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Lazy Sunday XXXIII

You can find last week’s answers and contest winner in an extended entry, but now it’s time for today’s Lazy Sunday contest! This week’s prize is another iPod Shuffle!

Everyone has a chance at winning, so don’t be shy! I’m trying to find a good balance between easy and hard questions, too, so if you feel frustrated, just answer the ones you know. Everyone who’s between the ages of 16 and 80 should be able to get at least one correct – I promise.

The rules:

It’s very simple. Every answer contains a reference to a movie, a television show, or a song. Just guess as many as you can – some will be laughably easy and some will be very difficult. You have two chances to comment with your answers.

Every correct answer is like a raffle ticket – you get one chance to win per correct answer. If you get 1 right, your name goes in the proverbial hat. If you get 10 right, your name goes in ten times. Et cetera.

The contest ends Tuesday at midnight EST. I’ll give the correct answers and the winner on the following Sunday.

I’ve tried to make it slightly more Google-proof, although some of them are easily found if you’re lazy. Otherwise, it should be simple, but if you have any questions, just ask in the comments.

Ready? Here we go!

1. How did you wake up this morning?
Fully dressed, on top of the covers, on my stomach with my butt in the air and my nose pressed against my pillow.

2. Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset?
As we fly into the sun to reignite it, I don’t get to experience either.

3. Are you wearing any non-clothing items?
A hockey mask, plus I’m carrying a baseball bat and a golf club.

4. What did you do yesterday?
The Triple Lindy.

5. Would you take a bullet for anyone?
No, but I’d keep a watch in my ass.

6. Did you meet anyone new today?
This kid with an upside-down face.

7. Have you ever been on the radio?
Like, the CB Radio? Yeah, my handle was Lost Sheep.

8. What did you drink today?
Ten tons of Sunny D.

9. What’s the last bone you broke?
None. But I have stabbed my brain when I had my finger in my nose and my dad launched our car through the air by accident.

10. Where was the last place you went shopping?
I don’t shop anymore since I was apprehended shoplifting when I was five years old.

11. When did you go swimming last?
A while ago, when I was a kid. I was drowning when I was rescued by this naked blonde chick off Cape Cod.

12. What book did you read last?
The Necronomicon. When it wasn’t trying to bite me.

13. Do you like animals?
Just my friend Rizzo.

14. Are you scared of spiders?
Yes, especially when they’re the size of a car. I have to get William Buckley to kill them.

15. How do you walk?
Like Khaba.

And here are the answers and winners from last week’s contest :

Here are the questions and answers:

1. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?
Yes, but this time, Susan would probably be arrested. She’ll have to wait until I’m 30 for real.
Thanks to the mighty Zoltar! Many of you guessed that this was “Big”.

2. Last voicemail you received?
From my friend Marcus. He’s in Egypt.
Marcus Brody got lost in Egypt in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when he has the diary containing the location to the Holy Grail.

3. What did you do yesterday?
I traded in my halo to be with this beautiful doctor. Today really sucks, though.
This is Nicolas Cage’s angel character from “City of Angels”. Some of you didn’t like this movie. I love it!

4. What’s the first thing you would do with 5 million dollars?
I’d have a Zoroastrian named Wilma shave my testicles ritualistically.
This was a direct quote, by Dr. Evil, from the first Austin Powers movie.

5. What color socks are you wearing?
White. They go well with my white loafers and gray suit.
This is definitely Pee Wee Herman. Not too many of you got this. While I was looking for Pee Wee’s Playhouse, since that was first, I gave credit if you mentioned the TV show or the subsequent movies.

6. What are you listening to?
Desperado. Every time I hear it, I stare off into space.
Elaine in Seinfeld had a boyfriend who would do that.

7. How many fingers am i holding up?
Six. On one hand.
Yes, this can be several movies, but the most famous is The Princess Bride.

8. When’s the last time you cried?
When Claire died. If she hadn’t had to drive me home, she never would have been hit by that drunk driver.
This is the second saddest episode of Law and Order, when the ADA dies while she’s driving the drunk Detective Lenny Briscoe (played by the late Jerry Orbach) home after New York’s first execution in many years. The saddest episode is when DA Adam Schiff has to take his wife off of lifesupport.

9. Have you ever crawled through a window?
I usually only jump through windows when they’re skylights. It makes for a great entrance, especially if there’s a bad guy inside.
There are a lot of movies that use this, but in my opinion, the most famous is Batman. That was a signature move of his in the movies.

10. What do you spend most of your money on?
Wigs, women’s dresses, makeup, glasses, and everything else I need to be believable as Dorothy Michaels.
This was an easy one for all of you old people. Tootsie.

11. Who has your heart?
It’s been totally eclipsed by Bonnie.
Yes, most of you guessed that this was “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler. I love this song!

12. Have you ever kissed two people in the same day?
Are we talking about a church kiss?
The first kiss between Adam Sandler’s character and Drew Barrymore’s character in The Wedding Singer takes place when they’re discussing the best way to kiss at a wedding.

13. Do you like yourself?
Only when I think about you. Then I really like myself.
This was just a subtle reference to the DiVinyl’s “I Touch Myself”. Which I do.

14. What objects are around you right now?
Well, there are some moths, a pit, a hose, a bucket on a rope, and some lotion.
This could be either “Silence of the Lambs” or the Greenskeeper’s song, “Lotion”, but the latter is too obscure.

15. What’s your middle name?
I don’t have one. Neither does my brother Ambrose.
Ambrose Monk is the agoraphobic brother of Tony Shalhoub’s Adrian Monk, played by John Turturro. Great show – very underrated.

Here’s how I chose the winner:

First, I entered everyone’s answers into a spreadsheet, giving 1 point for each correct answer and 0 points for each wrong answer. The total number of points equaled the person’s “raffle tickets” for the drawing.

Then I created a randomized list using of every “raffle ticket” – basically each person’s name was repeated as many times as they had right answers. This gave me a random list of 231 entries.

Finally, using again, I asked it to generate a random integer between 1 and 231. It chose #178.

#178 is my winner.

Would you like to know who that is?

(drumroll please)


Congratulations – you win a $30 Gift Card! Email me to confirm your win and give me your address. The rest of you, thank you for playing, and try your luck with today’s contest!

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37 Replies to “Lazy Sunday XXXIII”

  1. Karl

    4. Back to School, good ol’ Rodney Dangerfield.
    6. Shit! Family Guy, I think. Or Simpsons? ugh. It’s hard when you refuse to cheat.
    8. Um, Napoleon Dynamite?
    11. Splash.
    12. Well, though it’s Lovecraft, I guess you’re talking “Evil Dead.”
    13. Muppets.

  2. Sybil Law

    1. – This one is killing me, ’cause I feel like I should know it!!!!
    2. Sunshine
    4. Back To School! I love that movie – even if Rodney Dangerfield’s son in it SUCKS.
    6. Family Guy!
    7. Dukes of Hazzard – the tv show, but I don’t know if they used that in the movie.
    8. Juno
    9. Vacation (National Lampoon’s)- AWESOME. “Find a bush, Audrey!”! Haha
    10. Is this the Simpson’s?!
    11. Splash
    12. Necronomicon/ Evil Dead
    13. Muppets from Space! I freaking love Gonzo!
    14. Annie Hall
    15. All I can think of is something from Star Wars, but I don’t think I’m right…

  3. Stephanie

    1. Back to the Future?
    5. Pulp Fiction
    9. National Lampoons Vacation (funniest movie ever!)
    11. Splash
    13. Grease

    That’s all I know on my own (or think I know) and I’m way to lazy to look any up. :clap:

  4. DutchBitch

    OK, I give up. I just plain SUCK at this shit… LOL

    I’ll just not even try anymore (secretely I am really good and just don’t enter cuz if I did nobody would stand a chance anymore, obviously)


  5. Lisa

    I can’t answer any of these. I don’t watch movies. I don’t watch t.v. I just thought I’d let you know how much Sunday’s at your blog suck for me.


    Of course, the rest of the week is just fine 😉

  6. Poppy

    1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?
    2.2001 (that’s Dawg’s guess, since I didn’t know)
    3. Mr. Mom? I have no idea.
    4. Blades of Glory
    5. Pulp Fiction (and I believe you *do* have a watch up your ass 😉
    6. Tip of my brain… gah, I used to spend hours doing the upside-down face because of it!
    8. Juno. (What are we, retarded? You think we’re all retarded, don’t you.) (YES, I READ THE RULES. ABOUT 10x NOW.)
    9. National Lampoon’s Vacation (Again, you think we’re retawded, Rusty.)
    10. I walked right. through the door. I waaaalked right through the door. (Been Caught Stealing by Jane’s Addiction? That or the BNL song always run through my head regarding kleptomania.)
    11. Yup yup, Madison is her name, and Splash is her game.
    12. Necromancer?
    13. Oh for crissakes, Grease?
    14. Arachnophobia? (never sawwwww it)
    15. je n’ai aucune idée

  7. Shiny

    1. This has got to be a Jim Carrey movie of some sort…
    2. Sunshine
    3. TMNT
    4. Old School
    5. Pulp Fiction
    6. Futurama?
    7. Dukes of Hazzard
    8. Juno
    9. National Lampoon’s Vacation
    10. Been Caught Stealing – Jane’s Addiction
    11. Splash
    13. The Muppet Show
    14. Annie Hall

    This will sound a tad presumptuous — but if you ever find yourself needing to step away from “Lazy Sunday” for a week and are looking for someone to fill in on a guest basis, I’d be interested in giving it a shot. (Then again — you may very well have weeks worth at a time ready to go. Who knows?) In any case, feel free to give me a shout if it comes to that. Thanks.

  8. Paticus

    What ? I won ? Well, go me….But now I feel I have to confess something…At the time that I competed in last week’s Lazy Sunday, I was taking steroids, having an interstate extramarital affair with a prostitute/singer, and I was also on some kind of fish paralyzer.
    I’m so ashamed,I have let down the American people, and I will use the gift certificate to order a self help book…Unless of course. my singer/prostitute “friend” will allow me to use it in trade.
    Oh, and thanks for the kind words, Poppy.

  9. Cap

    Goddamn it, all I got was Annie Hall, which you are totally too young to have seen and/or enjoyed when it came out.

    It’s just a simple fact when I want something and I don’t want to pay for it.

    Okay, so I got two. And I’m thinking there’s a Stephen King reference in there, too (The Langoliers) but they didn’t fly into the sun. It was into a time rip created by the aurora borealis (however you choose to spell it).

  10. Hilly

    So really, I don’t have to get all of these right to win? I could slack? Yeah well, not my style…lemme see what I can do!

    2. Sunshine
    4. Back To School
    5. Pulp Fiction
    6. Family Guy
    7. Dukes of Hazzard
    8. Juno
    9. Vacation
    11. Splash
    12. Evil Dead
    13. Grease
    15. Walk Like An Egyptian

  11. y2k survivor

    2. That movie where the Sun was going all blinky and they had to fly into it and blow shit up before the planet froze.
    4. Back to School
    5. Pulp Fiction (eww)
    7. Smokey and the Bandit?
    9. National Lampoon’s Vacation
    11. Splash
    13. Greese? Or that old old William Holden flick about Stalag 17 where some dude (Rizzo?) was called “Animal”

  12. Mike

    1. Dumb and Dumber
    3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the 1990 one)
    4. Back to School
    5. Pulp Fiction
    6. Family Guy
    7. Dukes of Hazzard
    8. Juno
    12. Evil Dead
    14. 8 Legged Freaks

  13. B.E. Earl

    1. Back to the Future
    2. Sunshine
    3. Jason from Friday the 13th
    4. Blades of Glory?
    5. Pulp Fiction
    8. Juno
    9. Vacation
    10. Jane’s Addiction “Been Caught Stealing”
    11. Splash
    12. The Evil Dead trilogy
    13. Grease? Prolly not.
    14. Arachnaphobia?

    I could look up Khaba, but what fun would that be?

  14. Amanda

    This week was hard

    1. Dumb and Dumber
    2. Sunshine
    3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    4. Back to School
    5. Pulp Fiction
    6. Family Guy
    7. Duke’s of Hazzard
    8. Juno
    9. National Lampoon’s Vacation
    10. Been Caught Stealing- Jane’s Addiction
    11. Splash
    12. Evil Dead
    13. Grease
    14. Annie Hall
    15. Walk Like An Egyptian- The Bangles

  15. kapgar

    1. Ghostbusters?
    2. ??
    3. Cowabunga, dude! TMNT
    4. Back to School
    5. Pulp Fiction
    6. Family Guy
    7. ??
    8. Juno
    9. National Lampoon’s Vacation
    10. Juana’s Adiccion “Been Caught Stealin'”
    11. Splash
    12. Army of Darkness
    13. Could be The Muppet Movie or Grease
    14. Eight Legged Freaks or Arachnophobia
    15. ??

  16. Deb

    5. Pulp Fiction
    11. Splash
    13. The Muppets

    I don’t know whether to be more embarrassed that I didn’t know the others, or that I do feel pretty confident about Splash.

    Shamed, one way or the other.

  17. metalmom

    The winning answers are:

    1. I don’t know and it’s killing me!
    2. Sunshine
    3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    4. Back to School
    5. Pulp Fiction
    6. Family Guy
    7. Dukes of Hazzard
    8. Juno
    9. National Lampoon’s Vacation
    10. “Caught Stealing” by Jane’s Addiction
    11. Splash
    12. Army of Darkness (Gimme some sugar, baby!)
    13. The Muppet Movie
    14. Eight Legged Freaks
    15. “Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles


  18. Crazy Lady in Vegas

    4. Rodney Dangerfield – back to school
    5. I think Pulp Fiction, but it has been a while since I have seen it…
    6. The newscasters son from Family guy – can’t remember the name
    7. That HAS to be the Dukes of Hazzard. Uncle Jessie was the Shepard, Daisy was Little Bo Peep, and the Duke boys were the lost sheep. I sure did love those Duke boys when I was a kid.
    8 Juno!
    9 One of the National Lampoon Vacations, but I can’t remember which one, The origional, or European.
    11 Splash
    12 The Evil Dead – hate it!
    13 Rizzo the Rat from the Muppets. Muppets from Space is the best!!!
    14 Annie Hall

  19. Hockeyman

    1. Back to the Future
    3. Bill and Ted’s Adventure
    4. Back to School
    5. Pulp Fiction
    6. Family Guy (Tom Tucker’s boy)
    9. Vacation
    10. Been Caught Stealing – Jane’s
    12. Evil Dead
    13. Muppet movie
    14. Arachnophobia
    15. Walk Like an Egyptian – Bangles

  20. Bunny B

    1. Back to the Future
    2. Sunshine
    3. Casey Johns from TMNT
    4. Back to School
    5. Pulp Fiction! 🙂
    6. Family Guy
    7. Dukes of Hazzard
    8. Juno
    9. National Lampoon’s Vacation
    10. Been Caught Stealing – Jane’s Addiction
    11. Splash
    12. Evil Dead
    13. Muppets
    14. Annie Hall
    15. Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles


  21. Jhianna

    Sucking this week, all I got is:

    2. Sunshine (that boy has the most beautiful blue eyes)
    3. TMNT
    5. Pulp Fiction (hehehe)
    11. Splash
    12. Army of Darkness (I said your damn words!)

    Ones I should know? 1, 4, 9, 10, and 13. On the tip of my brain, but I got no time to go delving. Argh!!!

  22. Zom

    3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    4. Back To School
    5. Pulp Fiction
    6. Family Guy
    7. Dukes Of Hazard
    8. Juno
    11. Splash
    12. Evil Dead
    13. Grease
    14. Annie hall
    15. Walk Like An Egyptian

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