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Embarrassing myself

Well, it’s been a while since I posed naked online and longer still since I danced for you, so I figured why not get back into the theme of embarrassing myself by singing for you?

Here’s the direct link. And let me offer a caveat: I hate country music. Despise it. But I cannot get this fucking song out of my head!

Humor-blogs lost its car, its woman, and its job and wrote a song about it.

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65 Replies to “Embarrassing myself”

  1. Winter

    I’d heard about this song but never encountered it until now. That’s a fucked up story she’s telling the world. If your man cheats, trash his car. Although, coming out of your mouth, it sounds fine.

  2. whall

    I really liked (insert something about what you did) because once I (insert something similar to what you did) back when I was (insert something about the time in which you did it) just trying to make a living (insert something you did as a living back then) over there in my home town of (insert somewhere referenced in what you did).

    Aren’t we just alike? It’s like we’re BEST FRIENDS, to say the least!

  3. Avitable

    Britt, this is all your fault.

    Suebob, not as bad as him – he’s a dog.

    BPR, trust me. You should click play – it’s safe for your kids to be around, too.

    Amanda, you should sing it on video and get it out of your system.

    Mary, almost but not quite?

    Jay, if I had a cowboy hat, I would have worn it.

    Just Me, better you than me.

    AmyD, I’m clearly a professional singer, don’t you think?

    CajunVegan, it’s my dream to meet Ryan Seacrest, just so I can punch him in the crotch.

    Winter, I think that’s a reasonable story, actually.

    Karl, I’ll sing it for you live in two weeks, too.

    Deb, this is true. I’m a fucking catch!

    Whall, it’s uncanny.

    Beth, yeehaw?

    Mr. Fabulous, no way in hell!

    ADW, fuck you and Britt for doing this to me.

    Penelope, my day job is singing. . .

    M.A.D., no? You don’t think I can sing?

    Hello, just play it at work.

    Golfwidow, fist pound.

    Absurdist, I wasn’t wearing any pants.

    BE Earl, it is indeed the Angel puppet from the TV show.

    Mindy, welcome to my world.

    Hilly, which version is better?

    Turnbaby, I’ve never seen the video.

    Finn, do it. Do it.

    Heather, I have no shame!

  4. Jessica

    You’re problem is not that your tone deaf, per se, it’s that you’re not doing it with enough FEELING! If you’re going to embarrass yourself I want to at least see you really get into it.

    And I’ll just congratulate myself that I did not click on the ‘posed naked online’ link.

  5. Avitable

    Metalmom, I had dead eyes?

    Karen, you should just put my video on repeat.

    Hello, maybe your co-workers would like it. There’s no profanity or nudity!

    ADW, twatsicle.

    AmyD, I’ve got big dreams.

    Sybil, no, he serenades me.

    Jessica, you really should click on that link. It’s worth it.

    Poppy, I bet. I’m horrified, too!

    Robin, I’m holding my breath right now.

  6. Sybil Law

    I have new lyrics to this tune!!!

    Right now, I’m gonna have to kill Mr. Adam Avitable
    He got this stupid fucking song
    stuck in my head and
    it’s downright pitiful….

    That’s all I’ve got, so far. I’d leave an audio comment singing it, but you think your singing’s bad?!

  7. Been there,,.done that

    This may be the bravest thing that I have ever done. Here goes….I like county music. There, I said it. I’m out of the closet now. If you like this song of Carrie Underwood’s, there’s a chance that you will like the song “Last Name.”
    Let the bashing begin.

  8. MyWeeWorld

    Oh Adam, you’re so pretty. And you sing almost as well as I do. I used to play this game at work where I’d sing a song while walking through the office (I refuse to work anywhere where my bad singing won’t be tolerated) and wait to find somebody else singing it since I planted it in their head. It works more often than you’d think. And now this song is in my head, so you win the game!

  9. gail

    Can I put you in the back window of my car along with the other ‘noddies’. You’re much cuter than they are.
    I never heard that song before but it’s quite catchy. “Right now…

  10. Avitable

    Hello, I love Pam and Jeri too.

    ADW, when are you coming back down to visit?

    Tracy, yeah, are you sure you didn’t write that?

    Tug, a stomp version? Hm.

    Jen, and by special you mean “you can do anything”?

    Kris, I like his new lyrics!

    Sybil, you totally should have laid out on the line and left an audio comment.

    Summer, like a candygram.

    Dave, it’s on my To-do list.

    Been there, I’m so sorry for you.

    MyWeeWorld, woohoo! Do I get a prize?

    Gail, it’s very catchy and I hate myself for liking it!

  11. Lisa

    I kept waiting for the punchline….

    You made me listen to country music. WTF?


    I’m forever grateful that is one song that won’t stick in my head.

    I have the Naked Brothers Band stuck in my head…”I don’t wanna go to school….”

  12. Avitable

    Hello, IT!

    Bec, angels of death?

    Gwen, just don’t cheat on me.

    Lisa, the whole thing was a punchline!

    Stephanie, now you should sing it on video, too.

    Kapgar, that’s actually “leather seats”.

    Mik, I think you have a giant bug in both of your ears.

    Angie, I’m like Gojira.

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