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Mary Worth likes anal sex.

My revisions of Family Circus comics were popular a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d try again, this time with that old harridan, that busybody, that nosy bitch that everyone hates, Mary Worth!

It’s just a thumbnail because the full image wouldn’t necessarily fit in the confines of my site, so do with the clicky and look at the poppy. (No, not The Poppy).

On another note, thank you to everyone who went over to Gina’s and commented on my guest post on Monday. Apparently, she moderates comments and has captchas, so many people’s comments were hiding until she approved them. I was unaware of this, since my comment and Britt’s both appeared and may have acted resentful and/or whiny. This was not the case – I was merely ACTING! GENIUS! THANK YOU!

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43 Replies to “Mary Worth likes anal sex.”

  1. Sybil Law

    That is by far the BEST Mary Worth I’ve ever seen! I always knew she was a dirty whore! A racist one at that – why doesn’t she like the yellow peoples?!

  2. Y2K Survivor

    I never went over there and commented on Gina’s blog! I read your post, I saw where you said she was like super hot so I quit reading your crap and spent the rest of my valuable but limited time looking for Gina porn.

    Yeah well FUCK YOU! I never found it! I feel cheated! You probably just said that as a tease and all the real Gina porn is for sale at the gift shop.


    p.s. but really, where is the Gina porn?

  3. Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Oh, man, that’s awesome! I fucking hated that strip, hated with the burning hate of a thousand red giant suns, burning the last of their hydrogen fuel and now burning the heavier elements, on their way to supernovae and eventual death and transformations into white and brown dwarfs.

    Yes, that hate is special.

  4. Avitable

    Maria, that’s my usual state.

    Amanda, never? I think it’s still in most newspapers.

    Sybil Law, don’t click the Poppy.

    Poppy, Poppylar!

    NYCWD, I am a thespian!

    Y2K, for four easy payments of $69.99, I’ll tell you.

    BPR, ooh, please spank.

    Jake, how did that beer taste nasally?

    Iron Fist, it was a hidden gem.

    BB, you like anal sex? The first, too?

    Hello, me too!

    Bubblewench, ooh, maybe I should desecrate Peanuts next.

    Britt, no, I have (had) an excellent plan. F plus.

    ADW, thank you!

    Heather, you should put this one on your fridge.

    Turnbaby, clearly, she goes muff diving.

    Hilly, I know, right?

    Finn, I was hoping someone would get that.

    Winter, what about Dagwood?

    Fab, that’s okay. I want to steal your Norman Rockwell idea. And it’s worth the money – you know it is.

    Gwen, Cathy could be a good one.

    Mindy, mainly Photoshop and a Diet Coke high.

    Em, in your butt.

    Marty, she has an active imagination.

    Crystal, did not.

    RW, you’ve forgotten already? Must be hard to lose your memory at your age.

    HG, Mary Worth needs loving, too, especially vaginally.

    BE Earl, you’ve thought about this too much.

    Zom, don’t like the “d” word over here. It’s a bit pejorative.

    Steph, what? Old people shouldn’t get fucked too?

    Bec, you’ve missed out.

    Janna, the old one brought tears of boredom to my eyes.

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