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I just got my new American Express Plum Card, and I’m excited! Why am I excited? Well, the commercial makes it seem like American Express will become your best friend and read your business plan and really care about the success of your company.

They don’t and they won’t. But I’m still excited!

You see, I think I have an addiction. To credit cards.

I’ve got four Citibank and two Discover and four American Express and one and six gas cards and a Sam’s card and a Capital One and a Staples and a Bank of America and an Apple and a Regions Bank. And that might not be all of them!

Care to guess the total balance? If you’re guessing it’s over six figures, you’d be right.

Anybody want to win the lottery for me?

On another note, we have started planning for the Halloween party (November 1st!) and it’s going to be fantastic. If you are planning on coming, here’s a way for you to participate: Email me a high-resolution image of yourself as a child or young adult. If you don’t have one, a high-res version of you as an adult. These pictures would ideally be of your face and upper torso, like a Glamour Shot or Yearbook photo, but it has to be high resolution. You can send it to me at my first name at my last name dot com.

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55 Replies to “Plum”

  1. Mr. Fabulous

    I like the picture idea. I have a shitload of them. Once I get settled I will scan a good one for you.

    I had to get my own credit card, because my other one was joint with the Mrs. I think I only need one.

  2. whall

    Yeah I have six-figure debt too. Good thing for me that zero is a digit.

    Like – I’m in shape – round is a shape.

    Oh, and “purple’s a fruit” (I say that since I can’t say “that’s unpossible”)

    I won’t say whose life I’m referring to, but I can 100% vouch that CCCS is a life-saver for people who have tons of debt. But there are rules: 1) you _have_ to use a nonprofit CCCS to avoid getting screwed, 2) stay on top of them and your statements, 3) you have to document a balanced budget. But they will lower payments, lower interest and get the debt paid off in a finite length of time.

  3. Avitable

    Amanda, and that doesn’t even include the mortgage, HELOC, and $300,000 in student loans!

    Maria, I think you’re out of that bracket now.

    Winter, I agree! Are you reading this, Mr. AmEx?

    BPR, how do you have any decent credit score at all if you don’t even have one?

    Girl, Dislocated, it’s not great, but it’s not bad, either.

    Turnbaby, sugar.

    Crystal, somewhere in the 2-11 age, I think.

    Britt, do I have to go to meetings now?

    Mr. Fabulous, I just like to see all of the pretty colors.

    Todd, well, a high percentage of it is actually just debt from starting my company four years ago. It’s being paid off relatively quickly, so it doesn’t really bother me that much.

    Wayne, if I ever reached a point where we couldn’t pay our bills, I’d totally try one of those places, but right now, it’s not a problem.

    Delmer, I ain’t tellin’.

    Metalmom, my wife and I have each of our names on all of our cards.

  4. Nanna

    a) It’s OK. He wears black. Wait – do red shoelaces go with plum? Maybe if you keep them far apart? Or maybe they make the plum “pop”? (Off to watch more HGTV.

    b) Adam, my goal in life is to make it to your Halloween party. But I don’t have any pictures. Moved too many times. Hmmmmm. Wonder what Britt can photoshop. In a flattering way, of course.

  5. Jay

    A lot of people who own their own business use credit cards as a kind of high interest line of credit for operating expenses. It may not be the greatest thing, but it’s better than having a bank calling in loans for arbitrary reasons (well, they don’t consider them arbitrary, but they look that way a lot of times) and leaving you in a really bad spot.

    I only have two credit cards. One that I use regularly and carry a balance on and another with no limit and no annual fee for emergencies.

    Of course back in the day I had a stack of them a a pile of debt. It took forever to get that mess cleaned up. At least yours were used for your company. Mine were used just for trips to Vegas and “stuff.”

  6. Poppy Buxom

    I want a plum card! It says “Business” in big letters right near the top.

    If I used that to pay for my groceries, nobody would know I was only a housewife.

    They’d think I was much cooler, like an entrepreneur, or a consultant. Maybe even a mommyblogger.

  7. Avitable

    Robin, you would be right! Oh, that and running a business.

    Grant, yes, just tastier.

    Dave, I know, right?

    Finn, I don’t think about that part.

    Nanna, Britt just told me that she doesn’t have any photos of her either, as a kid. That’s so sad!

    Bossy, no, they’re awesome!

    TMP, at least coke will keep me up all night.

    Jay, exactly. And they’re not that high interest either. I’ve got a few over 20%, but most of them are 11% and under.

    Poppy Buxom, they might think you were Dooce!

    Hallie, you know, you can reply in the comments of your post, and I read those replies!

    Cissa, well, between a six-figure income and a company that will reach seven figures in the next two years, it’s not really a problem.

  8. martymankins

    It’s been years (since 1992) that I’ve had any American Express card. I do miss it still. I have seen ads for the Plum card and have been curious about trying to get back with AX, but I have to pay down most of my other cards I have now before venturing down that road again.

  9. bluepaintred

    is it different in the US? Our credit rating is the highest it can be.

    we buy things on store credit cards – like my laptop, but then pay the whole thing off as soon as the bill hits the mail box, and then don’t use the card again. Like when we built the basement, we put six thousand on a home depot card just so that we could pay it off right away. Even paying monthly bills like power and water, goes toward your credit score.

    paying on a mortgage and student loans also helps our scores, never missed – or been late – on a payment in our lives.

    Debt, to me, is very scary. That I owe 89,004 on my house bugs the shit out of me!

  10. Sybil Law

    Holy shit, that’s a LOT of cards! You even need to ask if you have an addiction?!
    I am PLANNING on coming to the party this year. I was too upset last year. I need to look at a calender, though… cause I can’t miss my kids’ Halloween, either!

  11. hello haha narf

    i have zero credit cards.

    but i will SO be at your party. (are drunk girls allowed to sleep on the floor somewhere?)

    hmmmmmmm, a photo from me as a little kid? sheesh, i must really like you if i am going to do this. ugggggggh!

  12. radioactive girl tori

    My husband has to put everything for work on a credit card and each month when I pay the bills I almost have a heart attack when I open the credit card bill. He gets reimursed, but the total amount is shocking when I see it every time!

  13. Hilly

    I don’t have any credit cards and I like it that way. Hrm, actually maybe one in case of emergency. How about you just let me borrow that PLUM card for a year or so?

    (booking my Halloween flights this week, btw)

  14. Karen

    Six figures? Dude. I hope some of those are on the other side of the decimal point.

    You totally need to get a new card to pay off all those other cards. Wait. There’s something wrong with that.

  15. Summer

    Wow, I’m going to make my husband read your credit card post. He thinks it’s bad that we have a grand on a line of credit on our checking account and no credit card debt. Thanks for making me feel better.

  16. Avitable

    Britt, if there’s cake, I’m there. And if it wasn’t for the business, that six figure debt would be less than $5K.

    Tug, Dave was just speaking in code for our secret rendevouz later.

    TrishK, the photos will be used for a very cool part of the party.

    Marty, I could never convince myself to cut up a card. What if I needed it?

    BPR, oh, okay – you do use credit cards the “good” way. I’ve also never missed a payment or been late in my life, but once you have student loans on the level we have, the rest of it is just a pittance.

    Poppy, only if you send photos.

    Sybil, it’s the day after Halloween, and your kids will survive if you’re not there for one Halloween, ya know.

    BBM, that’s what two people with private college and law school debt add up to.

    TMP, good point!

    Hello, drunk girls can sleep on the floor, and maybe we’ll set up a shuttle to one of the nearby hotels, too.

    Radioactive Girl, unfortunately, I am the company, so I’m doing it just for the company’s expenses.

    Heather, maybe after this, they’ll totally get me to be in a commercial!

    Shelli, aren’t you planning the Big Midwest to Florida Halloween Road Trip?

    Mr. Fabulous, exactly!

    Jen M, gotta do it right.

    Hilly, are you? Sweet!

    Karen, I wish!

    Nat, I have a drawer.

    DB, well, maybe if I had 100 . . .

    Summer, I make $3,000 a month just in payment alone!

    Mindy, they love me.

    Stephanie, no way I could carry all of those in my wallet!

    Em, what would you like?

    Sarcastica, you’d probably tattoo your whole body. Ew!

  17. Karen

    Hold on. I just figured this out. You are totally doing this for all the “free” stuff you get when you rack up balances, right? Toasters and golf clubs and stuff? When you get a rebate of like $.01 on the dollar? Because that shit totally adds up and makes it all worthwhile.

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