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I Has Flavor?

Yes, I just used a LOLcat reference. I’m ashamed, too.

Last week, I went to Friendly’s for dinner. If you don’t live on the East Coast, you’ve likely never heard of them, but they’re mainly an ice cream place that offers up a full menu for dinner, too. They have a new slate of burgers that are pretty damn good, too.

Anyways, I usually go for the old favorites when I order my ice cream, but this time I decided to try three random ingredients and see how they taste.

I picked Forbidden Chocolate ice cream, and I tried a combination of peanut butter, blueberry topping, and cake icing. And you know what? It was delicious! So now my plan is to try a different combination every time I go.

What three ice cream toppings would you suggest for my next visit?


Last Thursday, I offered to send Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers to two random commenters. One again, I used to choose two random numbers, and my winners are Bubblewench and Mocha Momma! Congratulations, and email me at my first name at my last name dot com with your addresses so I can send you your prize.

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55 Replies to “I Has Flavor?”

  1. bubblewench

    I don’t know if you can geat that cake icing.. damn i love how that sounds dirty to me! BEAT IT! BEAT IT!!

    Ahem.. back to celebrating my whoppers.. AGAIN I’m such a gutter brain! These 44DD’s do me good! WOO!

    Oops.. off again.. back to toppings. Oh crap, I give up.. I need to go masturbate now.


    (will email you later from personal email to CLAIM YOUR WHOPPERS! DAMN! more lube please..)

  2. Peggy

    Friendly’s is one of our favorites. I’ll have to try your combination when I go back!

    I’d also like to try coffee ice cream with cake. Then maybe even top it off with some chocolate syrup. YUM!

  3. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    OK, never been to Friendly’s but just downloaded their menu and here’s what I would try my first time out:

    An Original Sundae
    Purely Pistachio
    Black Raspberry
    Watermelon Sherbert
    with Crushed Heath Bars and Crushed Oreos on top.

    DAMN! I need a shot of insulin, STAT!

  4. golfwidow

    Friendly’s Swiss chocolate topping is so good I could eat it on pretty much any flavor and still love the hell out of it.

    That said, the Vienna Mocha Chunk rocks my world (if you don’t like coffee, you might want to skip that) and so does the Chocolate Almond Chip.

    With or without Heath Bars, but honestly, if I were you, I’d probably order Heath Bars on everything and always announce to the server that they are named after me, because I am more annoying than you.

    On the upside, for you, you don’t have to make sure to take an antihistamine twenty minutes before you order your sundae.

  5. Kirsten

    I love Friendly’s but I haven’t been in years. Theirs is some of the only hot fudge I really like, and the marshmallow is divine. Last time I went either the kid didn’t have a clue or they changed the recipe, but the Fribble was awful. If they changed the recipe, they’d better change it back. No FroYo in a Fribble!

  6. Grant

    I didn’t see cake icing in their online menu, but choosing from what I did see I would go with Swiss chocolate, crushed Heath bars, and marshmallow. Or you can get the giant crowd pleaser and add Reese’s PB cups, strawberry, and gummy bears.

    Why isn’t there any sashimi on that list?

  7. Tug

    My driver’s ed teacher (100 years ago) used to have us order his milkshakes, seeing if we could find something he just couldn’t drink – we never did find one. Try a peanut butter banana chocolate, let me know how it is.

  8. Maria

    I swear you remind me of my husband. He lives for some Mayfield’s Birthday Cake Ice cream doused in 1/2 & 1/2, on top of crushed Enterman’s donuts.

    That just sounds nasty to me, but very similar to that concoction you consumed @ Friendly’s.

  9. Sybil Law

    Yay for Bubblewench and mocha momma!
    I would say a treat in their honor – mocha with bubblegum ice cream? (I don’t know if Friendly’s has it or not – I did not look at the menu!)
    Still – how can you screw up anything on Friendly’s menu?!
    I miss Friendly’s!
    Damn you….

  10. Penelope

    I suggest 1 scoop pistachio, 1 scoop mint choc chip and 1 scoop coconut, I have actually tried this and it was delicious!!
    We don;t have Friendly’s either – just 1 more reason why I need to re-locate :banghead:

  11. Crys

    oh, i’m so the last person to ask about this stuff. i get the same thing every time too. mint chocolate chip, nothing less, nothing more. but what you ordered? strange as it sounds — it also sounds kind of delish.

  12. mcat

    Butter pecan ice cream with chopped reeces peanut butter cups, and a mix of both peanut butter and hot fudge topping. No whip cream. Yum. I love peanut butter 🙂

    Where the heck is a Friendly’s in Texas?

  13. Kay

    I am a Southern girl who would probably love Friendly’s with all my heart and soul.
    Since I don’t really know what their choices are I will say this.

    White Chocolate

    Just sounds good poured over chocolate. YUM! Now where is that box of tampons?

  14. hello haha narf

    dammit, i knew if i won the twirling fork that i wouldn’t win the whoppers. rrrrrrrrrrrr.

    and you now have me hungry for ice cream. but i will NOT go out at this hour for ice cream. will. not. (shit, this is not easy to stick to!)

  15. Zom

    I didn’t even realize that I HAD a friendly’s in my town ’til today.
    but you can bet your hairy ass, that I will be visiting it this weekend.
    I’d take a date …… but I don’t wanna embarrass myself by cumming in my pants while I say “cake icing”. *squirt*

  16. Poppy

    I don’t see anyone suggesting my personal favorites:

    Steak run-off (ya know, the stuff gravy is made from)
    Swiss cheese

    I love Friendly’s. They have really good clocks there.

  17. Avitable

    Bubblewench, don’t forget, I need your address!

    Irene, they mix it in, but you can request it on the side, too.

    TrishK, no, it’s a problem with me. My blog hasn’t been posting at midnight like it was scheduled to do.

    Peggy, I don’t like the coffee flavor.

    Paticus, Fribbles are damn good.

    Heather, there has to be one near you somewhere.

    Golfwidow, I’ll have to try that Swiss topping.

    Lindy, exactly!

    Kirsten, I think their Fribbles are still just as good.

    Gwen, I can ship some to you. Might not taste as good, though.

    Martin, that sounds quite good.

    Britt, don’t be a playa hata.

    Mr. Fabulous, aren’t there any near you?

    Grant, cake icing is a special one that they have right now.

    Finn, ew – coffee flavor.

    Tug, peanut butter banana chocolate sounds awesome.

    Maria, doused in half and half, eh? A man after my own heart.

    Karl, but you live in Florida.

    Sybil, I can send you some when I send you jizz.

    Robin, my friend ordered vanilla with marshmallow. Now that’s boring!

    Amanda, ooh, that sounds tasty.

    Atomic, I’ve never had their pistachio before.

    RW, oh, it happened, but my camera was broken.

    Penelope, coconut ice cream, eh?

    Metalmom, are you sure it’s not because you’re happy to see me?

    NYCWD, part of me hopes you’re joking, but I can see you putting mustard on ice cream.

    Whole Lotta, not delish. Ick on the coffee.

    Winter, I missed Friendly’s when I lived out left.

    AmyD, Ruby Tuesday’s is pretty good, too. Not as good as BJ’s, though.

    BE Earl, clearly. I don’t have a gin tooth.

    Crystal, you always get the same thing? And it’s so mundane!

    Deb, I don’t understand.

    Turnbaby, that’s three votes for Swiss chocolate.

    MCat, I do love butter pecan. And use the website I linked to and put in your zip code.

    Kay, white chocolate is so good, even if it isn’t really chocolate.

    Steph, no, that was me, finishing up.

    Hello, I think you should go get ice cream anytime you want.

    Mocha, what a candy whore! And how’d you know I was giving away tampons next?

    Zom, you should definitely go. Try the Vermonter White Cheddar burger.

    Freelance, told you.

    Whall, I reject the LOLchurch!

    Poppy, that’s a steak sandwich, not ice cream!

  18. brooke

    last night was one of those stay in and watch and movie and eat yourself silly nights. my roommate wanted ice cream but i had to go for the supreme pizza. after i felt like there was nothing left to do but vomit, i made him try them together. so…a key lime and graham cracker ice cream scoop on a slice of supreme thin crust. see if they have that as an option.

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