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Radio shows and freewriting

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41 Replies to “Radio shows and freewriting”

  1. Hilly


    You know what’s actually funny about the radio show stuff? I actually wanted to cancel mine once everyone else got one! Seriously, I hate the commitment ;). I’ll bet you that I’m the first one to nix my show.

  2. Stephanie

    Yah, I skip the Radio shows too, it takes me long enough to read my blog roll….and I pass over the Freewriting Fridays too…as you well know Avi, I am waaaayyyy too lazy to commit that much time. Hell, I can barely be bothered to post on my own blog for shits sake.

    P.S. boo on the zombie Jesus remark…::hiss::

    PPSS…that clip of Britt makes me moist.

  3. Stephanie

    ooohhhh..great idea…(i have them from time to time)…..

    I wanna see a Dirty Dancing remake, starring you and Britt…ya know, as a tribute to our ailing friend Mr. Swayze…preferably something from the original soundtrack thankyouverymuch.



  4. bluepaintred

    I skip the free writes (for the most part) because it all runs together. I like line spaces between paragraphs.


    I seem to have issues reading without them!

    And that soja boy shit, (or whatever it is?) FUCK OFF ‘CUS I HATE IT AND YOU WILL ROAST IN HELL FOR MAKING ME LISTED TO EVEN IT!

  5. Geeky Tai-Tai

    Thank you for changing your intro song, I HATED that Jefferson Starship crap song! GAH!

    I agree about the shows, I do my best to listen, but I do actually have to do some stuff around here on Monday mornings. When I do get to listen live, it’s fun for me to hear these bloggers and their call-ins. PLUS, the chat rooms are pretty damn funny.

    I don’t even know WTH Free writing Fridays is, but if I see long rambling posts, I usually take a pass. I’m not a speed-reader like you. I wish I was.

    TequilaCon is going to be a BLAST! I can’t wait!

    Oh yeah, it’s your turn on Scrabulous :boobs4:

  6. Jay

    I listen to some shows here and there, usually on tape delay late at night, but can’t possibly catch them live on Sundays. There’s always other stuff going on.

    I haven’t seen this free writing Friday thing, but don’t really care. I skim long posts anyway unless they’re really interesting to me. And if it looks like one big long run-on sentence I won’t read it at all.

  7. Penelope

    Do you know that when you’re trying not to smile your eyes totally give you away? I just cracked up at the dead-pan expression on your face through that whole video, right up until the Zombie Jesus part when you *almost* lost it! Hilarious!

  8. Dan

    I haven’t come across any freewriting Fridays, but i don’t tend to move in the same blog circles as you.

    I do listen to Mr Fab’s radio show on occasion, but couldn’t cope with much more. I do the very occasional podcast myself (every 4 months or so), but completely understand that most of the readers of my blog won’t hear it. Reading a 500 word post is a lot less time consuming than listening to a 45 minute show. Sometimes I even skip over YouTube videos for the same reason (not yours obviously *ahem*)

  9. golfwidow

    Okay, good, because I was feeling the guilt about Andy and me not being able to set aside an hour for our podcast. Now we can finally say, “The people have spoken, and they only have about ten minutes to spare for us.”

    Also, I like the HBO music in the beginning.

  10. Robin

    I agree with the radio show, I only gave it a shot to try to do something fun with Erik but I think we do video posts better anyway. I have so little free time at home to relax I really can’t sit and listen to an hour show or several.

    Obviously I’m one of the freewriters but I just liked the idea of just sitting for a bit and letting the thoughts flow instead of trying to make sense. I thought mine were funny, I guess not but that’s all about opinion. I break mine up because I personally can’t read posts that are one run on sentence and I try to edit mine too because I can’t ignore it. So for me freewriting is a different idea than what most do.

  11. Miss Britt

    For some reason, the instant that ending song came on I started cracking up. I was coming here to tell you that in the comments when I read Steph’s comments.

    Sooooo… I went BACK and watched the WHOLE thing.

    I’m hawt.


  12. Dave2

    So this is probably not a good place to announce my new radio show and invite you to join my Freewriting Friday blogging group?

    I love the radio shows, though I rarely have the opportunity to listen to them live. Instead, I load them up on my iPod and have something to listen to while traveling. The interactivity with callers and improvisation is really fun if you’ve got a good host. Mr. Fab is truly talented, and I could never miss a show. He’s more entertaining than many of the “pro” shock-jock hosts that I’ve heard. And listening to other bloggers I read is a treat for me, because it adds a new dimension to their personality… fun times!

    When I did my first vlog, I transcribed the whole thing, because I have deaf readers and wanted to make sure they had access to the material like everybody else. I was GOING to provide a transcript of Mr. Fab’s show when I guest-hosted, but how do you hire a typist for THAT? My appearance was pretty tame… but there was still talk of Boy Scout semen, human sacrifice, and dead hooker babies. Oh well, maybe people are better off without being exposed to it.

  13. Avitable

    Mik, Fab’s is the only one I’ve ever managed to listen to, and that’s only been two shows.

    Tori, well, I’m always right, so that’s no surprise.

    Amanda, well put.

    Hilly, what about a combo Freewriting Radio show?

    Stephanie, why are you booing my zombie Jesus remark? He came back from the dead, right?

    BPR, did you watch the end of the video where you got to see Britt dance like a white girl?

    Geeky, the intro song change is only temporary. And it will be nice to see you there!

    Jay, I have to skim a lot if I am going to keep up with blogs, too.

    Poppy, tequila!

    Penelope, you think so? I don’t remember trying not to smile while I spoke.

    FreelanceGuru, opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s licked one.

    Dan, obviously you spend the 5-6 minutes watching my videos. Because they’re always worth it.

    Golfwidow, there you go – we have spoken. The HBO music was just for today, too.

    Robin, I wasn’t speaking about any freewriters specifically, just my general impression when skimming their posts when I’m catching up on blogs.

    NYCWD, the problem with your approach is that my commute only lasts about four seconds.

    Fabulous, yours is the only one I’ve managed to listen to at all anyways.

    Britt, hawt. And very, very white.

    Poppy, I’m glad it’s working again, too.

    Dave, I still have that show downloaded to listen to at some time. See how dedicated I am? And if I had a period where I could sit down and listen to them, I would, because I think they’re entertaining for the most part. It’s just that my schedule doesn’t give me time to sit down and listen to hours of radio.

    Nobody, I’d rather listen to Fab and Hilly and Kyra and Karl and Turnbaby than Howard Stern. He lost some appeal for me when he got divorced, because I realized that he really was a complete asshole.

  14. Avitable

    NYCWD, I’ve got a dock here at my computer, plus I’ve got iTunes. It’s usually just a matter of not being able to listen because I’m on the phone.

    HG, no, the best part is me. When I’m on camera!

    RW, freewriting radio shows?

  15. jester

    I put a lot of time and work into pulling off a show every week. I create content all week long, including fake sponsorships, pre-recorded phone calls with people whose numbers I’ve found on bathroom walls…

    I love the interaction in real time with readers/listeners/friends. We can talk about topics that don’t really lend themselves well to blog posts.

    So I guess I shouldn’t bother inviting you to be a guest?

  16. Avitable

    Jester, so far, I’ve managed to be a guest on Fab’s show once and listen to it live one additional time. It’s just difficult for me to do that, although I wish I had the time to listen to everyone’s shows. It’s clear you’ve put a lot of effort into yours, too, and I’ve got your last few shows downloaded and hopefully will be able to listen at some time.

  17. Kyra Sutra

    So… about your opinions… I just don’t give too much of a shit because when you post these vlogs, I tend to just sort of use them as aids as I rub one off. So, substance isn’t too much of an issue for me. I assumed everyone else was the same way?

  18. Winter

    The radio shows are easy for me cause I’m left coast and those are the hours I’m sitting here at my desk looking at MBs, and doing website work, anyway. It’s hard to keep up in the chatroom tho while I’m working in Photoshop.

    I agree with the free writing thing. I ramble enough as it is. If I labeled it the freewrite thing, even LESS people would read me because they’d have a warning that the post was full of crap. I prefer to ramble, slap a creative title on it, and try to fool a few people into reading my patter.

    Nice zombie joke. Okay, I’m off to lick some Cadbury eggs. Ooooh. Orange ones…

  19. Karl

    Ha, great vid. LOVE Britt rocking that ass.

    And yeah, too many radio shows, I know. I don’t listen to them all, believe me.

    The freewriting Friday thing, I’m with you, too. That just screams “Rush Job!” to me.

  20. Avitable

    Kyra, my videos are designed to act as masturbatory aids, yes.

    Kylah, not a fan of the horrible, horrible Soulja Boy dance and song, are you?

    Winter, the orange eggs are tasty!

    Karl, Britt’s dance might be the one that brings all the boys to the yard.

    Robin, tru dat.

  21. turnbaby


    How can you ‘not handle’ so many shows when you don’t listen to them anyway sugar?

    It takes a lot of work to do the shows. It’s different from a blog or a vlog and not meant at all to be a ‘substitute’ I’m on show 35 and have never missed one–not even when I was sick or on vacation or had terrible technical difficulties.

    They are offerings not requirements–just like different shows on TV or perhaps just like Lazy Sundays;-)

    I’m not too excited by the Freewrite Fridays but I didn’t have an overwhelming need to say so. However since you brought it up-I just skip them.

    I hope you have a lovely Sunday evening sugar. It’s important to do things that bring you pleasure.

    For me— at least tonight at 8 PM anyway — that’s going to be wrangling six or so trivia nuts screaming their names at me all to see who’s trivia knowledge reigns supreme!

    And it’s okay if you do something else.

  22. Avitable

    Headbang, it’s what it sounds like.

    Turnbaby, because I try to listen to them. I know that people put a lot of effort into them, and I want to listen to it and enjoy them, but there are just too many. So if I don’t have the time to enjoy it, nobody should get to! 😀

  23. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    I hadn’t heard of the freewrite Friday until this post. Hm. OK.

    And? Not to worry. I barely have time for this once-a-day post and reading other blogs thing. A radio show. What the fuck ever. I’ll show up on Fab’s every now and again, until he bans my ass. But my own show? Never happen.

    BTW. I am in love with that old HBO film intro shit. I’m going to have to re-work that for my own nefarious “porpoises.” Heh.

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