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Holy Dave Day

When I started blogging, there was one blogger that I looked up to. His posts were always very creative, and he had legions of fans. I carefully examined his style and methods. I marveled at the posts he came up with, and still comes up with, on a regular basis. As I get older and become more seasoned at blogging, I hope to someday surpass this blogger.

I’m talking, of course, about Mr. Fabulous.

However, today is not Mr. Fabulous’s birthday. It’s Dave’s! If you don’t read Dave, you’re missing out. Every post, whether it’s about wiping his butt or just an image, is a treat – he’s one of the most creatively skilled people I know. Not only that, but he’s the nicest person I know, too. Seriously. One day I asked him if I could skin him and wear him to a costume party, and he handed me his own personal potato/skin peeler to do the job! That’s just one small example of his altruism and karmic personality.

For Dave’s birthday, I decided to give him the one thing he wants: A marriage to Elizabeth Hurley!


Today, I’d also like to talk quickly about an awesome blogger named Hilly. Most of you already know Hilly’s blog very well, and if you don’t, get over there and fix that. She’s cute and funny and dirty and wonderful. And I really, really, really want to meet her.

I have the chance to meet her when I go to TequilaCon 2008, but there’s one problem. At this point of the year, given the shitty economy and costs of flights from Los Angeles to Philly, she might not be able to make it!

This just won’t do, people. This boy has to meet HillySue!

So here’s my solution, and a chance for you to turn a dollar into fifty! I know that some of you have an extra dollar or five rattling around in your Paypal account. It’s not doing you any good there. Why not donate it?

And for everyone who donates and/or puts one of the following buttons in a post (use the code provided) and asks your readers to come here and donate, I’ll enter you into a drawing to get a $50 gift certificate! So spending $1, 5, or 10 to help me meet Hilly will give you a chance at $50!



The contest ends on April 6th. If instead of donating you own a private plane that you want to loan us, that will work, too. Thanks!

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36 Replies to “Holy Dave Day”

  1. Avitable

    Britt, you get an entry but only if I get to watch and/or record the spooning.

    Amanda, of course! I’ll bless you with my special brand of holy water.

    Hello, so am I – this will be a fun trip!

    Karl, that’s awesome, Karl. Thanks.

    Hilly, hopefully Dave will get to see it, since he’s on vacay. And I’m happy that we can help!

    Geeky, she licks people? Hmm. Maybe I should have rethought this.

    L, she does what she’s told.

    Golfwidow, thanks!

    Lisa, cool – you’re going to be there, too? And thanks!

    Kapgar, I’ll only torment her in a good way. Thank you.

    Fab, I think you need to come to Tequilacon, too.

    Robin, I can get you half price on a shipping container. We’ll poke holes in the top.

  2. turnbaby

    That drawing is hilarious–I especially like the detail of your back hair. Happy B-Day Dave.

    I donated at Britt’s and after I’d left a comment I had a cool idea.

    It would be neat if the person who wins the $50 Amazon certificate just donates that back so that $50 could go to Hilly Sue as well.

    Y’all are gonna have so much fun.

  3. Mr. Fabulous

    I had the same idea as Turnbaby. If I win I’ll just plow it back in. Much like I would like to plow Hilly.

    I would love to go, my balding friend, but life has other plans. I shall be there in spirit, rest assured!

  4. Sybil Law

    Niiice picture. LOVE it!!!
    I will try and donate for realz. But Paypal scares me since my bank account was hacked into when I didn’t even HAVE a Paypal account before (nor do I have one now!)!! In other words, some a-hole opened a Paypal account in my name and caused me alll sorts of bullshit at Christmas time. Do you know how hard it is to shop at Christmas with your bank account all fucked up?! It sucked!
    Okay – I’ll shut up now. πŸ™‚

  5. Dave2

    Awesome! Few could capture the radiant beauty and scorching hotness of Elizabeth Hurley the way you have here. Seriously, I think I might cry.

    So thanks muchly for the birthday wishes… and for making a version of your cartoon that’s big enough for wallpaper. I always felt that my life was incomplete because I didn’t have a cartoon representation of your penis on my desktop, and now I can die fulfilled!

  6. Avitable

    Turnbaby, that would be a neat idea, but since we’ve reached our goal, it’s also a way of thanking the people who have donated.

    ADW, you should drive over to Philly!

    TMP, thanks. I love how it turned out with the real photo as the background.

    Mr. Fabulous, we’ll miss you there!

    Crystal, you’ll love Dave, too.

    Kyra Sutra, yes she is.

    Sybil, that would suck. I don’t even know how that would happen unless you or someone in your family accidentally filled out a phishing website form.

    Tracy, you read Britt before me? Fucker.

    Hilly, speak of the devil . . .

    Dave, I don’t believe that you’d ever make one of my horrible drawings your desktop, but happy birthday!

    Kyra, it’s almost like a photograph.

    Amanda, that’s an interesting theory. We should test it.

    Bec, and eat chocolate bunnies?

    Stephanie, no Paypal account? That’s like not having a TV or a microwave.

    Heather, I’m sure it will be as fulfilling as he can possibly imagining.

    Janna, aren’t all weddings clothings optional? Hmm… that might explain the strange looks I got at the last one I attended.

    Hello, yeah that song barely made me crack a grin. It takes more than that to make me laugh.

    Lizriz, hello, and thanks for stopping by and donating!

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