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Expecting an update?


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32 Replies to “Expecting an update?”

  1. Stephanie

    I’m imagining the scene at TC:

    Avitable: :jerkoff2:
    Britt: :woohoo:

    And a whole lot of this :martini: and this :lmao: and this :finger: plus of course a WHOLE lot of this :boobs4: :boobs2: :boobs3: :sexytime: .

    Hopefully, none of this: :2girls:

    Rock on kids! :heartbeat:

  2. Y2K Survivor

    OK While I was not all that surprised to see the picture of Britt naked by the pier as the ships roll in… I was shocked to see you with a drink in one hand and a bowl of what appears to be more of your body hair. What the fuck dude?

  3. Winter

    I heard it was Hilly doing this :boobs2: not Britt. I’ve been Twitter addicted since this whole TC mecca began. The cartoon only confirms what the blurry photos have hinted at… mass drunkenness and fun!

  4. Avitable

    Stephanie, that seems about right.

    BB, oh you’re just faking it because you were too afraid to meet your idol (me).

    jake, I’d think you would recognize a penis!

    Creed, yup!

    Zom, what’s stopping ya?

    Robin, well, you might be right about that.

    Turnbaby, maybe I was just holding it for her.

    Golfwidow, I haven’t gotten an authentic one yet.

    Fab, by CNN, you mean the secret camera in Britt’s room, right?

    Nina, you couldn’t even make it for a few hours? I’d totally help grade papers and I speak English good.

    Hello, I was sworn to art secrecy!

    Bubblewench, it’s national, too.

    Amanda, there’s no danger, so it’s fully extended.

    Sunshine, I’d add hot teenagers, if I could.

    Sybil, it’s been a blast so far.

    Y2K, body hair has protein and fiber.

    Winter, Hilly was doing it, you are correct.

    Whall, it was supposed to indicate tipsiness.

  5. BlondeBlogger

    LOL! I was seriously trying to get a picture of my throat as proof but it’s so dark in there, lol (and it would scare YOU, I promise!)

    No I would’ve given you a HUGE hug and made you dance with me to a song on the Ipod you gave me. :hug:

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