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Everything comes down to poo

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35 Replies to “Everything comes down to poo”

  1. Avitable

    Deb, I know – isn’t it romantic?

    Stephanie, good luck! Hold on tightly.

    Amanda, it’s getting nice and clean now, too.

    Mrs. RW, nothing’s Britt proof.

    Mary, well, it wouldn’t be smelly. Have you met Britt? Her shit doesn’t stink.

    Poppy, you are girly? WTF?

    Angie, I was just joking about her spending an hour in the bathroom, but thanks for sharing personal details about IBS! 🙂

    Karl, hippo, not alligator. Big difference. Less growling, more splashing.

  2. Avitable

    Dave, it probably was sympathy pains.

    Golfwidow, she’ll be unmistakeable.

    BPR, the office is actually clean, I swear!

    Dan, me or Britt’s explodin’ bum?

    Penelope, that makes logical sense to me.

    Trukindog, no, it’s quite erratic.

    Britt, well, stop breathing!

    Hello, it’s a fictional story. I can make my own rules, dammit.

  3. Poppy

    I even bought a pink babydoll shirt the other with birds on it! I should wear it to Philly under my Lose the Bastard shirt for when the tequila makes me start stripping my clothes off.

  4. The Absurdist

    hahaha. YOu always have the greatest videos.

    Appendix on right side. Problems occur when you push in with no pain, and the pain is worse when you let go and it comes back out. Does that make sense? Pushing it doesn’t hurt; letting go hurts.

    And yes, it is lower than where she was pushing. LOLOL

  5. jester

    Think globally people. We need to find a way to harness the garlicky power of Britt’s ass for alternative fuel sources. Despite the smell, think green! I’m sure the byproducts could included paper plates for your summer picnics.

  6. Avitable

    ADW, it’s not.

    Poppy, I don’t get the whole “lose the bastard” thing.

    Absurdist, yeah she wasn’t pushing anywhere near most appendices really are.

    TrishK, just listen carefully for her delicate voice.

    Hilly, the title comes from the musical Scrubs episode.

    Jester, there’s no smell. Her butt smells like beautiful roses. And no, she’s not making me say that. Ow!

    Poppy, num?

    Rachel, poor Britt? What about my house?

  7. Nobody™

    That happened to me the other day :shit:
    Well, sort of. The stomach pain thing happened, then I took a huge shit. Then I remembered that the toilet at the place I was at doesn’t work. I sure wouldn’t want to be the next guy that shows up at there.

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