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Tuesday is a busy day for me, and since I write my posts a day ahead of time, this means that I have zero time to read blogs and write a new post.

So today, I’d just like to ask you to take a minute and click on my Humor-blogs banner:

I joined Diesel’s, which is something I should have done a long time ago. The more clicks I get, combined with the review they do, means that I’ll move higher up their rankings. If you happen to be a member of the site, please give me a positive review, too!

Also, while I’m imposing and using up any remaining goodwill, here are some other things you can do to show your love for all things Avitable:

Add me to your Technorati favorites:

Add to Technorati Favorites

Follow me on Twitter:

Join me on Facebook:

Subscribe to my Flickr feed:

And, of course, you can email me pictures of your boobs at my first name at my last name dot com.

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38 Replies to “Humor blogs”

  1. hellohahanarf

    i love that the banner i have to click is the “everytime you masturbate god kills a kitten.”
    that was awesome. thank you.

    you sure are pimping yourself out today. but i don’t have time to fuck with you about it, i have to go click on your banner.

    then i must sleep.

  2. Penelope

    Ok let me get this right, I can do the banner thing, I don’t use technorati, I already have you on Twitter, I’m going to delete Facebook (boreddddd), and I don’t use Flickr so that just leaves the boobs thing which I already mentioned isn’t worth your while now that I’m losing weight. Sorry.

  3. Poppy

    Oh, for crying out loud. I’m already subscribed to your flickr and your twitter and you’re the one who invited me to FB. But I’ll click your damn humor icon, because clicking icons is the most important job I have to do all day anyway.



    Happy Wednesday, funny man.

  4. Avitable

    Amanda, evil, evil bastard.

    Karl, I’m outside your window.

    Hello, I didn’t have time for a real post today.

    Dave, it’s true!

    Girl, Dislocated, no? The boobs are all I care about!

    Jay, yeah, I don’t know why it took me that long to read it.

    Kyra, sweet!

    Amy, that’s Uncle Dirty Nutsack to you.

    Penelope, I like small boobs.

    AnnieB, I don’t do a lot of the poking stuff on Facebook – too time consuming.

    Mr. Fabulous, you’re under me now!

    HG, thanks – happy humping!

    Britt, was that my goodwill? I thought that was my luck.

    Poppy, thanks, clicky friend.

    Robin, damn skippy!

    TrishK, now I’m on top. Just the way I like it.

    TMP, the benefit of making a poor gorilla happy.

    Bec, I’m still waiting for the pictures!

  5. Em

    I joined twitter once a long while back but never really got the point of it. Maybe it’s different when you actually have twitter friends to “follow” you.

    And I’m thinking. . . I bet you actually do get a lot of boob shots, so I won’t clog your in-box with another one.

  6. Craig

    I hate that Humor Blogs site. I think it’s all a clever way of promoting his own site. I was on it for a while, but since I didn’t participate, I had no rating and was all the way at the bottom. I hate being a loser so I’ve since asked to be removed.

  7. Winter

    I love Diesel. I about crapped my pants when he posted a comment on my blog this week. After all, I’m a veritable blog-baby.

    I could send my kid’s boobs. It’s not like she doesn’t have them posted on MySpace.

  8. Avitable

    Tracy, but I’d rather be freeballing.

    Fig, I wish I could be Scott Baio!

    Bossy, I didn’t know you were on there, too.

    CMG, Twitter’s where it’s at, sister.

    RW, pleeeeeassseeeeee?

    Hilly, I knew I liked you.

    Em, let’s pretend that I don’t. Clog my inbox!

    Craig, I definitely think it is a clever way to promote his own site, and I think it has a lot of missed potential in the way that it is run, but it’s a good idea.

    Winter, do you like your daughter? Because it doesn’t really seem like you do! 😀

    Craig2, excellent point.

  9. ettarose

    I am a virgin as far as your site is concerned. I too am at humor blogs so if I click your button then you have to click my button. I enjoyed your site Mr Gorilla and as far as boobs go my scanner is down so this is the best I can do.javascript:moreSmiliesAappendSmiley(‘:boobs3:’)

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