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Old yet still Fabulous

When I started blogging, there was one blogger that I looked up to. His posts were always very creative, and he had legions of fans. I carefully examined his style and methods. I marveled at the posts he came up with, and still comes up with, on a regular basis. As I get older and become more seasoned at blogging, I hope to someday surpass this blogger.

I’m talking, of course, about Dave.

However, today is not Dave’s birthday. It’s Fab’s! Mr. Fabulous turns 184 today, and he and his penis are still going strong. He manages to be one of the nicest guys in the world while also being offensive on an almost cellular level. If you love Jesus, midgets, homeless people, cats, or anything else, watch out!

Here’s some artwork in honor of the old man’s big day. In order to see all of the detail, you should click on it and view the full-sized image.

Happy birthday, Mr. Fabulous!

Old Yet Still Fabulous

Also, don’t forget to enter yesterday’s contest and win your choice of movies!

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50 Replies to “Old yet still Fabulous”

  1. Dave2

    I dunno… after seeing your stunning rendition of a giant flaccid penis in this entry, I’d have to say that you HAVE totally surpassed me…

    … at drawing giant flaccid penises. :violent018:

  2. Sybil Law

    I had no clue he had a pen for homeless people to train them for bumfighting! He’s such a giver! That kinda makes me like him.. minus the whole midget thing…
    YAY! Drawings!!!!!!!!!!!
    Excellent work, Mr. Avitable.
    Happy Birthday, Mr. Fab!

  3. Hilly

    I wonder how many times I can say Happy Birthday to Fab today and in how many entries? I’m guessing 124.5 or thereabouts!

    I love your drawing…the penis and Mrs. Fab are the best!

  4. Poppy

    Why have you started calling him Fabulous? Are you two gay lovers now?

    (Nothing wrong with that, I just noticed the name change recently…)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FAB! Hope it’s a good day despite your mouth being on fiyah. :heartbeat:

  5. Avitable

    Amanda, yup – Fab dreams of eating me and a cake at the same time.

    Y2K, they’re still stick figures. Just with circles added.

    Dave, you taught me so well!

    Sybil, he is a giver. Of oral sex on any orifice you want.

    Hello, just let me know when your birthday is.

    Karl, can your monitor even handle the size of this image?

    Tracy, heaven/hell, bunnies/homeless, penis/cake. It’s all there.

    Amy, this is true. She’s a saint. I know that neither of you are!

    Nobody, yeah she is!

    Hilly, where’s the .5 going to be?

    AnnieB, thanks!

    Britt, well, it’s small compared to a garden hose.

    Fab, happy birthday!

    Mom, “getting amazing”? So it sucked before?

    Robin, I like the way you think.

    Turnbaby, sorry I couldn’t do more.

    Poppy, I alternate between Fab, Mr. Fab, Fabulous, and Mr. Fabulous. Oh, and Loverboy.

    Finn, the bunnies are well-trained. They clean it up themselves.

  6. hellohahanarf


    from my shakespeare festival days i remember that it can be spelled the same both forward and backward. so either huzzuh or hazzah.

    but i think it is hazzah.

    (although i was young and drunk often, so don’t quote me, k?)

  7. Avitable

    TMP, that’s his room after Fab kills him.

    Hello, I realized that I already have that in my calendar. You’ll have to send me a full body photo of you so I can draw you properly.

    TrishK, Mrs. Fab is definitely wonderful.

    Poppy, “huzzah” is correct.

    Hello, yeah, I think it’s the alcohol.

    Penelope, that’s what it feels like in my butt, at least.

    Kyra, only after I’m dead.

    Hilly, he’s like the Jesus of blogging – you can’t escape the birthday!

    Metalmom, more like Michelangable.

    Winter, it’s stupendous in person, too.

    Sarcastica, like, totally.

    Heather, well, Jesus just follows him around and pees on his head – the hot tub is filled mainly with rabbit turds and semen.

    Preposterous, don’t know why that is.

    Tug, it’s one of my favorites, too.

    Mik, they’ve been trained not to chew on it.

    BB, good point!

  8. hellohahanarf

    sonofabitch, you are right. that ratbastard lied to me all those years ago! huh!

    (didn’t i send you a full body shot already? oh wait, you mean one with clothes on. hmmm. when i come down to help britt paint, you’ll see me in person. maybe i will even convince you to buy us dinner.)

  9. hellohahanarf

    i told her to let me know after her month of guests leave, then i’ll come down for a long weekend of painting, drinking and me sleeping on her couch. honestly i don’t know when she will be up for it, but seeing as how i don’t really count as “company” i am up for anything. i just need to get through most of april and then all is well.

    certainly i can speak for her when i say that we welcome the opportunity to have you buy us drinks and dinner. just so long as you know that we don’t put out.

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