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Puntabulous Debate

Craig over at Puntabulous emailed me and said that he heard I was a master debater. I told him that he needed to clean out his ears, because I’m actually Der Masturbator. (It’s an honorary award in Germany given only to those men who can stroke their schnitzel with high levels of skill and endurance.)

Notwithstanding the misunderstanding, we decided to go ahead and do a debate anyways. Craig has debated Bossy, Jester, and Miss Britt, among other worthy competitors, and I was honored to be the latest.

So, go on over there and vote for me! (It won’t be posted until the morning, so if you’re reading this at midnight, you’re going to have to check it out later.)

And don’t forget about yesterday’s contest – you can win a Logitech webcam! Contest ends tomorrow at midnight EST.

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24 Replies to “Puntabulous Debate”

  1. headbang8

    That’s Der Meisterbator, Avi. And in your case, you’d better be strokin’ your weißwurst. Beat your schnitzel, and it will end up a disappointing experience. Unless you get off on that sorta thing.

    Interestingly, in German, masturbation is often referred to as “funf gegen eins”. That is, going five against one.

    I did a (largely erroneous) blogpost on this subject once.

  2. HoosierGirl

    I voted for you, baby. But I also happen to like Star Wars better than Star Trek. Although I don’t think anyone can top Mr. Spock. He’s cool.

    Good luck in the debate. I know you’ll come out on top. :clap:


    PS.. You’ve been listed at my blog. Check it out.

  3. Dave2

    Can I say that your artwork just keeps getting better and better? The brilliant introductory graphic of you with a lightsaber dreaming about George Lucas and his millions (complete with plaid shirt!) almost… ALMOST… made me forget about how he shit all over Star Wars with his “improvements” and totally crappy prequels

  4. ADW

    I so had to side with you.

    Although now I have decided that when the glamour wears off, you are going to be a really geeky nerd girl.. instead of just a girl who likes Sk8er Bois.

    See ya later Boi!

  5. RW

    You are both wrong re: cultural impact and etc. The 1930’s serial with Buster Crabbe of Flash Gordon rocks them all. However, there has yet to be anything done in the space opera genre that has ever come remotely close to what is actually more probable; the appearance of two eyes, nose, mouth and ears – and even multiples of same on one being – is an Earth-oriented trait which is a result of the specific evolution of life forms particular to this planet. Though we may assume that life could have the same physical traits as we do here through our own evolutionary history it is not actually more probable that it would be duplicated elsewhere as a result of the evolutionary process of another planet entirely. Therefore the really great space opera – which would include life forms we can’t actually imagine – has yet to be done.

  6. Jay

    Ok, so I just went and read the entire debate. You both made some good points and it was a really tough decision as to who to vote for. I thought maybe I just wouldn’t vote. Kind of like if it’s between McCain and Hillary. But, it’s not fair to compare you two to those creeps, so I went ahead and voted.

  7. Dan

    To RW – Star trek actually has an explanation/excuse for the whole all aliens are humanoid thing.

    Although thankfully I’m not quite enough of a geek to remember what it was

    And Avitable, thanks for pointing me over there. He’s now added to my google reader

  8. Avitable

    Britt, only if you don’t hate me.

    Hilly, it’s totally worth it.

    Amanda, I’d do it for you!

    Hello, done.

    HeadBang, thank you for correcting me about the ways to discuss stroking my meat in German!

    HG, thanks! And thanks for the mention on your blog!

    Dave, I was particularly proud of my ATAT, R2D2 and X-wing.

    Fabulous, you’re just a big bald geek yourself. Who are you kidding?

    Craig, ooh, sassy!

    ADW, I’m okay with that. Geeky girls are awesome.

    Golfwidow, thanks for the vote! Now you’re my favorite, and everyone else will have to plot against you.

    DB, sweet!

    RW, you should read Green Lantern. It’s been done.

    Karl, glad to see you’re on the side of the Force.

    Jay, what if it’s down to McCain and Obama?

    Heather, I knew you’d be on my side definitely!

    Fabulous, and I’ll be masturbating to that thought!

    Sybil, no, it proves that your priorities are all straight.

    Dan, he’s a funny guy.

    Bec, thank you, young padawan.

    Lisa, all things scifi? That’s horrible!

    Summer, they are always fun and so creative, too.

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