, EL Fudge, Snickers, apple pie, taquitos, chimichangas, hotdogs, Twinkies, and a Cheeseburger Bite from 7-11. I’m open for other ideas . . . except pickles. Uck!

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59 Replies to “Whorsday”

  1. Jay

    I’d like to help you out on those points thingies, but I’m a Pepsi man myself. Well, Sierra Mist Free. But it’s a Pepsi product.

    Did you try deep frying Twinkies? Ding Dongs? Chocolate Chip Cookies? Doritos? Bacon? What about vegetables? Brussel sprouts? Eggplant? Zucchini? Squash? And fruit? Bananas? Oranges? Pineapple?

  2. Wayne

    My name is Wayne and I approve this message.

    Avi – try pickles and twinkies (separately). For the pickles, make breading that includes corn flakes.

    Everyone else – remember that you’re not just voting for your favorite of the ones I created, you’re just voting for any picture you like. If you like all of mine, or want your shot at shrimpy hooker goodness, by all means vote for each and every one. Spread the news. Help me… Help you… Help me… Sell my lolsoul.

    And for you potential cheaters out there, don’t try to ‘vote down’ the competition. A vote is a vote – doesn’t seem as though they care how many cheeseburgers the picture is rated. If you’re gonna cheat, you need to vote from different computers. And that is how you cheat. I find the more I know about cheating, the better prepare I am avoid cheating. Doesn’t mean I cheat less, but “luck favors the prepared, dahling”

  3. B.E. Earl

    Kirsten beat me to it.

    Fried mac and cheese is Food of the Gods! Seriously. Its the best thing that TGIFs ever put on their menu.

    I’ve heard the best way to do it is freeze the mac and cheese and then use a small ice cream scooper to, well, scoop out a ball of it for deep frying.

  4. Aunt Robin

    Yes, we have no soda. Just coffee. And water. Does that help? 🙂

    BTW, how about deep fried pork sliced fairly thin and seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper. Oh, and don’t use pancake batter; try Drake’s or something similar.

  5. AnnieB

    If you’d said the gorgeous, funny, irrepressible AnnieB then I might have felt somewhat compensated for tirelessly collecting and sending you those wretched little caps (that I’ve come to cringe at the sight of).

    But hey, I’m not complaining … anything for you! Fucker.

  6. AnnieB

    Damnit to hell and back! I forgot to say … “(who also gives the best head this side of the Mason-Dixon Line!)

    It could possibly be due to the fact that I’m nauseous from reading the Fryday suggestions.

  7. AnnieB

    Damnit to hell and back! I forgot to say … “(who also gives the best head this side of the Mason-Dixon Line!)”

    It could possibly be due to the fact that I’m slightly nauseous from reading the Fryday suggestions.

  8. Avitable

    Amanda, you don’t even drink rum and coke?

    Laura, hmm. Egg McMuffins. That could be interesting.

    Clown, nobody has any creativity!

    Jay, you’re a Pepsi man? I’ve lost all respect. And we should totally try deep frying chocolate chip cookies – that’s a good idea, too!

    BPR, if there were, you’d be a millionaire in points.

    Wayne, by suggesting that everyone focus on voting on one of yours, I think you have a higher chance of winning. And it does count the rank of the vote, too.

    Kirsten, that sounds horrible!

    Peggy, you mean Coke’s too cool for you.

    BE Earl, that just does not sound appetizing to me.

    Aunt Robin, how do you live without soda? And that pork sounds tasty even if it wasn’t fried.

    Britt, you’re such a taskmaster!

    HG, I’ve had the deep fried cheesecake bites at Longhorn’s and didn’t think they were that great.

    AnnieB, I have edited it and it is now correct. And thank you greatly for all of the effort you’ve put in.

    Robin, ew. Really?

    Poppy, funny girl.

    Em, zucchini might be a good idea. Pickles are just nasty.

    AnnieB, I’d have to have a full contest to judge to see if you win that accolade first.

    Absurdist, I’ll just throw the whole Flintstones bottle in the frier.

  9. Allyson

    If I send you my coke points, will you send me an iPhone?

    What side of the mason-dixon line is AnnieB? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I’m the world champion in the head contest.


    I don’t care what you’ll be frying, I just wanna be there!

  10. Gwen

    You could do some tempura. Or how about taking something that’s supposed to be healthy and frying that fucker? Like a granola bar or a bran muffin?
    Also, I highly recommend you try making some corn fritters. Those things are kick ass. (Paula Dean has a pretty awesome recipe.)

  11. Wayne

    @Amy – Dr Pepper is a Coke product, so I’m wondering why they don’t follow the same coke rewards.

    However, for the rest of you – All of the following products are Coke products and many packages have the MyCokeRewards on them:

    Minute Maid (juices, too)
    Dasani Water
    Barq’s Root Beer
    Pibb Xtra

    So collect up those points and send them to the hairest gorilla you know in Florida.

    Or, send them to me and I’ll send them to the gorilla if you don’t like direct contact with said gorilla.

  12. AnnieB

    You’re quite welcome Avi. I must say that was a STUNNINGLY gracious thank you. It has certainly warmed the cockles of my heart!

    As you wish on the contest … just let me know where and when.

  13. hellohahanarf

    ya gotta fry up some hushpuppies. love those damn doughball thingies. love!

    i don’t drink pop, sorry. if i am not drinking water then it is probably ketel one and tonic or maker’s mark and ice. or a margarita. wish alcohol had rewards points!

    your drawing is wonderful, yet again i am concerned with the smilie face on your body. what is up with the giant hair smile?

    i voted for wayne last night on my laptop and again today on my desk top. go wayne!!

  14. Avitable

    TMP, fruit roll-ups. I hadn’t thought of that! And I think AT&T has gotten better recently.

    Girl, Dislocated, it’s like the man in the moon, except the man in the belly.

    Y2K, thanks for the link!

    Allyson, I’m not sure which side she’s on, but maybe we should have a contest. Can you be at my house next Saturday? Bring kneepads.

    Liquid, I liked them when they were first out and were clever and not trite.

    The108, deep fried nachos?

    Gwen, corn fritters might be good.

    Amy, Dr. Pepper should have the Rewards Points too!

    Wayne, thanks for the extra info.

    Jer, we did mushrooms, but I’m not a fungus fan.

    Sybil, don’t tell me you like Pepsi better?

    Amanda, ok, that will work.

    Grant, deep fried sushi could be interesting. Sea salt, though?

    Trish, so first it’s NASCAR, and now this betrayal. *sniff*

    AnnieB, next Saturday. My house. Bring kneepads.

    Preposterous, you horrify me.

    Heather, we should do a club sandwich – make a Monte Cristo. And thanks in advance for the Coke Rewards!

    Hello, I have happy body hair, what can I say?

  15. Carolina

    I’m ashamed you’re not willing to do a fried pickle.
    Way to seem like a finicky pregnant woman.

    I’ll find a way to do legit Mexican style fried ice cream seeing how some people have the nasty boxed version.

  16. Laura

    Okay, I just had the BEST idea for Fryday (and I’m not going to read through all the other comments to see if anybody already said it, so sorry if it’s a repeat but I doubt it because NOBODY can be inspired with this GENIUS like I have been…)


  17. Avitable

    Carolina, you’ve seen me. I am a finicky pregnant woman.

    TrishK, I’m just not a pickle fan.

    MyWeeWorld, ew! Tomatoes suck.

    Britt, you’d eat everything and then hold your belly and say “Oh my GAWD!”

    Nina, we did Snickers and have Twix to try, I believe.

    Mom, ewwwwwwwwwwww.

    Laura, hm. That could be delish.

    Peggy, oh, I think it is.

  18. kapgar

    This is the current contest that allows you to win Amazon songs, right? I’m going to try it out, but if the system is too ridiculous to maintain (as many of these rewards ones are; why can’t they all be as simple as the old free iTunes song promotions?), I’ll send you my codes. Deal?

    Wait, that’s Pepsi, isn’t it? Okay, if I get Pepsi stuff for Amazon, I’m keeping them, but I’ll forward the Coke ones on to you. I never use those.

  19. Lynda

    I am surprised you don’t have onion rings on your list. Or fried potatoes. Have you tried fried bananas? Or fried green tomatoes? Or fried okra (I didn’t like it, but you might.)

    I try to send you Coke rewards when we drink soda, but lately we haven’t been drinking it as much.

  20. robin

    We like to get mini-corndogs and then, after frying, dip them in mustard. Big hit with the kids. We’ve also made fried rice balls (didn’t work so well), and I think fried cookie dough would be fun.

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