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PPH Bossy

On Friday, Bossy visited Orlando on part of her nationwide road trip. Since I had Saturday and Sunday posts already written, this is the first chance I’ve had to mention it.

Since I only had a few blurry photos from my iPhone, I’ve had to rely on my notoriously shaky memory to recall our Friday night get-together. I seem to remember all of the women dancing on the bar, while Karl and I collected tips and cash from all of the catcalling men. I know that we made about $600, and I somehow ended up with 7 pairs of panties. Also, when I woke up the next morning, boy, was my ass sore!

Bossy Visits Orlando
Click me for the large version.

Thanks to the following people for coming!

Angie, from A Whole Lot of Nothing
Jean, from Little Miss Sunshine State
Em, from You Know, Whatever
Karl, from Secondhand Tryptophan
Maggie, from a Livejournal blog that I don’t remember the URL for.

If you’re in an area where Bossy is going to be visiting, I’d recommend trying to meet her. She’s a very dynamic, friendly person who seems like a genuine free spirit, and Amy and I both loved having her as a guest in our home.

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39 Replies to “PPH Bossy”

  1. AmyD

    Did you make Bossy sign all that paperwork that you made Britt sign when she visited? You know the stuff about not mentioning the stuffed midget with the 18″ erection or the sweatshop in the garage?

  2. Poppy

    Remember that time when we met at that restaurant in Orlando but I didn’t have my brand new camera with me because I didn’t want the Cirque du Soleil nazis to steal it from me?

    At least you got a picture of the bar.

    ADW: Note the softness. Don’t forget to note the softness.

  3. Cissa Fireheart

    goodness….sounds liek a good time…

    only 2 more years and I will be moving back home to Florida…then I can join in on the festivities…cause you know, I totally would now if I was there…*sigh* There are days I REALLY HATE being a Military wife stuck in CT.

  4. Sybil Law

    Fun time! I love drawings!!!
    I think Britt’s boobs look fabulous, so they should always be on display!
    But damn that I don’t have a webcam! I can totally rock a carrot like Phoebe Cates!

  5. Avitable

    Amanda, what can I say? I’m a gentleman.

    AmyD, we just whisked her past those parts of the house.

    Angie, I don’t know if she’s going to get to post it until after she gets back, unfortunately.

    AmyD, she’s the only drunken gutter slut. Duh.

    Karl, maybe just a tad. I can’t scare away the new bloggers just yet.

    Freelanceguru, her boobs are my boobs.

    Dave, it’s the coolest thing ever. You’ll see next month.

    Britt, you are featured!

    ADW, only if you’re going commando.

    Poppy, that’s not actually the bar.

    Robin, she’s only 3’6″.

    Golfwidow, we ended up doing that later.

    Nanna, she’s wisely skipping Iowa.

    Turnbaby, no she has a cigarette in that hand.

    Cissa, I’d think that there are a whole lot of things to hate about being a military wife.

    TMP, I’m a cultured person.

    NYCWD, only until we got back to our house.

    Kyra, let me see a picture of that!

    Trish, my Diet Coke was on the table. And you should have come – to hell with the charities.

    Kyra, is Restalyn for herpes?

    Sybil, they are pretty fabulous. You need to get a webcam!

    Kay, can they be mediocre?

    DB, is that near Poughkeepsie?

    Hilly, and spooning, don’t forget.

    Crys, they were keerazy!

    Hockeyman, well, actually, it was a cigarette in her hand.

    Claudia, is that some special type of whiskey? I couldn’t name a brand of whiskey if I had to.

  6. Jason

    How come these became all about Britt’s boobs and nothing about Bossy? I’ll have everybody know that I became an Avitable fan because of Bossy, not because of Britt’s boobs (as fabulous as they may be.)

    I am looking very much forward to Bossy staying at my house too!

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