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Lazy Sunday XXXVII

I’ve changed things a little this week. A few people wanted to see how they did on the previous contest, so I’m going to start including a link to a Google spreadsheet that will show everyone who entered and which ones they got right.

Also, I’m giving away two prizes today! Last week, for the first time, I was able to stump everyone with #14. Nobody got it right. So, to the first person who gets #14 correct in the comments here, I will send a $25 Amazon gift certificate! Here it is:

14. Do you think too much or too little?
I don’t know. I just want to fire up some Ambassadors.

You can find last week’s answers, scores and contest winner in an extended entry, but now it’s time for today’s Lazy Sunday contest! This week’s prize is $25 Gift Certificate!

Everyone has a chance at winning, so don’t be shy! The questions may be hard, but everyone who’s between the ages of 16 and 80 should be able to get at least one correct – I promise.

The rules:

It’s very simple. Every answer contains a reference to a movie, a television show, or a song. Just guess as many as you can – some will be laughably easy and some will be very difficult. Every correct answer is like a raffle ticket – you get one chance to win per correct answer. If you get 1 right, your name goes in the proverbial hat. If you get 10 right, your name goes in ten times. Et cetera. You’re on the honor system – try not to Google or look at other people’s answers!

The contest ends Tuesday at midnight EST. I’ll give the correct answers and the winner on the following Sunday.

Ready? Here we go!

1. What’s the full name on your birth certificate?
Well, my middle name is Danger.

2. When was the last time you were told you were beautiful?
1912, when I was young, by Jack. He’s dead now.

3. Suppose you see your boy/girlfriend kissing another person; what would you do?
Scratch up his/her car, deflate the tires, break the headlights, and cut up the seats.

4. What is bothering you right now?
Well, this electronic traffic sign on the side of the interstate keeps talking to me.

5. Who was the last person to play with your hair?
Nobody. I’ve been bald since that stupid meteor shower.

6. I’ll bet you miss someone right now?
Not really. My mom dropped me on my head when I was a kid, and my brothers were assholes.

7. What is your favorite color?
Puce. I love it in lollipop form.

8. When was the last time you got a back massage?
I got one from this beautiful Asian girl. She was good – I fell right asleep. Of course, I also think she might have messed with stuff from my locker when I was sleeping.

9. If you were given $100, would you spend it or save it?
I’d go down to a pawnshop and have a rat gnaw a mole off of my face.

10. What are you doing this weekend?
I have to work at my job as a concierge, at least until my plans for my own hotel are complete.

11. Last place you went out to eat?

12. Where are you right now?
At my new house in Cypress Creek. My boss just threw his shoes out the door and said goodbye to them.

13. Do you have any enemies?
Just another me from another dimension who keeps killing all of his doppelgangers.

14. What are you doing?
My dog and I are moving in with my son. He’s a shrink, but I don’t think he’s wound too tight. Tighter than my other son, though.

15. How’s the weather today?

And here are the answers and winners from last week’s contest :

First, see how you did by viewing this Google spreadsheet:

Next, here are the questions and answers:

1. Are you tan?
Yup, I’m actually orange. Or pink. Pink is the new orange, isn’t it?
Legally Blonde

2. How old will you be in 13 months?
Old enough to walk into a liquor store and order a keg of beer. Even if I have to growl a little bit.
Teen Wolf

3. Where did you get the underwear you are wearing right now?
I won it in a walk off.

4. What are you looking forward to in the next month?
Going out every night, sleeping all day, doing whatever I want, eating in a fancy restaurant.
Nothing Compares 2U, by Sinead O’Connor (and written by Prince)

5. Are you easily confused?
Nope. I’m Joe, the smartest man in the world.

6. Do you think you would make a good wife/husband?
As long as my wife didn’t cook my dog.
War of the Roses

7. Have you ever liked someone who treated you badly?
Yeah, there was this one guy I liked even though he locked me in a room and made me bang pans and pretend I was retarded.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

8. Do you fall for people easily?
No. Usually angels have to put me in mortal danger with someone for me to fall in love with her.
A Life Less Ordinary

9. What are you listening to right now?
A Dracula puppet musical.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall

10. Do you live with both your parents?
Just my mother, although she won’t call me the Warlock like I want her to.
Live Free or Die Hard

11. Last person you said I love you to?
I don’t say that. I just say “Ditto.”

12. What is it you truly want right now?
To watch People’s Court in the next 30 seconds.

13. Are you wearing jeans right now?
Nope. I already sent them off to the next person.
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

14. Do you think too much or too little?
I don’t know. I just want to fire up some Ambassadors.
You wish I’d tell you this one. Go guess!

15. Who is in your house right now?
Somebody who keeps asking me about my movie preferences and quizzing me in a raspy voice.

Here’s how I chose the winner:

First, I entered everyone’s answers into a spreadsheet, giving 1 point for each correct answer and 0 points for each wrong answer. The total number of points equaled the person’s “raffle tickets” for the drawing.

Then I created a randomized list using of every “raffle ticket” – basically each person’s name was repeated as many times as they had right answers. This gave me a random list of 131 entries.

Finally, using again, I asked it to generate a random integer between 1 and 131. It chose #122.

#122 is my winner.

(drumroll please)

Congratulations to Sybil Law!

You win The Hillary Nutcracker! Email me to confirm your win and give me your address. The rest of you, thank you for playing, and try your luck with today’s contest!

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58 Replies to “Lazy Sunday XXXVII”

  1. Amber

    2) Titanic!
    3) Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood

    Dude. Seriously? I suck at these. And NOT in the good way. SERIOUSLY!

    But hey… I’m a positive thinker. I DID know two of the answers right off the bat, which puts me two answers closer to an Amazon Gift Certificate, *woot!*

    PS: How in the hell do you come up with this stuff every week??

  2. lestlie

    longtime reader…firstime player…let’s see how we do, shall we?

    1. Austin Powers: International man of mystery
    2. titanic
    3. before he cheats – carrie underwood
    4. LA STORY
    5. Smallville (Superman…)
    6. Saving Silverman
    7. santa claus – the movie
    ???8. lost in translation
    9. Uncle Buck
    10. Gilmore Girls
    11. Seinfeld
    12. Simpsons
    ???13. Futurama
    14. Frasier
    15. Family Guy

  3. Creed

    1. Austin Powers (the poker scene haha)
    2. Titanic. duh.
    3. lyrics from “before he cheats” carrie underwood
    12. why do i wanna say “wild things?” it rings some sort of bell…
    13. man, either i’m a million miles away on this…or not quite a million miles away…but we just watched some foreign movie in class called the doppelgangers…so i’m gonna go with that!
    15. family guy’s ollie williams responding to tom tucker’s question “what’s the weather like, ollie?”

    i’m already reaching so i better just quit there

  4. Dee

    2. Titanic
    3. The Veronicas – Everything that I’m not.
    4. LA Story
    8. Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle
    11. That Michael J Fox movie – erm, hang on – imdb time For Love or Money (The Concierge in Aus)
    14. Frasier
    15. It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls

  5. Shiny

    1. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
    2. Titanic
    3. Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats
    4. L.A. Story
    5. Smallville
    6. Bad Santa
    7. ???
    8. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
    9. Uncle Buck
    10. ???
    11. Seinfeld
    12. The Simpsons
    13. Sliders
    14. Frasier
    15. ???

  6. Avitable

    Charissa, nope, not from Dr. Strangelove. You’re kind of on the right track, though.

    Amanda, wow. I expected so much more from you!

    Stephanie, I think this one is a hard one.

    Amber, two is better than none!

    Maria, early or late?

    Lestlie, thanks for the visit, and you didn’t do too badly.

    Creed, not bad – better than your sister, at least.

    Dee, I love that Michael J. Fox movie.

    Zanthera, I’ve never even heard of that movie.

    Zom, nope!

    Em, this week is particularly difficult.

    Britt, yes he is.

    MsBatman, I promise they’re all real, and generally popular.

    Shiny, pretty good so far – a few mistakes, but not too many.

    Crystal, you’re supposed to use your brain muscles and think!

  7. golfwidow

    14 from last week refers to Ambassador cigars, but I don’t know who said the line, or where.

    I’m actually playing this week; go me.

    1. Austin Powers. I think the first one.
    2. Titanic
    3. Before He Cheats, Carrie Underwood
    4. L.A. Story
    5. Smallville
    7. Santa Claus, The Movie
    8. Charlie’s Angels, Full Throttle
    9. Uncle Buck
    10. Gilmore Girls
    11. Seinfeld
    12. The Simpsons
    13. Sliders (who, incidentally, totally stole their main plot from a storyline in a sci-fi short story I wrote a million years ago)
    14. Frasier

  8. B.E. Earl

    14 from last week – Patton?

    1. Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery
    2. Titanic (hehe…tit!)
    3. Mystery Men
    4. LA Story
    5. Smallville – Lex Luthor?
    7. Kojak?
    9. Uncle Buck – my favorite line from that movie!
    10. that Michael J. Fox film…dunno the name.
    11. Seinfeld
    13. The One – Jet Li
    14. Frasier?
    15. Hard Rain?


  9. Karl

    1. Austin Powers
    2. Titanic
    3. Before He Cheats – by Avitable. I mean, Carrie Underwear.
    4. L.A. Story – great flick
    5. Lex Luthor – Smallville
    9. Uncle Buck
    10. Secret of My Success – long live Michael J. Fox!
    11. Seinfeld
    13. The One? Jet Li flick…
    14. Frasier

  10. Hilly

    Um, I think I forgot to play last week…what the hell? Onward and upward…

    1. Austin Powers
    2. Titanic
    3. Before He Cheats (damn you, earworm!)
    4. LA Story
    5. Smallville
    7. Santa Claus(The Movie)
    9. Uncle Buck
    10. Gilmore Girls
    11. Seinfeld
    12. The Simpsons
    14. Frasier (much better earworm)
    15. Evan Almighty (total gamble)

  11. hello haha narf

    so i was here in the middle of the night and thought i was just slow due to the late hour. nope, i am no smarter this afternoon. dammit.

    2. titanic

    3. before he cheats, carrie underwood

    4. i should know this one and i so don’t

    14. fraiser

    why i even bother with these sunday contests is beyond me. sigh.

  12. Avitable

    Golfwidow, you are right about #14. And you did pretty well. I love Sliders – great show, although that’s not the right answer.

    Been There, congratulations! Yes, it is. Great movie! Email me to confirm your email address and I’ll send your gift certificate.

    Trukindog, you did get a few – nice job.

    BE Earl, nope, not Patton. Not Kojak, either.

    Karl, wrong MJF movie!

    Hilly, you did forget to play last week! Or maybe it was too hard for you.

    Mcat, Dunston Checks In, eh?

    Lady Jaye, it’s a hard group of them this week.

    Wayne, I bet you do, and when you see the answers next week, you’ll slap yourself.

    Stacey, well, you can wait until Monday and think then.

    Hello, I don’t know if you’d know #4.

  13. Sybil Law

    OMG I was all mad that I knew the contest was here and I don’t have time now to give any answers (my kid needs a bath) and I find out I won! I WON SOMETHING! OMG it (almost) never happens! I am so excited!
    Haha Seriously I am!
    I will be back when I have more time to type answers! :sexytime:

  14. Sybil Law

    Oooh I have some time, afterall!
    Also – Thanks, Poppy!
    Okay – her go my lame answers:
    1. Austin Powers International Man of Mystery
    2. Titanic
    3. Well now I SO know the answer to this one! Carrie Underwood, Before He Cheats
    4. L.A. Story
    5. Lex Luthor/ Smallville
    7. Santa Claus: The Movie
    8. Charlie’s Angels?
    9. Uncle Buck
    10. Oh, I knew it was Michael J. Fox movie and I saw Dee’s answer, so I am going with it -For Love or Money!
    11. Seinfeld
    12. The Simpson’s!
    14. Frasier
    15. Family Guy!
    Hey – I try. πŸ™‚

  15. Kailey

    Hard Hard Hard!

    My answers with no Google and no comment help are:

    1. Austin Powers
    2. Titanic
    14. Frasier
    15. Family Guy

    Titanic is the only one I am 100% positive on but this will have to do.

  16. Been there,,.done that

    My computer just had an attack. I’ll try again.
    1. Austin Powers
    2. Titanic
    3. Before He Cheats – Yes, I’m the one person on earth who likes country music.
    4. ?
    5. Lex Luther, Smallville
    6. The Goonies
    7. Santa Claus The Movie – flying children, ugh
    8. Charlies Angels
    9. Uncle Buck
    10. ?
    11. Seinfeld
    12. Simpsons
    13. ?
    14. Fraiser

  17. bunny

    1. Austin Powers

    2. Titanic

    3. Before He Cheats, Carrie Underwood

    5. Lex Luthor, Smallville

    7. Santa Clause

    8. Charlie’s Angels

    10. For Love or Money

    11. Seinfeld

    12. Simpsons

    13. I just saw this movie last night! It’s “The One”.

    14. Frasier

    15. Family Guy


  18. Sheila (Charm School Reject)

    I should really check blogs more often but anyway, here’s my shot. Some are complete wild guesses though

    1. :(.

    2. Titanic

    3. Before He Cheats : Carrie Underwood

    4. Cars?

    5. Powder?

    6. Goonies.

    7. Super Troopers?

    8. πŸ™

    9. Uncle Buck

    10. Gilmore Girls

    11. πŸ™

    12. πŸ™

    13. Twin Peaks

    14. Fraiser

    15. πŸ™

  19. jared

    1. Austin Powers
    2. Titanic
    3. Before He Cheats – Avitable
    8. Full Throttle… Charlie’s Angels 2
    9. hahaha. Uncle Buck
    11. Seinfeld
    12. The Simpsons
    13. the last episode of Twin Peaks
    15. Ollie Williams from Family Guy

  20. Catherine

    1.Austin Powers


    3. That Carrie Underwood song which I do not know the name of.

    4. ???????

    5. Men in Black

    6. ??????

    7. The Santa Claus

    8. Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle


    10. A Michael J. Fox movie — For Love or Money

    11. Monk

    12. ??????

    13.The One

    14. Frasier

    15. Black Rain. :crazywife: :violent018:

  21. Starrlight

    Ok here are my guesses. Jay sent me =)

    1. Austin “Danger” Powers. The first one

    2. Titanic

    3 Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats

    4. ?

    5. Lex Luthor

    6. ?

    7. Wizard of Oz

    8. Charlies Angels the first one

    9. ?

    10 Lorelei Gilmore…The Gilmore Girls

    11. Seinfeld

    12. ?

    13. ?

    14 Frasier

    15. ?

  22. Avitable

    Poppy, The Man Who Knew Too Little – such a fun movie.

    Sybil, not bad – too bad you can’t win this week too!

    Kailey, you got all four right, if that’s any consolation.

    Been there, you might be the first one to get #6.

    Bunny, w00t indeed.

    Little LJ, that’s it?

    Sheila, thanks for playing – you didn’t do too badly for your first time.

    Kris, never even though of GnR for that last one!

    Bittersweet, oh I’d bet you know more than that – wait until you see the answers.

    Jared, I don’t remember what happens in the last episode of Twin Peaks.

    Catherine, didn’t you see the video of me singing it?

    Kylah, pretty good!

    Starrlight, thanks for the visit and entry! Check back next week to see the answers and the winner.

  23. Poppy

    I gave it to my dad for Father’s Day once, along with several other Bill movies. We proceeded to watch it in front of my young niece. Bad idea, bad idea. But an awesome movie nonetheless. Someday I will purchase all of Bill’s movies so that I can passively stalk him.

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