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29 Replies to “vahlogue”

  1. Stephanie

    The eyelid does look swollen…poor baby.

    peee essss: you could buy that spray-on brown hair paint they have…that may help.

    You are sooo a liar…I know you got arrested when you shot the video…. :2girls:

  2. Kris (Chicka Nuts)

    Arrgh, matey. Yes, it looks a bit weird, but it could be the lighting. Hard to tell on the vlog. Maybe you’re just warped. Who the fuck knows.

    For that thinning hair, use Mane and Tail shampoo. It’ll thicken that shit right up. Trust me. I had a friend who used it just for that reason and it worked for him.

  3. Penelope

    I did so badly in that contest, can I get a prize for getting the most wrong answers?
    I really really want those condoms, on the offchance that I ever get laid again this century, the thought of handing one to my date and seeing the look on his face would be priceless! :lmao:

  4. DebbieS

    That felt like being in high school and having the teacher go over the pop quiz 😉

    At least you know why your poor eye is swollen! When you first brought it up all I could think of was when David Letterman brought up his swollen, painful eye one night on his show and it turned out he had SHINGLES. So unless Britt threw something at you that was actually infected with shingles, you should be OK 😉

    And, you don’t even want to know what I *thought* hit your eye and irritated it. Unless that’s what you’re saying Britt did to you…

    P.S. You just had to go and inform us of the new Strawberry Whoppers. My daughter is now totally addicted. Thanks a pantsload 😉

  5. Irene

    Your eyelid looks puffy.Shame on your co-worker.
    I’m sure in time it will return to a normal size at least it didn’t scratch your cornea or something.
    I would love some of those highly lubricated condoms.

  6. Miss Britt

    WAIT a minute.

    I did NOT jump in the room and throw something heavy at you because I thought it was funny.

    I threw a pen at your head because you were being a cry baby pouty dick.

    Hitting you in the eye, which was subsequently hiLARious, was a complete accident.

  7. Deb on the Rocks

    Yes, could be scratched. Get some of that supasoft visine stuff.

    The only thing that skeeves me out is your Smilies. I’ve learned how to click to turn them off, but they stay in my brain for a few minutes bouncing and wanking and ejecting and pooping. Lawdy!

  8. hello haha narf

    fuck yeah your eye is swollen. hope you don’t lose it coz i like you with two.

    if sometimes i forget to tell you, i really love your video post. not sure why, but i really do. i almost put another really in there, but i don’t want to freak you out. even though you already like puppies better than me. fucker.

    speaking of dogs, dammit, i wanna see dawg’s comment. what did you do?

  9. metalmom

    Crybabypoutydick!!???!!! It must have been bad for Britt to use language like that!!

    Ummm….member those condoms you gave me to pass on to my boys?…Yeah, well….I kinda used them for my own selfish pursuits. Now they’re annoyed at me because they read over my shoulder and asked for them and I had to admit my misdeed.

    Could you send two more? Or two dozen. Yeah, two dozen sounds right. I’m a bad mommy.

  10. Tracy Lynn

    Yes to the swollen, but it just makes you look kind of high, and I guess that’s pirate-y, especially if we are going on the Johnny Depp model. I really don’t know, Avi, I haven’t had breakfast yet. :dunce:

  11. Shelli

    I thought it looked swollen at first, but then when you went in for the close up, I didn’t think so. You should tell her to quit throwing things at you. Of course, maybe if you stopped calling her a whore, she wouldn’t throw things at you. 😉

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