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TWordless Thursday

600 bucks down the drainFlickr feed?)

Okay, I totally had to put some words in here anyway. I was going to write an actual post after yesterday’s nothing post, but as I’m writing this on Wednesday night, I’m preparing for a Wii party with Karl and a few other friends.

We’ll play some Smash Bros, some Wii Sports, some Raving Rabbids 2, and maybe even try out GH3. It should be fun and I will not be up for actually writing a real post. So this is all you get, people. Oh, and one last thing. When I bought my gum, I also bought a case of Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers! (No, not the Burger King kind, retard). They’re pretty fucking amazing, but a case is a little too much for me. So I’m going to pick two random commenters and send them a box or two. All you have to do is leave a comment!

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91 Replies to “TWordless Thursday”

  1. Zom

    I had a BBQ tonight and played ….. ahem ….


    that’s right … I bought it in ’97 and have had a blast with it ever since. I paid $100 for it brand new and was offered $200 for it tonight.

    I declined …. Why? you might ask.

    CUZ! I wuv’s my zelda.
    and my mario.

    OH OH OH …. and Killer instinct! but most of all ……
    I love strawberry flavored whoppers. you should do the randomization thing and put names in a hat type thing.

    did I mention ….. I wuv you?

  2. Janna

    Oooh, I’ve never heard of strawberry milkshake whoppers. It’s been YEARS since I’ve had the regular chocolate malt kind.

    If you send them to me, I promise to commit an indecent act with at least one of them.

    Does that help my chances any?

  3. Karl

    It’s true, people. I just got back from Adam’s house and he has a full case of strawberry Whoppers, ripe for the picking. Course, he might have fewer of them now because he was sulking about how badly I whipped his ass in bowling.

    You know, after he stomped my ass in Super Smash Bros.

    BTW, Adam, don’t include me in the giveaway, please. I’m not supposed to have sweets. Diabetes blows.

  4. Zanthera

    Wii sounds like a lot of fun, it’s why I am giving in and getting one for my daughter’s birthday this week-end. You think she will forgive me for only getting a couple of gifts this year? Super Smash is definately on the list to go with it. I miss Mario.

    Strawberry milkshake huh? Sounds interesting.

  5. bubblewench

    OOOH! Wii! Love my Wii! haven’t played Smash yet, but I really want it. RayMan totally rocks.. did you burp? Don’t forget RayMan 1 though.. that one is just as fun as 2.

    Gotta get your hands on some Lego Star Wars and Carnival Games if you’re a real Wii’er.

    I love whoppers.. I used to get those gallon jug looking things of them and eat them all. After I soaked a few dozen in a glass of milk and drank them. Never even knew they made strawberry ones I will have to check.

  6. Em

    HAHA! Twordless Thursday…

    I have a question. How long have you been posting every single day? Or asked another way; when is the last time you did not post for one whole day?

  7. Lisa

    First of all…I used to have a candy apple red Camry. Dude drives a black Camry…so we like you now.

    I love Strawberry Whoppers almost as much as I love Cheesecake. Seriously. I could open the carton and open my mouth and just keep eating them.

    That probably explains a lot about my fat ass.

  8. Avitable

    Tori, thanks. I …. ummm …. like yours!

    Fantastagirl, they’re just like a malted strawberry milkshake in a crunchy shell.

    NYCWD, because the Wii is much better!

    Amanda, Raving Rabbids 2 has a whole bunch of little mini games that are very fun for 2-4 people.

    Zom, I love the old Zelda and Mario games. You can play them on the Wii, too.

    Jay< ?b>, having never stepped foot into Wal-mart, I have no idea. The trip might not be worth it, even for strawberry Whoppers.

    Mary, you can play with my Wii for a bit, if you want.

    TSM, yes, it is my car. Didn’t you see the license plate?

    DebbieS, now I’m going to have that song stuck in my head.

    Othurme, too many will definitely do that, too.

    Procrastamom, they’re crunchy malt chocolate balls that you eat at the movies:

    Tori, ooh, they have peanut butter ones?

    Tracy, these are more magical than the original.

    Divalicious, you have a 360? But no Wii?

    Janna, you do indecent acts with many foods, don’t you?

    Peggy, bought it about six years ago. It’s a V6, so it’s fast enough for me.

    Karl, glad you made it back safely.

    Jester, but do they love you?

    CharlieDaniels, why would they care? I’d hide it and mark it as “Cocaine” anyways.

    Zanthera, Super Smash is a good one, so’s Super Mario Galaxy, and Lego Star Wars.


    Borys, I don’t know how many boys they actually bring.

    Dee, isn’t that most normal goods?

    Hallie, I bet you could!

    Mr. Fabulous, oh, you knew better than that.

    Bubblewench, I’ve got Lego Star Wars – it’s a blast!

    Em, I’ve been posting every day for almost two years, I think. The only exceptions would be when I have a guest poster over here.

    Lisa, Camrys are awesome.

    Robin, thanks!

    Paticus, it’s like Atari, just a little bit better.

    Heather, I haven’t watched it yet.

  9. Jen

    The only time I ever win contests or drawings is when the prize is something I don’t want. So I totally plan on winning this because strawberry whoppers sound kind of gross to me.

  10. golfwidow

    You don’t have to send me candy. I’m just going to look for a single box of Strawberry Whoppers at the store, because I love the chocolate ones, but I’m allergic.

    (I, too, love your license plate.)

  11. kapgar

    Your car is sick? I just took mine in this morning for a new alternator. Yay fun.

    I hope Wii Night was cool. I don’t get to have those too often. I have no friends up here who own a Wii. My brother has a PS3, my BiL has a 360, and some other people have some combination of those two. No Wiis, though. I guess I was the only person to have the patience to wait in line early on a cold morning for the coolest friggin’ video game system ever made!

  12. Maggie

    Wow…didn’t know they made Strawberry Milkshake whoppers. I wonder how the “milkshake” part makes it different than just a plain old strawberry whopper? Odd.

    Honestly, though, I agree with the poster who said that it sounds kinda funky. I’m not sure how much I would like Strawberry Whoppers. But the hubby likes Whoppers, so he might like em?

  13. Cissa Fireheart

    Were you getting new brakes? or new Tires?

    LOVE the plate. Saving manatees and promoting yourself…how funny!

    I actually expected you to have a more…interesting type of car…like…a Lime green Mini or, an orange ‘stang…something that stands out and shows you are an outstanding type of person. the charcoal Toyota surprised me!

  14. hello haha narf

    i should get a personalized plate here in pennsylvania that says your name. (ok, that came out more stalker like than funny. fuck.)

    sorry your car is at the doctor. hope it is up and running quickly.

    i’m a tad creeped out, by the way. i had 8 whoppers for my breakfast dessert. then i come here and you are talking about whoppers. freaky. do do do do. do do do do…

  15. Sybil Law

    What happened with the car? Oil change? It can’t be the tires… right?!
    I suck.
    I have never even heard of Strawberry Whoppers – and I have a kid!
    Have fun! I wish I could party, too. I’ll be in soccer hell.

  16. Janna

    You said:
    “Janna, you do indecent acts with many foods, don’t you?”

    What? Don’t tell me you’re believing all this crap Fab’s been saying….
    I’d hate to have a reputation.

    Well, at least I’d hate to have one I didn’t EARN…

  17. Poppy

    You should give me the Whoppers because you can just hand them to me instead of going through the effort to hand them to your assistant to mail out.

    Did you play GH3?

    My brain hurts today. I blame Florida.

    @Dawg: Because it’s more fun to say “wii party”.

  18. Avitable

    Just Me, I might have to let a random name be the winner.

    Jen, do you like normal Whoppers?

    Irene, is it punky there?

    Golfwidow, a chocolate allergy sounds worse than anything I can imagine.

    RW, and look at that – voila, it works now!

    Kapgar, I needed tires. And you’re supposed to invite them all over so they can play the Wii and see how much better it is than their shit.

    Maggie, I think the “milkshake” part means that it’s like a whipped strawberry mousse center.

    Finn, I think the Whoppers are good.

    Cissa, saving manatees is my wife’s idea. I wanted an image that conveyed my desire to run over small children, but she wouldn’t let me. And I was getting tires done. I have a Camry because it was the highest-rated mid-size sedan when we bought it and had high safety standards. I buy things very carefully.

    Clown, well, at least you didn’t fall asleep this time, loser.

    Hello, hahah! You totally should.

    Martin, now I know you’re lying.

    Angie, postage would be the same!

    Sybil, tire replacement, and haha, you’re a soccer mom!

    Lynda, you were thinking of the candy Whopper?

    Maria, I can send you a special cup filled with semen.

    HG, I don’t know – doesn’t sound like you actually want them.

    AmyD, I think these are better than the originals.

    Janna, I think Fab always tells the truth.

    Cheri, my favorite candy is probably Three Musketeers.

    Tracy, that’s why you should steal a Wii, and then we can play some of the games online!

    Stacy, pick your what? Nose?

    Poppy, we never got to play GH3, unfortunately.

    RW, aren’t I a genius?

    Divaliciou, it’s better than the XBOX, isn’t it?

  19. Kay

    I like them better than the originals too but wtf is up when you get ahold of a “chewy” one? Bleh I hate that.
    Anyway, no need to send me any, I am just posting a comment for the love!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kay

    On 2nd thought, if you ever want to give away WII’s then I am your girl!
    Also, I saw chocolate Skittles the other day, had numerous chocolate flavors. Must try! I saw Hershey chocolate Twizzlers too, have you tried any of them?

  21. Avitable

    Margaret, they’re no strawberry milkshake Oreos, though.

    Divalicious, that’s blasphemy!

    Hello, well, I think you’ve sent me enough things that I could let you win twice.

    TMP, it’s fast, sturdy, and practical. Just like me.

    Jhianna, apparently there are peanut butter ones that I need to find now.

    TrishK, I know, and how did that even happen?

    Kay, yeah, I hate the chewy ones.

    Crazy Lady, I need some of those.

    Kay, chocolate Skittles are pretty tasty – I tried some.

    BE Earl, you’re not a malt fan?

    Clown, poor Marge, just running into a wall over and over again.

  22. Winter

    Late again to the party. I can’t even blame it on being left coast. I just lag. *sigh* Cool plate tho! And I KNEW Karl was gonna waste you at bowling. Ha ha! I didn’t know they made strawberry whoppers. Now I wanna try em. I wonder if they sell them out here… must go to Walgreens now… cuz I never win anything. Heh.

  23. Fantastagirl

    I went to the food store tonight and looked – NONE, NADA, ZILCH, but in all fairness, they never have anything – benefit of living in a small small town – (ask Miss Britt – she’ll understand.) Guess I’ll head to the “big city” and see if their Hy-Vee has some.

  24. Kay

    Just for the record I tried Chocolate Skittles and whomever thought they were the same as M&ms? Not at all. They are chewy (like Skittles) and have several flavors in one bag.
    Brownie Batter
    Chocolate Caramel
    Chocolate Pudding
    Again, nothing like M&Ms

    PS The Hershey Chocolate Twizzlers rocked too!
    YAY for candy.

    Ok I am done. :sexytime:

  25. Avitable

    Jasmine, you want Whoppers or you want a whopperin’? Because one involves my penis.

    Hello, true!

    Crystal, your booty is divine.

    Jason, thanks for the heads up!

    AmyD, no, they’re chewy like Skittles. I thought the same thing before trying them, though.

    Winter, I thought I was good at bowling, too. Sigh.

    Summer, I love my Camry.

    Fantastagirl, none? That is a tragedy!

    Trukindog, tires.

    Amanda, Wii parties are all the rage – all the cool people are doing it.

    Mocha, I see how it is – you show up when I’m giving away candy! πŸ™‚

    BE Earl, I set you up for that one.

    Kay, I’ll have to try the Twizzlers.

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