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Hilly to Philly video

Here is the original file.

Update: When I was doing the credits, I forgot to add a donor. Thanks to Hilly’s MIL for donating as well!

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26 Replies to “Hilly to Philly video”

  1. Sybil Law

    Yay for Hilly and the winner Liz-something!
    The shoes are amazing, Britt.
    Only, why is Britt kinda like the newsanchor who is looking at the wrong camera half the time, and then the other half she’s right on?!
    You guys kill me.
    Have a fabulous time!!!!

  2. Karl

    Hurrah for Liz! She is a super cool chick.

    And I want to thank everyone who contributed. TequilaCon would just not be the same without my Hilary.

    BTW, can I join in on the spooning action?

  3. othurme

    You guys are the best. It’s awesome you were able to do that for Hilly.

    Now click on over to my site because I really need to get to Ireland for Whiskeycon. Get over there and click on the “Send Jerry To County Derry” button. What? No?

  4. Avitable

    Hello, her shoes were wayyy too pink.

    Hilly, I’m bringing the camera.

    Steph, why couldn’t you see them?

    Sybil, well, she is blond.

    Karl, your spoon has a prong.

    L, thanks for your contributions!

    Poppy, those are some awesome shoes! And that was “We are the World” – it was a joke with regards to raising money. Tell Dawg to clean his ears.

    Golfwidow, they almost killed me, yes.

    Shiny, it’s a Cat in the Hat hat from Disney.

    This Mom, we didn’t do anything – everyone who contributed is awesome.

    Heather, coincidentally, Britt and I have the exact same shoe size.

    Turnbaby, you guys did it. We just did a small part.

    Karen, yes you do. If getting a hotel will be a problem, email me.

    Tracy, fucker.

    Othurme, first we’re doing “Send Avitable to Shmavitable”.

  5. Glenda

    That was a great idea Adam and Britt! You guys are really great friends for looking out for Hilly like that :clap:

    BTW? Adam? Why do you think I never have a blog? It links to you and everything! :crazywife:

  6. Lisa

    I want to leave webcam comments like Poppy and Dawg from now on. Or audio. I’m too lazy to type. Screw typing.

    Oh, they point is that Hilly is coming to Philly. YAY!! I say coming because I’m already hear. I thought I’d get a head start and drink Tequila for a month before everyone gets here.


  7. Poppy

    The best part about you telling me to tell him to clean his ears is that he did that without knowing you told him to. You know, for meeting my dad. Cuz my dad checks people’s ears to decide if people are good enough for his daughter…

    (QUIR-ky. Not weird.)

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