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Don’t forget to go, before midnight EST tonight, and enter my contest for a chance to win an iPod Shuffle! Even if you’ve been certified as mentally retarded, you still have a chance at getting at least one guess correct. Don’t you want to be a winner?


If you want to be part of the blogroll and would like to choose the nifty little Ubernym that will accompany your name if I ever use your name in a post, now’s your chance to let me know.


Britt, Hilly, and Karen started a little feel-good movement called “The RAP Sheet”, which is, as they explain:

Whether it’s about slow drivers, unruly children, or spouses who can’t seem to pick up their own underwear, the blogosphere is constantly atwitter with our gripes. And while we would in no way suggest you stop bitching, once in a while it’s nice to stop and remember some of those people who makes us forget about the dirty underwear.

It is because of those people that we decided to launch The RAP Sheet.

Out here in Blogaritaville, there are some Ridiculously Awesome People. People who touch us, who make us laugh, who make us want to reward them with a cutesy graphic. Those are the people we add to The RAP Sheet.

They’re encouraging people to pass this on. And while I’d usually find the Retardedly Asinine People or the Really Assholish People or the Raucously Average People, I decided to be nice and see if I knew any Ridiculously Awesome People.

My first thought was myself. And on first blush, it worked. But the more I thought about it, I couldn’t talk about myself. Because while I’m totally, absolutely, undefinably, indubitably, incalculably, permanently, ostensibly, fantastically, deeply, currently, inflammably, significantly, positively, demonstrably, really, really awesome, I’m not ridiculously awesome. And that’s what The RAP Sheet is all about.

So, instead, my contribution to The RAP Sheet is AmyD from Amy’s Musings.

She’s a great friend, smart and sarcastic, and can laugh at anything. If that doesn’t define ridiculously awesome, I don’t know what does. Plus, she’s raised two really bright, funny kids and one small Tasmanian Devil disguised as a child. And she helped me with all of the design aspects of this ridiculously awesome blog I have!

I :heartbeat: :heartbeat: AmyD. And so should you!

Who’s on your RAP Sheet?


Finally, for my real post today. I thought I’d start a little interview meme for everyone to try if they need blog fodder. We’ll call it “Avitable’s Querypalooza“.

Just answer these five questions on your blog, and then come up with five new ones for your readers to answer on their respective blogs, etc. And link back to here. Bluepaintred, this totally counts, by the way.

1. Out of all of the posts you’ve written, which is your favorite and why?

2. Out of all of the posts I’ve written that you’ve read, which is your favorite and why?

3. Which do you find the most frightening and why? A radically fundamentalist Christian, a moderate Muslim, a pretentious atheist, or a Scientologist?

4. Rather than discuss the typical characteristics of someone you’d desire (sense of humor, good body, etc.), I’m going to focus on the little details. Rank them in order of preference, with #7 being the one you consider more important than the others and #1 being the one you consider the least important:
1. Good fashion sense,
2. Ability to dance well,
3. Encyclopedic knowledge,
4. Odorless feet,
5. Quick-wittedness,
6. Even tempered nature, and
7. Likes the same music, movies, and/or television

5. If you were going to be trapped on a remote island for the rest of your life with one other person, which would you choose and why?
A. Your spouse or s.o.
B. Your celebrity crush
C. Your best friend
D. MacGyver
E. One of your parents or children

If you decide to do Avitable’s Querypalooza, just let me know so I can laud you with praise, comments, and semen.

Happy Monday!

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38 Replies to “Misc Mon”

  1. Robin

    I’ll do it but now I’m going to have to hunt through my posts and your posts to find the best. Am I back in college again? If so I really should just put this off to the last minute and go out to a frat party.

  2. Avitable

    Amanda, it’s because you’re special.

    Sybil, I am? I mean, of course I am!

    AmyD, of course, you didn’t even comment on my post yesterday . . .

    Mr. Fabulous, yeah, I think your best ones are the ones about me.

    HG, that’s Querypalooza!

    Britt, grumble grumble.

    Poppy, thanks!

    Finn, that’s a good point. Really smelly feet can wipe out brain functions, which would eliminate quick wittedness.

    Robin, you don’t have to link to them, just mention them.

    Metalmom, let me know if you do.

    BPR, I only have so many minutes in the day!

    Grant, I plan on having “All Naked, All The Time” as my new slogan.

    Kyra, everybody has horrible luck at raffles. Well, except for that one guy who wins.

  3. hellohahanarf

    don’t have a blog so i am free and clear on the avitameme. whew!

    damn, i haven’t had a chance to do the contest. will get to that. coz i so want that nano. i don’t have an ipod. (ducking while the internetz explodes at my lack of technology)

    most importantly, congrats to amy d!!


  4. Avitable

    Sarcastica, what email? Did you send me something?

    Stephanie, my expectations lower each time you comment.

    Sybil, that’s jizztastic!

    BPR, look for your jar o’jizz.

    Sybil, you can just email me the codes off of them if you’d be so kind.

  5. Amanda

    My RAP sheet would be way too long…that is for assholish people. I might make one now thanks to your idea.

    I find scientology to be more frightning because Tom Cruise is their spokesman.

    I would probably take my celebrity crush and repopulate the world.

    Nice to meet you Avitable, I’m Amanda. 🙂

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