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Creme Egg

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52 Replies to “Creme Egg”

  1. Tori

    Other than cadbury mini eggs in dark chocolate, my easter “go-to” are the HUGE Reeses Peanut Butter Egg with “twice the peanutbutter”… only a meals worth of calories in a single nummy…

  2. Amy

    It’s our favorite time of year huh, Avi? Cadbury Egg time. Remember that fantasy we had about hoarding them and making them last until July even though we knew they’d only last until maybe May?

    I love this time of year. Those fuckers at Cadbury rock my socks. :jerkoff2:

  3. golfwidow

    They now have the traditional orange-and-white-goo filled eggs in minis, and you can, ’round here, get a little dozen-pack for about two and a half bucks.

    I’m allergic and broke, so I only bought one, but they were So. Good.

    Speaking of bucks, I have the stuffed Cadbury bunny, where you press his paw and he clucks like a chicken.

  4. HoosierGirl

    Oh sweetie, I DO love Cadbury creme eggs. Watching you eat one was almost voyeuristic…Of course, you can’t forget peeps! I can eat hundreds of peeps in a single bound, if I wanted to.

    And I agree with Sybil, you DO look good! :thumbsup:


  5. headbang8

    An awesome performance, as usual, Adam.

    As a gay man, I must say that a candy which contains gooey white stuff in the middle sounds like a convenience food version of, er, my favourite treat.

    That it is contained inside an egg, well, a certain Dr. Freud may have a point of view on that. Let me just say that the poor egg looks a tad overfertilised. I’m sure the chocolate chicken loved it.

  6. Grant

    I love to watch you eat stuff, although I’m disappointed that you didn’t deep fry the eggs first. In order to do a full analysis, you should get the same type of egg from every manufacturer and rate them all. I wonder if Russell Stover’s chocolate cream can hold up to Cadbury’s, fried or unfried. Also, you should put them all in a blender and make one of those trendy health drinks, the frappe.

    But it’s too early for Easter treats. It’s like xmas candy before Thanksgiving. St. Patrick’s day isn’t over yet. Drink your bourbon frappe like a good boy, then you can have your chocolate.

  7. Avitable

    Tori, I love those Reese’s Eggs. But Cadbury Creme Eggs are different because they’re seasonal.

    Girl, Dislocated, did you just say “oh my goodness”? Heh.

    Nobody, my wife will only buy one or two occasionally. I’d buy a hundred.

    Jay, clearly you’re retarded.

    Peggy, but they’re sooooo delicious!

    Amy, yeah, we should do that this year. Totally.

    Sybil, I don’t make a mess when I put white sticky stuff in my mouth.

    Winter, they don’t have the same magical yolk as the big ones, though.

    DB, cup a poo? Do you mean 2 girls 1 cup?

    Penelope, used to be? Why do they make you sick now?

    Golfwidow, you’re allergic to Cadbury or to the ingredients?

    Lisa, who cares about potatoes?

    HG, ugh. I don’t like peeps.

    Headbang8, as a straight man, if that’s why semen tastes like, sign me up.

    Britt, only if you’re the type of person who likes to watch people eat candy.

    Hello, not just broccoli. Chopping broccoli.

    Xbox, don’t be confused. You’re clearly gay.

    Em, I love overloading on those.

    Sandi, yeah, but the chocolate creme is pretty good too.

    Grant, I don’t care about Saint Patrick’s Day, though. Unless you can find me a leprechaun.

  8. headbang8

    Headbang8, as a straight man, if that’s why semen tastes like, sign me up.

    Sure thing, Avi. I’ll send our recruiter around just as soon as he’s dropped off cigarettes and beer for the choirboys.

    By the way, the stuff comes in a popcicle, too.


  9. NYCWD

    So after fixing, I came here to leave a video comment…
    …But it seems broken too!!!

    The whole internet seems fucked this morning, doesn’t it?

  10. hellohahanarf

    am i too drunk to see nycwd’s video? wtf? please don’t make schtuff that is too difficult for drunk girl to handle. sheesh.

    ok, b efore i go back out for round 2 i am so gonna watch you eat that sweet treat again. if i get into trouble tonight, it is SO your fault.

  11. Hoosier Girl

    Oh, you are a BAD influence! After seeing you eat that egg, I just HAD to have one. So I bought TWO at the gas station and ate them both! I am going to have to be more careful of the “Avitable” effect!

    J. :sex023:

  12. DebbieS

    Are you trying to give Cybele over at “Candy Blog” a run for her money?

    I gave up chocolate for Lent this year so thanks for makin’ me all hot and bothered 😉 Think you can eat a couple more for me? Slower, and a little more to the left ;P

  13. BlondeBlogger

    I could lie and pretend I watched it and leave some witty comment, but I’m too honest to do that. No really! :angel:

    After downloading Itunes on dial-up all night, I’m taking a break from downloading anything for about a year. I bet it was funny, though.

  14. Avitable

    DB, best video ever.

    Hilly, give in to the temptation!

    Trukindog, damn straight.

    Winter, you frighten me.

    Headbang, aha! I knew you had recruiters.

    Tracy, oh, you know that made you feel all hot and bothered.

    Heather, Dana Carvey is a smart, funny, man.

    NYCWD, Riffly (where the videos are hosted) seems to be having some problems. I might have to disable the plugin.

    Poppy, changed your shirt on camera?

    Turnbaby, turned you on, did it?

    MyWeeWorld, yeah, the yolk is the best part.

    Hello, so, did you get into trouble?

    HG, you only ate two? Why not four?

    DebbieS, I don’t know that blog – I’ll have to check it out.

    Fab, I hope the glare from it blinds you.

    BB, you didn’t even watch it? Sigh.

    Kylah, you should unstick that idea.

    Amanda, I’ll give you some white creamy goodness.

    Girl, Dislocated, well, golly gee!

  15. Just Me

    YOU FUCKING ROCK!!!! I think I like you better than Miss Britt….although I know this wasn’t for me….I asked Creed to do it and Britt and Creed laughed at me……

    And I think it was very sexy!!!

  16. Avitable

    NYCWD, thanks. I looked at it, and it looks like people can only leave video comments if they register?

    Just Me, well, I did think it was a bit funny, too. I don’t quite know why watching someone eat chocolate is sexy.

    Britt, not the same way – you guys laugh like a couple of hyenas.

  17. Just Me

    HA! Well, I don’t have a blog, but Ill do a video of me eating an egg and send it to you and then you can tell me what you think.

    And Britt….I still like ya, even though you laughed at me 🙂

  18. NYCWD

    Mmmm… yeah, they do. Definitely a drawback for those who wish to remain anonymous like.

    But Viddler did just put out the API and just got integrated with TubeMogul and their upload tool… so they are definitely back on track as an up and coming site after a few months of stagnation.

    At least its an option.

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