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TequilaCon 2008

I’ll have more recaps later with photos and video, but for now, since I just landed about three hours ago, made it home, and am falling asleep as I type this. I’m sure I forgot a few people – email me at my first name at my last name if I did:

Things I learned at TequilaCon 2008:

I learned that Hellohahanarf has boobs that can double as pillows.

I learned that Christine likes to watch men masturbate.

I learned that Dan brings more bags to an event than a woman.

I learned that Dave2 wants my body.

I learned that Delmer is 12 feet tall.

I learned that Diana is actually a large black man named Polo, not an amazing woman with a very cool husband who just moved back to the US.

I learned that Dustin has a mom with great design skills.

I learned that Finn had all of our backgrounds investigated before coming.

I learned that Hilly can hit a crotch from a mile away.

I learned that Jan was faking it!

I learned that Jen throws a fucking amazing party.

I learned that Black Belt Mama doesn’t get freaked out by male nudity.

I learned that Karl would have sex with his mother if the price was right.

I learned that Lisa loves me and Britt and Karl and Hilly and Dave and that wall and that plant and Dude and the floor and her drink.

I learned that Metalmom wants to lick my palm. Or my taint. I can’t remember.

I learned that Britt – awww, who am I kidding? I already knew everything.

I learned that meeting NYCWD feels like you knew him forever already.

I learned that Poppy drinks gay blue drinks.

I learned that Libragirl is a Pisces.

I learned that Sandra is scared of the suburbs.

I learned that Shelli is totally Mr. Fabulous’s sister.

I learned that Shiny is North Korean.

I learned that Vahid is a tattoo artiste.

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63 Replies to “TequilaCon 2008”

  1. Black Belt Mama

    It was so much fun meeting you and your handy hi-tech internet phone thingy that I totally need to have.

    When I’m not completely exhausted, I’m coming back to read your Dear Body letter.

    Great to meet you!!!

  2. SJ

    Things I Learned From TequilaCon 2008:

    1. Do NOT miss attending TequilaCon 2009.
    2. Because watching it on TwitFlick is nowhere near as fun as being there.
    3. And sometimes made it even worse.

  3. Turnbaby


    Awesome linkage and as I have snuggled against Hello’s boobs I can vouch for that.

    I SOOOOO wanna know how Hilly grossed you out–I’m betting it had to do with food and fingers :boobs2:

  4. PocketCT

    Yes, I like it so much when in the middle of the night I realize it is happening three feet from my head, I yawn roll over and go back to sleep.

    I learned that Avitable is a wonderful neighbor!

  5. Shelli

    Adam, I had soooo much fun with you this weekend. I wish all us bloggers could start a commune and live together. We could party every night if we wanted to. It is an unbelievable experience to meet all those people that you have been reading for such a long time. I love you, man! LOL No, I’m not still ficking drunl.

  6. whall

    I would say you learned *I* didn’t go to TC but that would not be true. You knew I wasn’t going way early. But I wonder what would be said about me if I went in 2009? Hmm, maybe I should plan out what I want said about me and make it a goal.

    Wait. Isn’t that what a tombstone is for?

  7. metalmom

    The condoms were awesome. Babygirl got one that she is saving for use with Fab. (GAK!) I really should have licked your palm but taint is good too (since you smell very nice, I’m ASSuming you smell good there too!)

  8. NYCWD

    Funny, I felt the same way about you… maybe we’re long lost brothers.

    Was your dad a milk man too?

    I learned that Philadelphia movie theaters haven’t had seat upgrades since the late 80’s. Fucking non-reclining wannabe stadium seating.

  9. jenny

    I learned that Avitable brings the craziest swag and helped one Northbowl employee get lucky that night. I also learned that there are a whole lot of new blogs I need to add to my feed reader ASAP!

    Seriously – it was really great to meet you and I look forward to chatting with you more at the next one!

  10. Nina

    And I graded papers all weekend and refreshed Twitter every ten minutes like a total jackass because I wanted to be there, with you at TequilaCon, drinking gay blue drinks and rubbing up on Britt and Hilly. What the fuck? I hate my job. Throw another Halloween party. Nina will be there.

  11. Avitable

    Karl, do you want the uncensored version?

    Black Belt, it was great meeting you, too, and thanks for not beating me up and taking my iPhone.

    Jay, are you kidding me? I’m a criminal genius. I don’t get caught.

    Winter, it’s a very educational experience.

    SJ, TwitFlick – that’s great!

    Hilly, ewwwwwwww!

    BB, yeah, yeah, you and your excuses. Wahh, communion! πŸ™‚

    Fabulous, I hope so, too. You would have had a good time.

    Britt, see?? What did you learn about pool?

    Hello, glass unicorns are cool.

    Turnbaby, nope – it had to do with vaginas, semen, and pumpkin innards.

    Sandi, it was quite a blast.

    Pocket CT, but you never came over to borrow a cup of sugar.

    Shelli, heh. Ficking drunl.

    Robin, you should have driven down.

    Mrs. Schmitty, well, I didn’t imbibe. So I retained my knowledge.

    Shiny, exactly. And a large black man willing to take your picture for tips.

    Wayne, so you want me to kill you at TC 09?

    Crystal, I missed you too.

    Nanna, I learned that Britt doesn’t want to break up with me, too.

    Nothing, she’s very lovable.

    TMP, I’m like a sponge.

  12. Avitable

    Finn, I offered to demonstrate it, too, but nobody wanted to learn.

    Atomic Bombshell, we really did.

    Heather, so you followed along, too?

    Metalmom, just tell your kids to shout my name out when having sex with one of my condoms.

    Sir, I think it expires in a few years. Hey, do you have a blog?

    AmyD, you’re supposed to be AmyD, remember? And no, Britt’s never right.

    Sybil, you really should.

    Poppy, you knew that already.

    NYCWD, non-reclining, non-armrest raising fuckers.

    Shiny, you make an excellent point.

    Kyra, I sure did! I’d never use it, though.

    Mindy, it will be fun next year, too.

    Jan, thanks – you were pretty awesome, too.

    Libragirl, ah yes, of course.

    Zom, mine too.

    Lynda, my whole world just flipped upside down.

    Jenny, that guy wanted a shitload of condoms, too!

    Nina, you keep saying that. I hope you show up in October!

    Liquid, Dave was fun. And drunk.

    Iron Fist, you made breasts even better!

  13. dan

    much could be said, and I guess it has been, and I’m sorry I’m so delinquent in getting here to find out what has already been said… but the point is, you really can’t judge a man’s bag until you’ve seen the size of his sack. And remember, in a bowling alley, every man has ten pound balls.

  14. Geeky Tai-Tai

    I had the best time ever! So did my very brave, cool husband and friends. I do believe we made a convert of Judy. She’s seriously thinking of starting a blog.

    I can’t wait for Davelanta and your annual Halloween party. WOOHOO! :clap:

  15. Lisa

    Just so you know…I still love you, Britt and Karl and Hilly and Dave and that wall and that plant and Dude and the floor and my drink…except I love all of you even more!

    AND I love Dude even more after spending seven days with him and our girls in Florida πŸ™‚

    I’m just sorry we missed you while we were there.

    By the way…I love you πŸ˜‰

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