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Don’t bother reading this.

There’s nothing here. It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m just getting ready so I can head over to TequilaCon 08! I will capture as many drunken bloggers on camera as I can. Oh, and I saw Iron Man today – fucking rocked!

The winners to last week’s contest and a new contest will be up next Sunday.

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10 Replies to “Don’t bother reading this.”

  1. Mike

    Lucky you, you saw “Iron Man”. I had to go see “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” with Lovely Wife.

    At least I’ll get some sex out of it. You read that Lovely Wife? If it’s on the Internets, it has to be true, yes?


    P.S. The movie was actually quite funny, and I’ll get to see Iron Man later today.

  2. Stephanie

    Taking the Hubs to see Iron Man today…so, along the lines of what Mike was saying above, that means I’m guaranteed some super-hero lovin’ tonight, right?

    Maybe he’ll put on a costume again….hmmm…

  3. hello haha narf

    as much as i wanted to see iron man, i had to do the historic shit in town. we saw the liberty bell through a window, the outside (not inside) of independence hall and threw pennies on franklin’s grave. the horse drawn carriage was way cool. actually, the whole thing was way cool. but you would have been miserable. so i am glad you got to enjoy the flick with poppy and dawg. next weekend i’ll be able to talk about how awesome it was.

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