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Manna from heaven. Or Kyra.

Here’s the direct link.

And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another contest!

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55 Replies to “Manna from heaven. Or Kyra.”

  1. Stephanie

    Is it bad that I also immediately thought the same thing about the bear penis? That if you had a penis that long (or as long as you do in your drawings) that you would constantly be walking around in a state of arousal slurping away?


    important fact: apparently period=horny.

  2. Sybil Law

    Hahaha – nice package! (I was referring to Kyra’s gift, not the bear. Or you. Although, from your drawings, you also have a nice package.)
    When will I learn to stop drinking and commenting!
    Cocky bear!

  3. L

    I know for a fact I’d be playing with myself or have my piece in my mouth on a permanent basis where it that long…..

    What, no, thats a bloody itch I have cream and everything!

  4. NYCWD

    Even though its too damn early…


    Did you like my wannabe fade in the beginning? Yeah… it took 4 re-records to get that. I know… I’m anal.

    @ Poppy Grrrrrrrr… love the shirt… <3

  5. hellohahanarf

    i am so stealing the coasters idea. loved that. way to go kyra, with plenty of excellent gifts.

    ok, i don’t wanna be a cool kid like poppy, nycwd and britt. no fucking way. my hair is all medusa and my house is a disaster. there is no way i am buying a webcam. nope.

  6. Poppy

    @Dawg: rawr. Hope you’re bringing me another shirt so you can have this one back. Peee Esss – I really wish I could slurp the videos you make here. I must be able to. I will figure that out later.

    @Britt: I just laughed so hard at what you said. It was almost 1:00am and I hadn’t gone to bed yet but I’d had a shower at about 9:00pm. Dawg is sexy when he smokes. And we have hats here! What kind of hat do you think Adam should be wearing? I will gladly send him one and watch as he DOESN’T DO A VIDEO POST ABOUT IT. (Adam: I was legitimately annoyed by the blogroll, but I am 100% kidding about you doing video/photo posts about stuff I send you. I know you’re too shy to show the world your love for me.)

  7. Avitable

    Amanda, yeah, I had a brain fart.

    BPR, she rocks the cock, too.

    Karl, any guy who says otherwise has something wrong with him, I think.

    Amy, have you seen those packages? They’re impossible!

    Stephanie, apparently!

    Poppy, yay!! You started a trend of video posting. And I’ll make a video post next time you send me something. Promise. PS – did you notice the blogroll?

    Sybil, cocky bear could describe me as well.

    L, I bet your palms are quite hirsute.

    Martin, evil lights.

    NYCWD, Dakota’s already legal in West Virginia.

    Britt, thank you for doing a video comment. I hate you.

    ADW, yeah, me either. That’s why I need to figure out if she made that herself or bought it from one of those little gift shop places.

    Hello, you need to buy a fucking webcam already!

    Robin, just buy some pigeons to hang out.

    Poppy, you sent gifts before I started doing video or photo posts about everything. You were clearly doing it out of love, not out of a desire to get posts made!

  8. Kyra Sutra

    Yay! You got it!e

    Okay… so the coasters were made by me in reference to a post I did once about how much I suck for not having coasters an all I could find was a piece of stale bread under my fridge.

    If anyone would like a set og Kyra’s 100% Organic, biodegradable, all natural coasters they come in a vaiety of choices to choose from including sourdough, whole wheat and cinnamon raisin.

    All packages include a damned fine stuffing recipe.

    I have weird things that amuse me πŸ™‚

  9. Avitable

    Fab, you do need to do a post about your coasters. She should paint pictures of Jesus on them and then we can use them like trading cards.

    Hello, she’s the instigator.

    Sybil, you totally should get a webcam!

    Kyra, is it “Kee-ra” or “Kai-ra”?

    Heather, yeah, it’s really clever.

    Poppy, I know that about you.

    Britt, thanks for trying. I’m not sure what’s wrong. Gravatars aren’t working completely either.

  10. Kyra Sutra

    Oh, it’s okay. So long as you keep posting pictures of your balls, all is forgiven πŸ™‚

    (although if you wanted to be nice you could certainly send me a picture of your rock hard boner. It sure would help.)

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