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From last week’s SNL. See, it is still funny!

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37 Replies to “Annuale”

  1. Stephanie

    Okay, so that’s how I act monthly.

    Well, all except for the soul-kissing a dog. I prefer monkey-fucking.

    And the disclaimer thing? The part about growing a second vagina?

    How fucking cool would that be?

  2. Functionally ReTodded

    wait. what? NYCWD is running for president? Sweet. He’s gotta be better than the assclowns running now.

    btw, I’m voting for change. Even though I don’t know what change change is.

    In 2012, I’m running on a platform that is similar to CHANGE. My platform will also be one word that’s a noun and a verb.

    My platform?


  3. Poppy

    There was nothing funny to me about that video except making out with the dog.

    I’m sure it’s because of where I am in my cycle.

    And I’m holding back swearing at you right now.

    ….except I just watched Dawg’s video and now I’ve laughed my head off. (Thanks, babe!)

  4. Fig

    I’d do it just so I could grow a second vagina. I wonder if I could choose where to put it? Think how fun it could be in the palm of my hand! Gives new meaning to hand job… AND I could have some quick fun on my own when no one was lookin!

  5. Avitable

    Stephanie, I’d like a first vagina.

    Beth, NBC isn’t cable.

    Yoshi, yeah – it was a good way for them to start the show after the strike.

    Britt, yes it does!

    RW, they could have been driving a slow car at the same time.

    Karen, crazy Canadians.

    Golfwidow, you could buy a t-shirt that said that?

    Absurdist, just wait a few more years and you’ll have menopause.

    CMG, happy to make you laugh!

    NYCWD, you are definitely a better vlogger than I. And that video was hilarious.

    Jeff, your spellcheck replaces the words automatically?

    Todd, very nice.

    Stephanie, he’s pretty damn funny when he cracks up like that, too.

    Poppy, watch it in a few days. You’ll laugh.

    Fig, I think you’ve given this whole second vagina thing a bit too much thought!

  6. Jeff

    No, but I accidentally positioned to the wrong suggestion and then clicked OK too quickly. Gotta slow down but there’s too many blogs!!!

    Oh sure, NOW I notice there’s an edit button here. D’oh!

  7. Poppy

    I don’t think that’s gonna help. I just don’t think spoofs about The Pill are funny. Or spoofs about psychosis while taking the placebo pills.

    I can’t help what I find funny vs. not funny.

    I would like that pink axe, though. That was cute.

  8. hellohahanarf

    i smiled and enjoyed the clip. gotta love tiny fey.

    then i got to nycwd’s video comment. laughed out loud. and i do mean LOUD. his reaction and laughter was AWESOME. go dawg!

    but adam, no matter how much i adore you, britt is right on this one. this is not a video post, it is you posting a video.

  9. Avitable

    Jeff, I know what you mean about too many blogs.

    Solomon, luckily I don’t have to worry about that!

    Kyra, how many dogs have you made out with?

    Poppy, I think a spoof about 11 months of built up PMS is pretty damn funny. 😛

    Turnbaby, at least half of it is usually worth it.

    Paticus, yeah.

    Bethie, congrats on the top commenting!

    LizB, you’re not the first woman who I’ve heard that from.

    Amy, I was tiiiiiirrreeedddd.

    Kylah, me too.

    Hello, his video comment was hilarious once he starts laughing.

    Trukindog, how many vaginas would it take?

    Girl, Dislocated, yeah, I’ve watched it a few myself. It’s a great parody.

    NYCWD, that’s it – must be the speakers.

  10. Poppy

    Because I have a sensitive ear for dialects and many of them sound very off to me. I’m impressed by the concept, and how close she gets to a lot of the accents, but … yah, my ear can tell she’s just imitating. It’s just another one of my many quirks that listening to people imitate accents annoys the shit out of me.

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