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For laffs

No video post today, but here are a few funny videos for you to check out:

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17 Replies to “For laffs”

  1. Zom

    Christafuhhh ……. WALken ……… is hiLAIRious!!!!!!!

    if you read it as it is written ….. you will pee a little.
    or not.

    I changed blog sites.


    I respect your opinion (but I aint doin’ it again)


  2. Poppy

    Dude. You could just not put in a start and end piece, just throw a raw video up!

    Ripley just tore a big gaping hole into my favorite black shirt. Apparently I should go back to bed, where it is nice and warm and filled with boy.

  3. Sybil Law

    Dude. That What What in the Butt guy is seriously the worst dancer and the ultimate cheese!!!! South Park was sooo much better!
    I enjoyed the videos, especially the Ultimate Showdown one (I already saw and loved the Christopher Walken one)!
    But Britt’s kid running around singing that is making me laugh and laugh…

  4. kapgar

    I can’t get the Samwell video to play either here in the embedded version or directly on YouTube’s page. But I’m assuming based on the still capture and the name of the song that it’s the one that South Park based the Butters video on. If so, I must see it. I loved the Butters video.

  5. Stephanie

    Video #1: I just walked through the house singing, “I trimmed my buuuuuussssshhhh….” and my dh perked up and said, “ReallY????”

    Video #2: Is it just me or are that guy Samwell’s lips totally sexy? (Yeah, it’s that time again.)

    Video #3: Did you hear that Chuck Norris walked through Times Square today with an erection? There were no survivors.

    Video #4: I hate Christoher Walken, so this one did nothing for me…except confirmed the fact that all actors that appear on Saturday Night Live, even the great ones, look stupid because they are staring at cue cards, and the skits go on long after they stop being funny.

    Or maybe I’m just bitchy today.


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