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Too early for Halloween?

First, let me say that I was really surprised that yesterday, nobody made it over the blog where I guest posted to leave a comment. I was trying to show some support to Gina and maybe get her a few new readers, but I guess nobody wanted to fucking bother.

Second, let’s talk about Halloween! It’s a scant six months away, and time to start planning the huge mondo spectacular ginormous huge phallotastic AVITABLE HALLOWEEN PARTY 2008!

If you weren’t reading me or didn’t attend last year, here is what you missed:

This year, because I know some of you will be attending and traveling from out of state, I wanted to give you all the juicy details well in advance.

Halloween is a Friday this year, but I don’t like to have parties on Friday nights since it’s hard for people from out of town to get here on time if they want to work a full week. So the Avitable Halloween Party is Saturday, November 1st, from 8PM until the zombie cows come home and eat your brains.

Mark it on your calendars, tell your bosses, plan your trips – do whatever you need to do to make sure you don’t miss out on the largest party of the year. And all bloggers are invited! Well, except Dooce.

Any questions or suggestions about the party? Let me know in the comments.

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72 Replies to “Too early for Halloween?”

  1. Jay

    Okay so I just went over there and commented cause you made me feel guilty. Does she have comment moderation? Or did I mess up the word verification. I freaking hate both of those things.

  2. Zom

    1. Yes , we commented.
    2. I am putting in my request to have that weekend off
    3. I was gonna dress up as Dooce and just wear a stick up my ass.
    4. can I swim in your pool naked if I PROMISE not to take a laxative first?

  3. NYCWD

    I think you need to pick your guest posting gigs a little more carefully.

    First Gina’s fucking captcha SUCKS. It’s one of the shittiest one’s I’ve ever seen. Secondly, she moderates comments. In fact, I would not doubt it if she deleted comments. Nice job promoting a comment moderating/deleting blogger with a shitty capture.

    I. Am. Somebody.


  4. kapgar

    Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about Dooce. She doesn’t know how to comment or allow them so I doubt she even reads blogs other than her own.

    Zombie cows??? The horror!! What’s their milk taste like?

  5. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    I was there! Honest! And I left a comment! Seriously! I think it ate my comment twice. Or, I saved two comments and they just haven’t been approved. But, seriously, I was there and thought it was hysterical. “Peanut butter on the taint” got me snorting.

    My calendar is marked and bringing Dooce as my guest. Hee hee!

  6. Cissa Fireheart

    I left a comment….in fact, it was right underneath BRITT’S Comment, fucker!

    Apparently I am a nobody….ouch

    Can’t make it to FL this year. It’s a big ole holiday for me….that and, well, all my money that I might have used for it will be blown on my 10th Anniversary stuff with husband on the 12th…so unless we’re creating Floridians to Flock Back Home as a charity event, I can’t make it…this year….

  7. Finn

    Um, yeah, tell Gina to moderate her comments so we all don’t get yelled at, mkay?

    I’ve marked my calendar… I plan on attending your party. Don’t get too excited. It’s not dignified. :woohoo:

  8. Hoosier Girl

    I didn’t make it to Gina’s blog, because hers is blocked from work, but yours isn’t.

    As for suggestions for the party, I suggest free airfare for deserving bloggers from Indiana. You sent Hilly to Philly. How about sending Hoosier Girl to Orlando? (okay, it doesn’t have quite the same ring, but you get the idea)

    I am not above begging. :angel:
    Have a great day,

  9. Grant

    Mine appears to be one of the few comments that made it through to Gina’s blog. I had problems with her site and had to hit the refresh button a few times to get it to load completely. Also I noticed she doesn’t have you on her blogroll, so she’s not worthy.

    I’ll show for your party as long as you promise that there will be booze and J-bunnies and no karaoke and absolutely no chance that I will have to interact with anybody beyond having anal sex with Japanese schoolgirls. Shall I bring the fried Boston Baked Beans?

  10. Hilly

    Now I can finally unshade the whole month of October since I have an official date…woohoo.

    As for Gina’s blog, I will get there today. I did a whole lot of nothing on the Internet yesterday, mostly.

  11. Bec

    I have big plans for Tequilacon 09 and now I am trying the kind of forward planning monetary budgetary that people who get paid the amount of money where they don’t have to worry do on a daily basis. Why is America so far away?!?!?!

  12. Poppy

    What are the chances that Hilly says she did “a whole lot of nothing on the internet” then A Whole Lot of Nothing comments directly after her?

    Can someone do the math on that?

  13. Shelli

    Are you hungry? You will be eating a lot of crow today. I went and commented and it went into moderation. Why do people moderate their comments AND have a captcha? I think that’s dumb. And irritating.

  14. Hoatzin

    I WAS going to post over there, as I am often the ONLY person that can fucking bother, and I did notice it was kind of quiet and reply-less, but then I got distracted by something, I forget exactly what now, a woman holding a drink, or a Simpson’s re-run, or something, so I didn’t.

    But it’s the thought that counts, right?

  15. Poppy

    Dear DAD,

    FOR YOUR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, when I tried to leave my comment yesterday it ate the first one because my CAPTCHA WAS RETARDED and Os and 0s looked the same so I went through the process of RETYPING my lame comment.

  16. Avitable

    Amanda, I know, she totally asked me for an invite. And your nephew will have plenty of birthdays.

    Poppy, it’s weird that a few comments show up, but everyone else’s didn’t.

    Dave, I did it mainly for you since your schedule is already filling up.

    AmyD, well, you’re a cool nobody.

    Jared, I’d hope so. Although missing it for Sarah Silverman was a good reason.

    BPR, yeah, apparently. Except mine and Britt’s. So weird!

    Jay, not sure. I dislike the captchas, unless they’re custom and funny ones.

    Zom, cool, awesome, sweet, and yes.

    Penelope, how do they say nobody across the pond?

    Girl, Dislocated, I totally want you to come. To the party.

    Turnbaby, sweet!

    NYCWD, yeah, it’s a bad captcha.

    Bubblewench, sure you can – start saving a dollar a day!

    Girl, Dislocated, this may be true.

    Mike, you definitely should extend it to the 2nd.

    Hello, I’m glad you’re going to be able to make it this year.

    Britt, twatsicle.

    Kapgar, braiiiinnnss.

    Sandi, you’re coming by water?

    Heather, glad you liked it. *sniff* I thought nobody loved me.

    Cissa, well, if they’re moderated, none of us can actually see it.

    Mr. Fabulous, I wanted you guys to be able to plan.

    Robin, start saving a dollar a day!

    Delmer, some people are navel gazers, others . . .

    Maman, I guess you are somebody.

    Marty, thanks for trying.

    BE Earl, why don’t I believe you?

    Finn, I didn’t yell. I merely spoke strongly.

    HG, how weird that mine isn’t, but hers is. And if you sell one of your kids, you should be able to get enough for airfare.

    Grant, I promise. Completely.

    Hilly, sweet!

    A Whole Lot of Nothing, you’d have to walk around on your knees, too – you’re too tall!

    Bec, well, there’s always Avitableween 2009, too.

    Poppy, 1 in 5.

    TMP, road trip!

    RW, what, you think I write for myself?

    Shelli, yes, I’m eating crow. Sigh. And why don’t you get an official road trip car pool started?

    Hoatzin, The Simpsons can be distracting.

    BBM, I don’t want to hurt you, pretty lady.

    Turnbaby, I don’t know – she’s in Mexico on vacay.

    Poppy, ppbbbbbttthhhh.

  17. Sybil Law

    WTF?! I commented!!! Also, I thought I was first!
    I must be at your party this year. You can help me with a costume idea. It can’t make me uncomfortable, it can’t make me wear a mask… hmm….

  18. Gwen

    Well, since it’s clear that something happened with Gina’s comments I feel safe in lying to you and telling you I did it. Yeah. I totally went over there yesterday and commented. Don’t call me a nobody.

  19. Winter

    Hey! You’re having a party on the day AFTER my birthday. Hmmmn. Maybe I should try to come to your Halloween party instead of TC09. After all, Halloween IS my favorite day of the year. (Despite becoming a year older.)

  20. Steph

    I wonder, will there be a pre-party? Say between October 10th through the 15th? Because I’m going to be in your neck of the woods for the National Funeral Directors Convention, but not for Halloween itself. I can’t promise very creepy Halloweeny type stuff but I could furnish a gaggle of alcoholics with mad embalming skills…

  21. Kay

    Hey I have an excuse! I am busy DYING and turning 40 and shizz. Cut an old broad a break.
    Oh and I haven’t been on the ‘net’ in 2 or 3 days due to the aforementioned. I am wearing black and in mourning today for my youth. SOB!!!

  22. Em

    That’s funny I was just looking at your Halloween pictures…and I was thinking, holy crap these people really like Halloween. Looks awesome though! I just went to Florida for the first time a week or so ago and wow… my hair got kind of frizzy.

  23. Avitable

    Karl, same here.

    Shelli, I think the road trip could be mondo fun.

    Sybil, just come naked.

    Gwen, aha! Your lies have now been exposed.

    Turnbaby, yeah, that was brilliant.

    Poppy, is that code for something dirty?

    HG, I gotta throw a contest now?

    Winter, and if you look at the links from last year, you’d miss out on quite a party.

    TMP, civilized people drive, too.

    Shelli, exactly!

    Steph, how about a few skeletons? Email me when you’re here – we’ll get together. My wife lived and worked in a funeral home for several years!

    Girl, Dislocated, 😀

    Tracy, too tired to write a captcha? Are you sure your hair’s not blonde?

    Kay, happy birthday!

    Em, the humidity will do that.

    TrishK, Nobody didn’t comment.

    Steph, well, ummm, good!

    Sassy, ooh, well, I’ll let her in with a pinata.

    Wayne, backwards commenting like I.

    Bossy, you hate me, don’t you?

  24. Lisa

    Only two things would prevent me from coming to the party this year…health and money.

    I already have a costume! Halloween is my very favorite holiday of the year!!!

    As far a Gina is concerned…I’m just catching up on blog reading and haven’t read Tuesday’s post yet.

  25. Gina

    Okay, everyone, I was in Cozumel. I had a horrible (at best) internet connection there. I require the first comment by anyone to be approved by me due to previous blog stalkers and spam. All have been approved and I have responded to comments that seemed to require or illicit responses. Ok? :boobs4:

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